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  1. (This probably won’t sound like a nightmare but it was)

    I walked into my bedroom and yet it was my bedroom from my childhood home and there was a young ghostly girl standing with her back to me, she didn’t turn around but she giggled and it was a very childlike giggle and I stayed standing in the doorway and the girl turned around and looked at me and giggled again before disappearing. I then walked to my bed and got into bed and my sister called to say goodnight and then the ghost girl came back and mockingly said goodnight to me. I felt very unnerved by her and asked what she wanted. She told me she wanted to leave but didn’t know how to and when I told her I would try and help her she disappeared again.
    Then the next thing I remember is that it was a few days later and she came back and was angry that I hadn’t helped her. I told her I was sorry and that I didn’t know how to help her and then she turned herself into a cat, jumped on my bed, bit me and then jumped down before turning back into a girl again. I knew she was very angry and I started to cry and said I was sorry. She glared at me and opened her mouth to say something but I woke up before she could speak

    • Dear Bex,
      When you have a ghost image in a dream, it means that you have an image that your ego mind has created. It is usually the result of anxiety or being nervous. In this case the anxiety wants to leave, but you cannot get it to leave. It keeps coming back. The way you get her to leave permanently is by developing the virtue of confidence in yourself. When you have confidence, anxiety disappears. Confidence is built on the ability to remember the positive things you already know how to do and not hesitating to use them in the right circumstances.

    • Dear Dae,
      Your boyfriend having a vagina means that you are playing around with the idea in your mind of what it would be like if your boyfriend had more feminine positive qualities probably like compassion and empathy which are more receptive in nature like a vagina.

  2. Yesterday night I had a dream that started like this:
    I was standing in line with a group of soldiers, on third level of my building. The uniform that we all were wearing looked East German.
    So, we got short instructions from a DI, and were told to go back to sleep, it was late night. And when I started climbing the stairs back to my apartment, I noticed that in my pocket I had, what looked like a Monopad, from Danganronpa games (summarized really short, it’s a murder mystery game). The pad is basically just a tablet with information. And since I recognized it, I emmidiatly ran down the stairs, feeling like, since the night started, someone will definitely be killed (it’s basically when most deaths happen in game).
    When I ran down to the 3rd floor, what I saw was like an aftermath of Private Pyle’s death scene from Fullmetal Jacket, with two bodies laying on the ground, with blood on the floor, and another soldier from the movie, sitting in the corner shocked, muttering his phrase from the scene “…easy man…go easy”.
    I ran to elevator, that was right behind the bodies, and locked myself there, I thought to myself that, this will not go, I have to fix this, I decided to look for save/load button in the pad. And when I found a save file from 3 days back, I loaded it, and when i got out, there were no blood or dead bodies, and it was already daytime, with sun coming through the windows.
    Then, it somehow dawned on me that instead of going 3 days back, the file got me 3 days forward. Then, I saw Kaede Akamatsu, a character from the third game of the series, go up the stairs to my level. Before she went further up, I stopped her, and explained my situation, she was wearing the same uniform as me, instead of her usual skirt and pink cardigan. She said that maybe the file is corrupt, and I should probably look into the pad some more, and then she smiled, and went on her business. Also note, that unlike the soldier who muttered in English, she was speaking perfect Russian (my native language) with me, without even a trace of Japanese accent. After that, I looked into pad again, and saw a notification, I pressed it, and saw a list of people, of which I only remember myself and Kaede now, with green scales, representing relations, suddenly filling up to the highest level as I opened the page, and text across the whole screen “Your squad will remember this!”. And then, I just went upstairs, wanting to catch her, and ask what exactly did I do in the 3 days I missed that everyone will remember. Then I woke up, because my phone rang.

    • Dear Arty,
      Basically what this dream says is that if you get into a military mind set as if you are part of the military, then your life begins to play itself out like you are in the military. The closest thing you have to that mindset is in games or movies. What you can do to solve the dream is realize that the opposite is also true, that is, when you think about being in a mindset that is unifying and loving, then that reality also happens, but instead of time being out of your control, time is controllable by you.

  3. I dream of my deceased daughter,we were having family outing, driving and of my colleagues even engraved her details visiting in his home,with her name,date of birth but erased her date of dead from the plate.while shopping,one known shopkeeper show me her obituary in the newspaper with the numbers 3 and 5 saying we did her funeral timing at a good hour.what does the dream means?

    • Dear Murry,
      The dream is basically telling you that despite your daughter’s death to the physical world, she is still very much with you in the spiritual realm. She is probably helping you in some way to achieve a higher purpose.

      • One night I dream of her , sitting in the floor, playing her toys in the living room,I found by her left side messy white cloth like small ball shape and asked her whats that ?sadly she replied to me,Papa the cause of my death is black magic had been done to me,I suddenly wake up from the dream.what that means?

        • Dear N. Murru,
          Death in a dream refers to a spiritual death of the true self rather than physical death. Black magic is the use of negative energy for exactly that purpose. The worse kind of black magic that is used by nearly every culture and everyone in the world is criticism and fault finding. Criticism takes the spirit away from others. She is giving you this message in the dream world so that you will be life giving to others by using encouragement with others which is finding the positive in them and saying it. She is educating you from the next world so that you can be a cause of positive change to others. I am sure she is being well cared for in the next life.

  4. Last night I had a dream that I was in another state and I was with a girl friend of mine. We were walking through the city and then she was gone. I went back to where we came from and there was about 5 acres of open area in the city and this is where all the homeless were. they didn’t have anything on them and were laying over or walking zombie like and moaning and groaning and complaining. There was this single path that went right through the open area and now I had a small white dog with black spots on it. I just looked down at my dog. Then I was back in the middle of the city and this time I went to a place to get food. When I got into the place there was a line of people in front of me. The lady making the food (it was like a salad bar type of place) was going SO SLOW. It took her like 20 minutes to do the 4 or 5 people infront of me. While i was waiting I wanted to write my order down so I could just give it to her. First I was trying to write on a bowl with a dry erase marker, that did not work well. So I wrote on a napkin and gave it to her. Then I walked to the back of the restaurant and waited. Then in the front of the restaurant there was a water pipe or something coming from the ground and spraying all in the front ordering area. Then the lady comes back to me and is asking me what I wanted. I tell her a chicken Cesar salad bowl with various extra toppings. She goes back and now there are 3 water pipes spraying water into this front area, in a triangle form and I think to myself, how am I to get my food without getting wet and now for whatever reason I did not have any shoes on. I make my way up front and the cashier hands me a bill and says sorry about the wait….BUT I HAVE NO FOOD, in fact the lady has not even started making my food. I get angry and leave. When I get outside there is this woman who has a mean and stern face and she is mad and is coming up the sidewalk right at me. I move to the side and she keeps going. Then I am walking back to leave towards that open area and the homeless are falling left and right and there are paramedics and cops there. Then I have my dog and just look at him as we walk the path. Then I am back at that restaurant, this time in a booth with a girl friend. We buy matching orange stripped tall knee socks.

    In waking life I am in a positive space mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My job is closing down the end of the month (planned shut down since before COVID) and yesterday I got a news I got a new job, making more money, in the same building I am already in. The kids go back to school next week.

    • Dear Christine,
      Generally speaking you are in a positive state of mind. The dream uses the metaphor of another state to mean another state of mind. This is the state of mind that you have been in at some time in your life where you feel abandoned and lifeless. In that state you have a hard time being nourished or getting anywhere. The one thing that you never lose is your dog, which means you never lose your love and friendship. Since you are in such a positive state, what you can begin to understand is that you are going to keep what you have and then move to an even higher state of being. It seems to me that in this state you will be connected much more fully with humanity and be very nurturing to others. To get to that state you will have to let go of any kind of feelings that you had in life that were like the dream and then experience the opposite.

  5. I dreamed of that it was nighttime and I was in my house and it was dark, my family members were there as well. I felt unsafe and afraid, I felt that I was going to be harmed or possibly killed if I didn’t find a way to become safe and survive. I tried to be with my mum or my dad but my mum was very angry with me (I think because I was being so scared). I stayed with my dad outside where the lights were on for a time and that made me feel better but then he left to go do something for leisure. I decided to stay at the edge of the house where he left to wait for him to come back. However, my mum opened up the sliding door between the kitchen and outside and was especially angry now, this time I start arguing back and this causes her to become so angry that she yells so loud that I can’t hear it and I become slightly scared. After this I am closer to her and she is saying something and then I notice behind her (in the kitchen) that there is someone standing there with a knife. I point in horror to this but when she turns around it turns out to be nothing and she is frustrated with me and says “for fuck sake Jess”. Also, at some point my brother is upstairs playing video games with his friends. Also, at some point in the dream (or maybe this was a seperate dream?) I am at a convenience store at night and something bad happens to me, something violent I think, I am violently possessed or something, all of the other people in the store panic and I am spectating myself and what I am going through throughout this. Also, at some point in the dream (or maybe this was also a seperate dream) I see a little girl’s dress in my kitchen during the daytime and it has blood on it. This is because of a pedophile who has hurt this little girl, I am somehow involved in this, I think I may have been some kind of witness. I also see this pedophile on the news in another setting and my mum talks about him as if she knew of him, it is not in a positive way.

    • Dear Jessica,
      When you are in your house in a dream, the dream is trying to give you information about yourself. Since it is nighttime, it is more about the fearful side of you. The dream figures indicate that you are fearful of being your relaxed and easy going self, which annoys your mom, because of the fear. The fear is that violent things are going to happen you rather than believing or visualizing that good things are going to happen. I am not sure whether or not you have experienced much violence. It doesn’t seem like it, but I may be wrong. It seems like you watch violent news or read about it and then take the fear on as if it were going to happen to you. Besides taking obvious safety precautions, the important thing is to see the near future as really positive rather than violent or negative. You are going to have to do some work to change from one mode to another. Probably shouldn’t be watching the news or listening to negative stories.

  6. I woke up today wondering what was the meaning of my dream. I dreamt about taking pictures with my cousin inside my room, and when I slowly move the camera to left. I saw myself beside me, she was smiling to the camera and turned her head to me and gave me a poker face, after. What was that? Should I do something?

    • Dear Jewi,
      Seeing yourself outside of yourself represents a really great ability. When you have this ability you can do a lot of things more easily. What you can do is to look at yourself doing various activities and then going in and seeing what you want to improve or change. You can also see yourself out in the virtue doing things that you cannot do right or see your current self acting in courageous ways for instance. Anyway, practice all kinds of ways of seeing yourself outside of you.

  7. My girlfriend had a dream about me laying in her bed with my dick out and her mom walking in and I couldn’t hide it and her mom was like mmmm and walked away then her mom came back to her room and we had sex in front of my girlfriend what does this mean and she said she didn’t mind watching

    • Dear Dre,
      This dream means something on a symbolic level rather than a literal level. It means that when you are close to your girlfriend’s mom it benefits your relationship. It obviously doesn’t mean having physical sex with her. It means have a close connection. If you are in a long term relationship with someone, the relationship is strengthened when you are close to the other person’s parents.

  8. Yesterday I had a dream where I lost my face in an accident of some sort but I don’t remember what accident. All my face was messed up and the doctors did their best but my face looked so weird and scary after the surgery. I was visiting my cousins which I haven’t seen for ages and that’s how the dream ended.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      Losing face for making a mistake means that you don’t feel that you can show yourself in public for the shame of what happened. To gain your face you have to disregard the mistake as being important. Mistakes are part of the learning process so they honored.

  9. i dreamed about giving myself such a bad, choppy, and uneven haircut and just leaving it like that

    • Dear Lidia,
      This means that your personal power that comes from your own inner beauty is left in the hands of others who are not competent and not caring about you. It means that you have to take control of your own personal empowerment so that you can use to create what you desire in the world.

  10. I had a dream that I was near someone and he fell and all his body parts broke apart like Legos. His mouth was detached from his body and there was no blood anywhere. His eyes came out and they were just laying there and his detached mouth was still talking. All his body parts were spread out and he was able to see that that was happening to himself and he started screaming.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      I love this dream. Such a good metaphor. So in this dream the person who is near to you has everything about himself falling apart and broken, but is still talking away. The key for his healing, which is the key for most people’s healing is to stop talking completely, go inside and start listening to what is happening on the inside. Talking when you should be listening is why most people have so many issues in their lives.

  11. Last night I dreamed that I was at a family members house and this family member has always been one to live nasty. All of my family on my moms side was there. It was reunion. The house was actually pretty clean. There were serving bowls and plates everywhere full of food for us to eat, in the kitchen, living room, dining room. My small dog was with me as well and there were a bunch of bowls on the floor with food and my dog kept jumping in the bowls and hiding beneath the food and poking her little head out. In my mind I was like OH MY GOODNESS, PEOPLE ARE EATING THIS AND MY DOG IN LAYING IN IT! but one else seemed to care.
    Then I needed to go to the bathroom and the smell was horrendous. I could literally smell the old urine in my dream. I saw there was also pee on the floor and I gagged a little, but I had to pee so bad so I was determined to just pee and get out. When I walked over to the toilet and started to let my pants down I saw there was old very orange/yellow pee in the toilet. I started gagging and flushed it. There was also a clear pipe from the tank to the toilet that was also filled with me and a ladies sanitary product. I gagged more and I could not do it. I pulled my pants up and was gagging so hard from the smell I was about to vomit. I gagged myself awake from the dream.

    • Dear Gross!
      The dog represents your ability to be friendly and warm to others, and the food represents your ability to be generous with others and to be nurturing to them. The smells in the bathroom represent that foul behavior and character of your family that keep you from being friendly and generous. When you try to be in the positive state, your mind automatically has an association of foulness. The work you need to do in your mind is to separate the foulness of your family and let it go so that you can be more friendly and generous. Being friendly is more natural state.

  12. I was waiting to cross the road. I was wearing a saree and had a file in my hand. I was probably done with work and was on my way back. I was looking pretty. A few men at a distance were standing and looking at me, wasn’t exactly a negative feeling. However I start to feel the gaze and wanted to walk away. A very crowded bus was at the signal. I moved past it to cross the road. Suddenly another full to the brim bus came from somewhere and was turning right where I was crossing. The weight of the bus made it tilt dangerously and the bus overturned. At this point everything becomes slow mo. I am at a position where I will undoubtedly be crushed by the overturning bus. I look around, eople look aghast and perhaps want to help but think it’s too late. I can almost start to feel the weight of the bus crushing me. All of a sudden, a strong brown horse nudges at me and almost miraculously, pulls me away. I remember looking at it. It had soft but determined eyes that want to save me. The sheer speed of the act and the thought that I could have been killed had the horse not saved me, leaves me a little shaken (not just in my dream but also after waking up). When I’m safe and in my feet people crowd around me asking if I was okay. I don’t say anything. The strong horse that had saved me, now stood near me, soft and gentle touching it’s nose to my face. Somehow I felt safe with him around.

    • Dear Sasha,
      The horse in the dream represents the positive qualities that you need to have inside of yourself to make your life safe and work for you right now. Horses represent a combination of strength and enthusiasm as you move forward in life. The context of the dream is that you do not feel all that safe going forward with your beautiful self toward your vision in life. When you have the horse inside, you will feel much safer and stronger and then you can get to where you want in life.

  13. In my dream I was walking outside on the road with my boyfriend, his aunty (an older woman who is a distant maternal aunt he lives with) and her son. (He lives with these two people in real life, she doesn’t know we are dating) I’m pretty sure in the dream she didn’t know for sure as well I don’t know if she suspected anything as me and my boyfriend were acting very normal/friendly around her, not couple-ish. So that was very a very brief walk we arrived at a huge store (supermarket?) you know big stores like COSTCO something like that. Except it seemed kind of dingy on the outside (not that well maintained, not a lot of people going in, and it was a very cloudy day it probably already rained everything was dark and wet, there was some algae/moss on the building) So my boyfriends aunty told me (and this is the first dialogue in the dream) ‘Here’s my carry bag and some money. Go in there and buy vvegetables so I have something to cook for your dinner tonight” (In the dream it pretty much implied from the walking part and this dialogue that she was letting me come over/stay) so I went in but it was very dark, spacious, dirty, dingy and empty inside(apart from junk and clutter) , I could hardly see any people or good ripe vegetables (it felt like a very run down almost abandoned supermarket)… It was getting late I could only find good carrots and figured that’ll have to do because it felt like it was getting too late anyways… I was kinda lost and trying to find the check out and my way out but immediately my boyfriend came running in rushing towards me I was so happy and surprised he came back for me and he was happy to see me too and to see I had actually found something to buy, he picked me up in his arms and kissed me on the lips I kissed him back I was so shocked like what if his aunty came behind us and saw and does she even know or suspect us I was wondering then I woke up and saw he still hadn’t replied to the last message I sent him over 12 hours ago 😒😂 he talks less for the past week or two and it doesn’t help that this pandemic has made us long distance and he still has to go to work everyday he was happy to hear about the dream though when he replied after I texted him again, he liked it 🤭

    • Dear Dreams and Reality,
      The super market represents the current state of world with pandemic. Despite the pandemic you are able to achieve what you set out to do and hold your relationship together. You need to have confidence in your abilities.

  14. In my dream I wondered if I could give myself oral, so I tried it and I could. I just did it for less than a minute. I am a man, what does this mean?

    • Dear MW,
      This is a metaphor for being able to give yourself joy rather than relying on others. It is not about doing it in reality. You have this kind so dream when you are looking outside of yourself for joy.

  15. I was in my Grandma’s house, she was there as well looking great, younger and vibrant with a full head of medium length brown curled hair (she passed away 2007 from cancer in her mid 60s with no hair from chemo and was very sickly). A ton of my family was there too. The house and yard were the same as when I was a kid. She was in the back yard playing with some of my nephews and my son was in a kiddie pool in the driveway. At some point everyone was inside and I went in to grab something and left my son in the pool (he is 7 and the pool water is just above his ankles, so I was not worried anything would happen). Anyway I go inside and there is water all over the floor from everyone coming in wet from playing in a pool or water outside. (My grandma hated her kitchen being a mess). People were in the fridge and making snacks and drinks and such. I was at the kitchen window and my grandma walked up to it with my nephew in her arms and tapped on it and they were smiling. When she got into the house she was mad about all the water. I had a towel on the floor and i was pushing it around with my feet to clean up the water. She was mad and complaining and getting on to us about what a mess we made. As I was making my way to the back door I looked at her and told her something mean. I said that only a narcissistic, anal person would care this much about the floor when people are actively trying to clean it (I would never speak to my grandmother like this and she was a very sweet and loving person, she would tell you when you messed up though, we were very close). I then walked outside and my son was laying in the pool completely submerged with water and not moving. I started to panic on the inside, but went over to him and he had a bunch of small toys in his mouth (in this dream he kept wanting to put toys in his mouth and i was always saying no, in waking life this was never an issue). Once all the toys were out I started to pat his back to wake up him. He started to stir awake and my grandma came out and took him from me and started rocking him saying “it’s okay grandma is here”. He came to just fine. She handed him back to me and now instead of 7 years old he was like 18 months or 2 years old. I wrapped him in a towel and I noticed his tongue was split in half, but it was not scary, it was like it has always been that way and it was just the first 1/2 inch to inch of the tongue, I made a remark to my grandma about him always splitting his tongue and there was also like this covering on his tongue, like a velvet type sticker, it did not impair anything and in the dream it was “normal” for me to see this. When I took him inside we went to our room and I put him on the bed to change him and I woke up.

    Before this dream with my grandma, I was elsewhere with my family. It was like a school. I cannot recall much of the dream except this:
    I was at a school and I was stuck in a room. there was a patient table and some old baby stuff like a highchair and bassinet stand. I had to use this highchair and bassinet stand to get on top of the patient table because it was so high. There was something up there that I needed to get out, I don’t recall what it was, but I got it. Then my son was there and we left with my family. Next I know I am in the dream above.

    • Hi Christine,
      Basically what this dream says is that there are two realities of every human being. When you attend to the negative quality, like when someone is overly concerned with cleanliness and neatness, then you miss the positive quality which is sweetness and love. Most people have this habit of attending the negative and forgetting about the positive. When you do this, it is as if you are forgetting about your relationship with your son and then bad things begin to happen. Because you started the dream in a school, it is probably a habit you started there because that is how most teachers operate or used to operate. The goal is attend to the positive and ignore the negative except in those cases where people cross boundaries.

  16. Can you help me interpret my dream? I have several question.. Why is that in my every dream my mother that died 6 years ago I always see her in my dreams 2-3 years younger and also the tumor on her face was not there I mean she is beautiful and healthy looking. I have 2 younger siblings they are 20 and 22 years old now but in my dream they are just like 14 or 15.. Here’s my dream: there were people arguing outside the house but I didn’t hear them until then I heard gun shots, I am trying to write on a white small papel asking for help but I did not finish it so I grab my phone to contact my sister, my mom don’t want me to inform them bec they will worry so she is trying to get my phone from me and then I step on my side and trying to access my phone and then my mom was shot on her right thigh if I didn’t move from that place I would have been shot. I texted my sister and my pastor and my husband then call 911(emergency) but what happen is no one is talking to me I just give our address and situation. My youngest sister sibling open a door on my back bec someone is asking something she was not been shot but I was on my right thigh but I didn’t feel anything. Before my parents died we had a giant mango tree outside the house that Cover the free area that surrounds our house ( we have a corner lot house) but on my dream it was not there, the tree was only cut off after my parents died. And then I cried and my mom when will they (the gun shooters) died? My mom answered not unless they kill everybody I told her we cannot go outside because nothing covers the house from the door to th gate we might die all and I hug her in the face

  17. I had a dream about my ex. I was with him and his girl and my current partner at their house I think. His girl and my current man was out somewhere or downstairs, they were around just not around us. We were upstairs in the master bathroom and bedroom and I was telling him I miss him and I still love him and we started kissing and ended up being intimate. I told him I was unhappy with my new partner and I wanted to end things and my ex told me he wanted me to end things as well.

  18. a couple nights ago I was dreaming that I was at this summer camp for teen, but I am an adult. And there was a bunch of groups of people and each night we switched where we slept at because we was takin tests there and they did not want us cheatin off the others. My group was mostly girls and a couple dudes. The camp counsler we had was a dude and he was flirtin with me like the whole time. I did not like it becuase he was not cute. Then we was getting ready for our last couple days there and I needed to wash my laundry and we happened to be in my counslers cabin. I got my laundry and was puttin everything in except one pair of pants that I needed to wear that day. When I was putting all my clothes in the washer the bottom of my laundry bag was full of shoes, like over 7 pairs of them. Some of them were not mine and I asked my counsler (she done turned into a girl and apprently was a girl for the whole time) if they were her shoes and she said yes. So i took out all her shoes and gave them to her then took out my shoes too and started my laundry. My pants I wanted to wear was not in my laundry bag and I had to go all around looking for them. I was looking under beds and in closets and everyone was eating breakfast and talking about leaving without me and I was freaking out because I just needed some pants to wear. I ended up waking up to my alarm before I found my pants.

  19. I had this dream when i was a little girl but lately its been on my mind like I just had it yesterday. In the dream I was at my grandmas house in California. It was A little different than her actual house but I knew it was her house. I went in the back yard through the sliding glass doors. My aunt, which I had a very close relationship to, my moms sister, was in a cherry picker above the fence, but she was a pink pig. She had her face with A pig nose but her regular hair and a big pigs body. She was trying to Pee on me. I remember I was scared and confused why my favorite aunt was laughing and trying to pee on me from the cherry picker. I was trying to get to a birthday cake by the fence but she was stopping me by peeing. I never understood the dream or why I’ve held on to it all these years. I think I was around 8 and I’m about to be 34.

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