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  1. Last night,I dream of my recently deceased daughter child.Me and my wife visited my childhood home colony, visiting our old living neighbours.There we saw our daughter wearing the same funeral dress.She was riding bicycle with other children of our new home neighbour.she fell down,I told her not to ride so fast.some of my colleagues even told me they used to see her in the same dress sometimes.To make our belief,we touched her,she was in flesh and bone. Then we visited old close neighbour house together,where there was family gathering heldling.There our retired church pastor held her and prayed.She was feeling sleepy and held my mother.we brought her in our new home and slept together in the bedroom and we wake up.what is the meaning of the dream?

    • Dear N.Murry,
      In this dream you are still her parent acting like a parent despite her being in her funeral dress. This is probably because you feel inside that you were not her parent long enough in this world before you ascended to the next world. As difficult as it is to lose a child you can be assured that she has new parents in the next world in really beautiful place looking after her growth and development.

  2. I had a dream that my friend went all psycho and started to physically abuse me, such as punching and kicking me and everyone around didn’t care they just stood there and watched.

    The friend in this dream used to be my best friend and we recently had a fall out.

    • Dear Emily,
      The dream recounts in a metaphoric way what it was like inside when you lost your best friend. The reason you have the dream is so that you will actually process what happened between you and your friend so that you can let it go and then be the loving and caring person that you are. The tendency, when you have a falling out, is to become less caring when actually you need to become more caring and loving to others.

  3. I had a dream that my girlfriend and my friends were sneaking around to hangout with each other, what could this mean? Is it trying to tell me something or am I just insecure as google says

    • I see a famous personality often in my dreams whenever I am about to forget him he comes to my dreams . I don’t know what to do . I also feel a very strong connection with that person but I haven’t ever met him

      • Dear Ananya,
        When you have a famous person in your dreams that you haven’t met, it means that you are attracted to a particular positive quality that the person has because you want that quality for yourself. You can ask yourself what the positive thing is that is so attractive to me and then go for developing it in yourself. It is not a material thing like how the person looks. It is a spiritual quality.

    • Dear Jordan,
      This dream is about the fear of being excluded or left out because that is what is happening in the dream. Usually when you have this kind of fear it keeps you from participating fully in life and relationships. When you are inclusive and participate more fully, you will always have a lot of positive relationships.

  4. I dreamt that I was pulling up to my home, though it wasn’t actually where I live now, or have ever lived but I recognized it as home. There was an odd vehicle parked out front, somewhat tucked in the back, I knew that it meant my Grandfather would be inside waiting for me (in waking life he has been dead for 13 years). When I walked in the door he was seated in a medical chair with a ventilator hooked to him (in waking life this was the last condition I seen him in). I asked him if he needed anything and he said no, so I went to the back yard to have a whiskey drink in the sun where I found my mom sitting under the pergola. We sat and talked for a minute, nothing too specific. She eventually got up and moved to another seat further away because it was next to a portable propane heater, instead I gathered the heater and brought it closer to us. We talked about how my Grandfather (her dad) was doing inside and that it was good to have him home again. We continued chatting over nothing specific and both having drinks. At that point I woke up.

    I don’t know if this will relate to any of the key details in my waking life circumstances, but for the sake of it here are some that are really pressing lately:

    * My work load just increased (for the better) and I have a better relationship with some people at work that I recently did not have a good relationship with

    *.Financial situations have improved greatly

    *About 13 months ago I got out of a longterm relationship and did not date until recently. We fell hard and quick for each other and bonded over our horrible abusive past relationships, but he suddenly decided to go back to his ex without warning. This has been heavily on my mind.

    • Dear Busche,
      When I read this dream, it seems like the relational problems that you had in the past originated from your grandfather for both your mom and you. What you are doing by having whiskey is to try to forget the past, which isn’t a great strategy at this point. What is the positive strategy is that you move the heater closer to your mom and you, and then you had a conversation. It means that when you bring your warmth to a relationship it improves, which is probably what you are doing at your work. You have a lot of warmth to bring. The goal for you is not to forget the past, but to process it and then let it go when you have learned what you needed to learn from it. There is something about the past you need to process yet. Since you are in such a good place in your life, other than your relationship, it would be a really great time to do some inner work.

  5. So my classmates before had a bad dream of me for a week and the other for like 4 days. Both dreams are negative.

    Just now, I also had a dream. It was about me walking in a market at night, the place was like our usual market, wet dirty floors, every stalls were closed and covered with plastics or wood- I couldn’t smell anything since it was in a dream so I can only observe. As I went on walking what’s inside i saw a smoke inside one of the closed stalls and then a puppy pops out angrily barking at me, it was like it was ready to bite, so i slowly moved my way backwards while facing the angry puppy and as I slowly walked backwards i saw an old lady from my right side smiling at me while holding a cigarette, I just didn’t mind her and kept on walking backwards. As I was near the exit the angry puppy dashed at me like it was going to bite but fortunately an unknown dog suddenly pops out and saved me from the puppy and then I woke up.

    Can someone please interpret my dream? Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Kent,
      When you have a dream about dogs, you can automatically realize that the dream is about your friendships and what is happening with them. When dogs are positive in a dream, they are both friendly and loyal like the second dog. When they are angry like the puppy, it means that it is being protective and aggressive. If you can imagine that both dogs represent energy inside of you, then you can really grow from this dream. The first dog is the part of you that is protective when you think about being more friendly in the world, while the second dog is more the actual true you. It shows that you have a tendency to be protective in friendship and social relations when you could be friendly and loving to others which is actually what they need from you. You are going to have to discover when you learned how to be protective and then just let it go so that you can be a truly friendly and loyal person.

  6. I had a very long dream, I was/am particularly sleepy today sleeping for almost 10 hours, so here goes…
    I felt like I had been abducted/taken away, I was a little worried at first but fell asleep. I woke up to someone hugging me in bed and hoping/thinking that it would either be my ex or current bf (mostly current) so that we could do MORE than hug, lol, but I turned around and it was an older male friend whom I am not attracted to, he fell asleep protecting me it was kind of shocking and disappointing… He then woke up and said we have to go somewhere/hide and there was another girl there on the bed, but he was not hugging her, all three of us had to go. So we went to another nearby house… My mom came there looking for me I told my male friend to stay away I don’t want my mom to think more of our relationship than what it actually is. Suprisingly my mom didn’t really see/care for him and only pestered me for a while then left. There was a school right near the/attached to the house. A high school I think that too, I remember then stepping out of the house and seeing a ton of stylish teenagers in uniform walk in a line to class. Then I met two of my real life friends from high school in the dream and we were walking around campus, saying we never had this much fun in senior high (11-12th) only in junior high (9-10th grade) granted all three of us went to different schools after that but none of us agreed to having that much fun with our other friends… Then as we were getting back to the house we see there’s going to be some event soon for the kids and one girl was exchanging/secretly getting alcohol near the trash. Me and my friends are impressed but ignored it cuz that’s just how teens are. Then we went closer to the house where there was a small canteen of the school and we were just sitting when some guard told us we’re in trouble for not reporting that alcohol incident /wanted for harboring an alien or something? We didn’t even understand we just left and I think a lot of students had guns pointed at them not just us… Everyone ran and got into black cars in groups (there were several of the same black car models, they all looked like Honda City/According to me) so me and my friends (including the male one n that one girl with him) and we were driving speeding… No one was coming after us but we then saw a lot of helicopters in the air dropping/shooting bullets and small bombs from above onto the freeway. I kept telling my friend to stay under the bridges and find an underground tunnel… We got to under a bridge/fly over and there was a boy standing there we had to pick him up, I don’t know who he was he was someone’s son and a student of the school I think so we had to pick him up.

    • Strange Dream,
      In this dream when you want to have joy and connection, you run into the situations where there is danger or where you need protection which takes you out of the joyful state. What this means is that you there is some kind of danger associated with the activities where you are trying to get your joy that you are not respecting. You don’t see the danger ahead of time in what you are doing. It seems like you walk right into the danger unconsciously. The dream says to go after joy, but always respect the dangers because they are real.

  7. A sexy liquid metal man had sex with me. His name is Busta. He and I were lovemaking. Busta would hold me while kissing me on my neck. When he morphed into a liquid, Busta would kiss me on my stomach. I really loved him and the sex. The dream ended when he told me that he love me, tickled me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, cheek, neck and lips when he was a watery figure of himself, and he morph into a silver liquid and left. I try to look up meanings for my dream but it was useless. Can you help me?

    • Dear Sasha,
      Liquid metal means both strong as in inner strength and intimate as in having really good relating abilities. It is as if you are having sex (integrating) those abilities inside of you. When you have those two characteristics, strong and loving, then all of your relationships will be absolutely amazing. Strong keeps you having your own life and having really healthy boundaries, while loving allows for real closeness.

  8. I had a terrible dream that I was watching a movie with my partner, we went out for a night. Then some murder investigation scene reminded me of my younger sisters death in the dream?? So we were on a sofa, but i tucked myself under the blankets and started sobbing for my sister, wishing I wouldve been better and been with her more. Then I kept hoping it wasnt true, so I went to facebook, but seen my mom had posted rip or something similar about her a few hours prior. So with no explanation to my bf, i just continued sobbing, but he just watched me sadly cause he knew why. But then for some reason, I thought she was actually alive because I think I went to her page and seen she had posted, and that I had imagined it or made it up. So I stopped sobbing. However, I remembered us leaving a apt shortly before, and when we did, assuming my mom lived there in the dream, I felt a negative sad presence when we turned out a room light and left. I actually seen a toddler, only me, like it was a left behind spirit, standing in the livingroom as we passed. It started crying cause we were leaving and I just waved to it. Well anyway it started making me worry for my mom and her wellbeing if this did happen, and then I seen a memory or vision or a young girl walking and getting violently struck by a crazy driver into a building, hitting her head on the wall and dying on impact. I then connected it to my sister and went back to her fb realizing the posts I thought were hers, were actually tributes from friends in memory, so she actually was gone and I started sobbing because it was true, and I was sad her last moments were alone and she was just walking and then gone in a second. I woke up with a gloomy feeling pit in my stomach and still feel that creepy similar presence from the apt in the dream (pls dont tell me something spooky that makes me fear my room). I was so worried that something might be wrong with my sister that I messaged my mom and her to see if she was ok. Luckily my mom was awake and couldnt sleep due to a messed up sleep schedule lately, so I had her go check on her for me to put my mind at ease, but it really hasnt. Im still scared, cant sleep, and I dont want to tell my mom and scare her for saying something like that, and I dont want to tell my bf for fear of bringing it into reality and the negative vines that bring me ominous feeling. I looked up meanings, but was not satisfied. The dream affected me so much I’m afraid of something bad actually happening.

    • So I just found out, weirdly enough, my younger sister, Desiree, not the one who died in MY dream (That was are youngest, Chloe), just had a dream about us dying as well. I find this particularly strange as she never cares for dreams, and I didn’t even tell her about mine, but for some reason she called me just now telling me about hers because she wants to know what it means. So in her dream, we were at my mom’s apt complex (which is known for high crimes jsyk). My mom was saying something about moving both her cars, so Desiree moved one while my mom moved the other. Well there was a sketchy group of people hanging outside near where they moved them, so my mom wanted to move them back. So while Desiree is waiting, my mom moves one and just goes inside without her. So while waiting, she doesn’t remember but suddenly she wanted to smoke and seen the group smoking, but didn’t wanna ask so she just left. Instead she feels like driving, so she went around the back half of the apts where she seen a bunch of cops. She didn’t wanna go around them, so she just u-turned and went back to where she was before and parked the car. The same group was walking near so upon realizing she had a 20$, she stopped one of the girls. The girl told her something that ended up with her throwing the 20$ at her, playing around, and the girl said “you don’t want your money?” So Desiree ended up taking it back and telling her she could use it to buy something else. After taking a hit she walked off to go inside and then out of nowhere she got shot in the back by the same girl and the group took off running. Next thing she knows, she’s in my moms apt. as a ghost, and for some reason our big sister Jessica is there. Our mom wasn’t depressed or anything, she casually asked Jessica “I have the video of Desiree dying, you wanna see it?” and went to their messages because somehow Desiree sent it to her. So then right before she shows her, my mom realizes I died too somehow, because my mom said “First Patricia, now Desiree”. Chloe, who was still alive, could somehow see Desiree and my mom was gonna tell Jessica, “Desiree is still alive cause I can see her”, but then Jessica died before she could, but she cant remember how, maybe she got shot.

      • Dear Patricia,
        Being shot in the back by some sketchy people and dying means that your sister is vulnerable to backstabbing or backbiting. She is easily put down or hurt and then her true self (who she really is) dies metaphorically. That means it goes into a hiding state or protective state from the ego so that she does not feel like she can be herself. Generally I think this comes from not having grown up with a lot of positive encouragement about who she really is. To lift herself up she needs to be strong in who she is (remember her positive qualities) and live out of them more fully while gradually growing and changing over time. Then she will have an awesome life.

    • Dear Patricia,
      So what I can read from the two dreams is that if your sister continues along her current path, then the person she is supposed to become that is positive and can do amazing things in the world, will die in a metaphoric sense. This means that her ego or darker side will take over. You are having the dream because you seem to be able to have a positive effect on her is you encourage her and accompany her more in her life. It is like she needs more time with you. Your mom doesn’t seem like the right one to support her. When you support and encourage others like her, it is a game changer for them. It really makes a huge huge difference.

  9. I only remember bits and pieces of my dream, but that it was my college campus but way different, and I saw 2 of my old friends sitting near one of those pipes attached to buildings?? Like where it was attach to the building… And they were just looking at it and singing/playing music, very weird… I was just trying to go unnoticed by them, then I unintentionally caught up with some of my batchmates moving out, they were carrying stuff, I told them I’m also moving but it’s gonna take longer and more manpower to move all my stuff that’s why I’m not carrying it out myself like you guys ( in reality they’ve graduated but I haven’t, I think I really was moving out in the dream later that day though) I was walking and a few were behind me and one started saying it was so embarrassing for her mom to see me in changed /different clothes a lot (weird right? I was like wtf) I turned around and snapped at her like you’re LITERALLY talking RIGHT behind my back she got defensive at first like what’s my problem I went on she couldn’t deny it and I said you want to get into UCLA and they have a lot of sports team etc over there people are gonna have to change clothes cuz we care about hygiene fool, her and whoever she was talking to beside her all looked guilty and were quiet

    • I also remembered now that before this part me and some random male friend (doesn’t exist in real life) well I told him we should have sex, he didn’t take me serious, and like I was flirting with him, planning to seduce him, and I was just about to then my mom came? And something else came up too… Really sucked out the fun/moment. I wasn’t actually “in the mood” though, it was just kind of on the whim/for fun/for ego? Idk how to describe

    • Dear Weird,
      What the dream seems to indicate is that you are having a great deal of difficulty having focus in your life. Your attention is on others, but not on the things you want to pursue. You seem to have a hard time moving from the superficial to the things that are more profound.

  10. I had little black spots on my chin & beside my mouth, over the computer I told a friend and when I showed them the inside of my mouth where the spots showed through to my gums and inner cheek they were horrified, they seemed to have an idea what is was but asked if I was willing to see it all the way through as I might need surgery (I think they had had jaw surgery themselves).

    • Dear Khi,
      The issue is about having a part of you that is very visible to others being negative in appearance. If you think about metaphorically rather than actually, it could lead to the fear of showing yourself to others because of the negative aspects of yourself. We all have blemishes that we think we can hide, but really cannot because every negative thing about ourselves shows in some way. The best approach is to be honest with yourself and then put yourself out there doing positive things despite the blemishes.

  11. I was pregnant and what I had a natural birth it was a girl, we didn’t have a name for her. Within hours she was holding her own head up and crawling. Then I was in this meeting room and I was on the phone with someone and getting angry and frustrated. Then I was in this banquet room with a bunch or other bee moms and there was food spread across all the tables. We talked about the name hannah. Then my mom and step dad were there and my husband dropped the baby. She was fine. Then I was holding her and she was talking, like simple sentences and could understand everything I was saying. I was thinking WOW, she’s going to start school by 2 or 3 and be so advanced in all she does. Then my husband said he wanted to name her jonifer, I said that was a boy name and I didn’t like it.

    • Dear Christine,
      When you are pregnant and give birth to a girl in a dream, it means that you are developing a new feminine part of yourself. You cannot name it yet because you do not have identity with it. Your husband wants to have the quality himself, but he drops the baby which means that he isn’t anywhere near it and wants it to be masculine. I am not sure what the quality is, but it will develop really quickly in you when you nurture it. I think it has something to do with gentleness, but I am not sure.

  12. Last night I had a terrifying dream that I was getting married to my partner. It was terrifying because while I am committed and plan for that in our future, we are way too young for marriage. We are 21 and have been together for almost 2 years and I plan on getting him a promise ring as a sign of our commitment, but even that won’t happen for a few more months because it’s something I want to be sure of cause we have a serious relationship. In the dream there were so many people around me, they sent me inside to get ready while everyone was outside working together to get the big wedding ready in 30min. It was super spare of the moment and people were surrounding me in a room trying to push and help me get ready for “my big day”. I did not see my partner at all but I knew he was probably off getting ready also. But the entire time I just kept thinking this isn’t the right way and the right time to get married, its too rushed. Who am I going to invite? Which family members? How do I tell them I’m marrying suddenly when half of them havent even met him as my boyfriend? I was so scared that I was making a big mistake but that it was too late to turn back because everyone was pushing to get it ready, there was so much chaos. I just was terrified because I still feel like we havent had enough time to get to know every aspect of each other, and I’m so young. Elders always say don’t settle so young, experience everything first.

    • Dear Patricia,
      This dream is actually less about your current relationship and more about your fear of committing yourself to things. You have a tendency, according to the dream, to want to know all the eventualities ahead of time so that you are not making a mistake. This is usually because you do not have completely faith in yourself to learn as you go in the future. When you get married or start your career or have children, there will be so much that you don’t know and have to learn. When you have faith in your ability to grow and change, making a commitment will be a lot easier. The dream is asking you to get better at commitments by having faith in yourself.

  13. Hi, hoping you can help me out with the dream I just had.

    I was walking down the road with my mother, ahead of us was a person girl thing with giant floppy ears (like dumbo the elephant) full of long fur, furry face and kind of round, I said something extremely loudly about them being a monster, my mother embarrassed hushed me but I carried on, everyone responded badly to the fact that I did this, eventually I found the person thing and they were an ordinary human girl, it was tricky getting them to stop so I kneeled on the road in front of them and apologised as sincerely as I could about calling them a monster, I even said I thought their ears were beautiful (which I did) just inhuman, halfway through I felt the feelings I was speaking from disconnect inside, I continued anyway and hoped she would believe me, she seemed to and the dream carried on.

    We were sat around a table with other people with her across from me, the hall we were in was full of people, we were at a funeral or something I think, the door behind me was jam packed with security who were all the girls brothers, and a person came up to her at the table and informed her that her sister was out with their brother in law, she looked extremely displeased and so across the table I said ‘oh, that’s nice that in laws can go out and be close like siblings’, something to that effect (I did mean it), she still didn’t look very happy. I don’t remember much else apart from spending a lot of time around cats, there was a whole cat adventure of sorting out cats within the dream, I think I owned at least four of them.

    In real life my mother is deceased and I have never seen that girl before also I have owned at least 4 cats at different times.

    Any thoughts appreciated, thanks

    • Dear Khi,
      The girl in the dream with long ears means that she has extraordinary ability to hear the spiritual world. When you focus on the physical, you cannot get the true beauty. If you knew what she could do, you would be extremely attracted to her and get to new places in your life. Cats represent independence. When you are independent in your thinking and being, then you do not have to be concerned about what others think or doing what others do. So the two things you are being taught is to look for the extraordinary gifts in others that you are missing and be independently minded.

      • If the girl with long ears represents someone in waking life, is there a way of discovering who that could be?:

        Recap of above dream:

        Walking down road with mother, a strange creature up ahead with giant floppy ears like dumbo full of long fur, furry face and kind of round, I say something about them being a monster – everyone around is shocked/embarrassed, I eventually catch up to the creature to discover they are in fact an ordinary human girl and apologise commenting that I think their ears are beautiful (though inhuman) which they were.

        Ok if this’s missed given its old – just sometimes wonder this one

        • Khi,
          Go back into your history and think about someone that you thought was a strange or weird, but really had extraordinary abilities that you missed. It shouldn’t be hard to find. There are lots of people who have these kinds of abilities, but because they do not fit the mainstream, they are regarded as different or weird.

  14. Had a dream I am on scooter with my 4 year daughter we are going to the market and my vehicle speed rises automatically someone come into the way and dont understand what to to do i turned my scooter to side path i jumped and stand and my daughter go along with scooter and bounce from scooter and fall on 3-4 steps stairs bounce twice and her neck break apart from body and her head roll over And come into my legs And i don’t get single scratch on body

    • Dear Awanish,
      Sorry that this has taken so long to answer. What this dream says is that the virtue you need the most in yourself as it relates to your daughter is patience. Patience is the ability to slow down time or make time not important. You are rushed with your daughter and then you cannot deal with the obstacles that come up. It is very common for parents to be rushed with their children because they are worried that they are not going to make or fall behind. The most important quality in raising children is to be nurturing and very very patient. Patience gives you time.

  15. My dream: I was near the ocean, I had no idea how to do a course I was in (learn to attract fish and whales), my new online friend, he was there, and did the entire course in front of me with ease: he got some fish, then attracted an orca with them, the the orca gave him a ride and propelled him as well, he was approached by a whole pack of orcas and successfully grabbed on to one to complete this process. The man watching the CCTV footage of what my friend did was also shocked.

    This same friend also had a dream: His grandpa wasn’t feeling good, his dad went to check on him, he figured out his grandpa had a feeble pulse and then passed away… However he is having this dream now while his grandpa has passed away two years ago

    Please interpret both our dreams

    • Dear 2 Dreams,
      Sorry this has taken so long to answer. Been occupied with a lot of things. It is really awesome how the two of you are connected. Evidently he has an ability that you do not have, but you need to learn which is attracting large spiritual energy which is represented in the orcas. He can do it, but you cannot. Attracting the fish is about attracting other spiritual energy which are like smaller teachings, but nonetheless important. The big spiritual energy that everyone must attract in their lives is the positive energy of who they are. This energy is unique to you and when you become that person, you are capable of changing the planet in a positive way. It is big and positive. Most people never get to it because they are busy doing what others would have them do or pursuing material goals. Your friend learned it from his grandfather and is fearful that if his grandfather dies, he will die along with him, not a physical death but like a spiritual death. He needs to be reassured that if his grandfather dies, then energy will only multiply in himself because he will have his grandfather assisting from the other side. You both have great potential, but first you need to find the big energy of who you are and then attract the fish which are the teachings that support the big energy. Hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask about it.

      • Hello, I am very thankful for your interpretation. As you have said, I am free to ask about it, I thought long and hard and discussed with my friend also, and now I present to you the following questions:

        1. You are saying to first attract the bigger energy (orca) and then attract the smaller energy (fish), the order in which he did it in the dream however is opposite, could you please clarify that?

        2.How does one go about attracting the smaller energy/teachings and the larger positive energy of who one is.?

        • You have a big true self represented in the Orca and then you will have a lot of teachings or learning that you need to do to get to that big self. It is like you are an Orca, but you don’t know how to be it.

          #2 Imagine yourself as an Orca and then feel what that is like as if you are swimming in the ocean as an orca. When you do this, you will feel what it is like. Then you can allow your imagination to sense what it would be like in the real world in your real life to have that kind of energy. Then as you begin to act as if you are an orca, you will be faced with things you need to learn and challenges. They are like the fish. You will get them in people you face, other kinds of challenges, in your dreams and in your meditations. You can gradually become an orca and do amazing things for humanity.

  16. I Had a dream that we make a circle in the yard, we slaughter a sheep, but when it’s dead, the skin and body looks like a springbok. Then in the same circle that we made (circle made with salt), we slaughter 2 chickens, their necks are entangled agter being slaughtered.
    Out of nowhere, a lady reaches into the circle and takes out a humungous snake, rips is apart and about 50 cm piece falls right next to the circle. Then suddenly, there’s a few friends, we’re having like a small gathering here at my house. Like a braai or pot

    • Dear Shermoine,
      The purpose of the circle in the dream where you are sacrificing things is transformation. You are trying to change from being a sheep or a chicken (being fearful and a only a follower) to be full of enthusiasm and full of courage. The springbok represents the enthusiasm that has been killed in you and the dead snake represents your difficulty with change. What you need it to believe that you can transform, that it is in your hands to transform, and then to go fully after it.

  17. I dreamed that the man I believed to be my father was comforting me and hugging me as a good friend from many years ago was being tortured and killed. I haven’t seen this old friend for many years in reality. Also, I have found out about a year ago that the man who raised me is not my biological father. I have researched who my biological father could be and we are awaiting dna test results from that man’s sister right now to either confirm or exclude him. The potential biological father is in a nursing home

    • Dear Brenda,
      The dream says that it doesn’t matter so much if the person that was comforting you, was your father or not. What is important that he was acting in a comforting way. You are probably conflicted about it because you were not told. You have to come to peace with the situation and accept the positive things he did for you despite being deceptive. When you do this, then you can remember how to be comforting to others, when they go through difficult times.

  18. I had a dream that my wife was at work in her high-rise building and there was a terrorist attack and the building collapsed. I didn’t sleep for 2 days in this dream, I just kept searching for her. Someone found her shoes. Then eventually there was a container she was in. I couldn’t get the courage to look in it so someone else had to confirm it was her and they did.

    • Dear Louis,
      The key to understanding how to work with this dream is ask yourself what happens to the way you act in real life when you have this kind of fear. In the dream it is your wife, but you could have the same fear for others as well. The fear probably makes you act much more protected in your life and keeps you from doing the things you want to do. I am guessing that the fear is irrational which means that you have to let it go and then go for really positive things with courage and enthusiasm.

  19. a couple nights ago I was dreaming that I was at this summer camp for teen, but I am an adult. And there was a bunch of groups of people and each night we switched where we slept at because we was takin tests there and they did not want us cheatin off the others. My group was mostly girls and a couple dudes. The camp counsler we had was a dude and he was flirtin with me like the whole time. I did not like it becuase he was not cute. Then we was getting ready for our last couple days there and I needed to wash my laundry and we happened to be in my counslers cabin. I got my laundry and was puttin everything in except one pair of pants that I needed to wear that day. When I was putting all my clothes in the washer the bottom of my laundry bag was full of shoes, like over 7 pairs of them. Some of them were not mine and I asked my counsler (she done turned into a girl and apprently was a girl for the whole time) if they were her shoes and she said yes. So i took out all her shoes and gave them to her then took out my shoes too and started my laundry. My pants I wanted to wear was not in my laundry bag and I had to go all around looking for them. I was looking under beds and in closets and everyone was eating breakfast and talking about leaving without me and I was freaking out because I just needed some pants to wear. I ended up waking up to my alarm before I found my pants.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      The problem in the dream is in the beginning. You are going to a summer camp, which is supposed to be more playful and child-like, but you are an adult and your going through things like tests and then being hit on. It shows that you have some difficulties getting into a more playful and enthusiastic state. You are trying to find pants, which is a metaphor for finding your adult responsible self. You need more play.

  20. My dream was all over the place last night and I mainly recall snitits of it.

    First I was in my garage with my husband and 2 of our children just hanging out. There were sofas and stuff in there. Then my neighbor came over (but in waking life this woman who came over is a woman who works in a different suite on my work floor). She mentioned wanting to be in a community group together but was worried about my interest or commitment or something.

    Then I am at this place where there is a large meeting room with chairs and a private room. In the private room was my community group. It consisted of about 8 couple and the woman above was in this group as well. We were making food and having a discussion. One of my kids wanted to go to the large group so I took them there and everyone was in a circle and we were talking about something religious/spiritual. Then I could see my community group setting the table in the large room with plates. I look later and they were all eating. I felt angry at my husband for not coming to get me to join the group. I went the private room and everyone was enjoying themselves and didn’t even seem to notice my presence. I felt upset by this and walked back out to the large room. Then my bosses daughter was sitting across from me (who ive only seen pics of in waking life). We were each handed a handful of chips to eat.

    Then there was a rocking chair near us and it started rocking all by itself and we were kind of freaked out by it and trying to get other people to come validate what we were seeing. Someone mentioned it belonged to a man who had a controller to operate it, I went back to the private room. I told my husband I was upset with him that he didn’t come and get me to join the group and that he just ate without me. He didn’t seem to care as he had nothing to say back.

    • Oh I also had a 32 ox foam cup that I was drinking out of that had 10 straws in it. In the dream this was a completely normal thing for me to have.

    • Dear Christine,
      This dream is about feeling left out when it comes to partaking of positive benefits of being in a group. You can get into a group and relate, but somewhere along the line you start to feel left out which leaves you in anger. The anger indicates that you may be expecting the group and your husband to include you, but they have no thought of it. The solution is to be at peace with their behavior and realize that they are just un-evolved. You are going to have to include yourself and let go of their immaturity.

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