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  1. In my dream I was in school and it was lunch time and these two girls are known to bully people so they tried taking my place and I told them off and they got angry and reported to the teacher I remember my teacher confiscating a gun that I owned in my bag for protection then there was this little boy that came up to me with an attitude and he was blind in one eye and his blind eye was a glowing he then went to a gang of men and he takes out a gun and he starts shooting at me for some reason in the dream I was kind of a hero so the teacher gave me back my gun and he started to cry and looking at him I could tell that he wanted me to kind of Save the Day , now this gets weird in the dream, the group of young men are naked and start rubbing their private parts on each other and there was this lady that appeared she was a queen to them she was the boss and she was naked and she was doing sexual stuff to confused children and willing adults , it kind of felt like an initiation or ritual and the dream ended .(as they were getting ‘initiated’ the queen become more powerful )

  2. I had a dream last night I was with my brother running late to school I told him to grab his bike and hurry I ran but my brother is a slow walker so that’s why I told him to bike anyways all of a sudden we found ourselves in a sort of “catworld” well more like a catstreet, the street was FULL of cats and fur on the ground. They were all one sort(tabby cats) There were also humans but they were all dressed as cats I even saw a “humancat” a cat with a human body. I was very confused but my lil brother was kind of scared he asked me if I’ve ever heard about the “inhuman world” I didn’t know what he was talking about. I don’t remember when I woke up but I’m sure we didn’t escape. I’m btw a cat lover.I don’t know about my brother. I know it sounds like a movie but I know It’s a symbol I just feel it. I hope I’ll get my answers as soon as possible, thank you so much. Dear regards

  3. I had a dream that while I was lying down sleeping a small tree had grown over me, it had two oranges on it and two tomatoes, when I noticed the tomatoes I tried to push it away because I was afraid it would attract spiders. In real life tomatoes I tried growing kept attracting spiders and I don’t eat oranges as they’re too acidic for me, I’m not a huge fan of spiders myself. I’m wondering if the dream is symbolising a fear of bad attention, would appreciate any ideas you may have on it, thanks

  4. This isn’t from a dream, but when I was in a deep meditation I was pondering 1 question and the answer to me was a vision of a large tree with a grayish trunk and beautiful red leaves surrounded by luscious green grass. Do you know what that would symbolize?

    • Dear Christine,
      The tree and the grass are symbols of growth. The size of tree points to being solid in the process of growth. Grass is more about plenitude. Stay in the process of growth and it will produce a lot for you.

  5. Hi Richard.
    I dreamed that I was living alone in a small house and I believe that I was not home for some time…it seemed as I slept in the living room space area…I am not sure but as I was about to pull the curtain for a door with glass….I noticed that the glass had been broken but when I looked there were no broken glass on the floor….I felt a little alarmed and decided to call the cops but before I could actually actually dial their number and place the phone on speaker cause I’m not sure if someone was in my home already ….someone from the outside grabbed my hand and started tussling with me….I remember feeling scared and thinking…they’re going to rape me….I need to scream….but then because of that fear I felt…I instantly woke from the dream….please interpret this for me…..because I do have a fear of living on my own and I thought to myself…try no sleeping in he living room space….I need to go sleep in my room where I can actually.lock the door.

    • Hi DeeDee,
      The dream is playing out in a metaphoric way what you are fearful of. You probably don’t have the same fear if someone else is around. You can see how in the dream you went from seeing a possible break in to being grabbed and then thinking the worst. The dream presents the problem you are having, but not the solution. Because it is fear, it means that something(s) has happened to you in the past when you were alone so you have the kind of association of being alone with intrusion. The goal is to be able to be more enthusiastic and courageous out there when you are alone. Your life is trying to get you to that state, but you are being stopped internally by the fear. When you can let it go, and replace it with energy of courage, then all kinds of positive things will happen with you.

  6. I was somewhere work related with other employees and clients and 1 male was interested in me and I flirted a little and that was it. Later another male started flirting with me, but this male i kissed, a lot with tongue. In my dream I could literally taste and smell his fresh minty breath from his gum. What’s odd for me about this dream is that in real life I’m in a committed relationship for nearly the past decade, most of which is pleasant.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      When you look at the dream literally, especially since you are in committed relationship that you like, it doesn’t make sense. However if you see it metaphorically it is very elegant. The males represent masculine energy which you seem to need to develop in yourself. At first you are flirting with idea that of developing some masculine qualities. This means that there is no commitment on your part. When you can kiss and taste the mint, it means that you are beginning to get attracted to developing that aspect of yourself. It is nice way to invite you into the process of growth in a positive frame. If I were you, I would ask myself what quality, that is masculine-like, is calling to me now. Then you can start to have a fully committed relationship with yourself to develop it. It will really be a powerful addition to your life.

  7. I had a dream my family and I were all in bed, it was really dark as it was night,. And I started to hear noises coming from our backdoor downstairs… I was sure that my door was locked but it wasn’t!
    I remember going downstairs to see what was going on and the dogs were all agitated.
    I went to the backdoor to see who was there and saw someone dressed comolelty in black I looked at his face and it was my father in law which generally has a kind look and he looked mean like he was literally just about to kill me. I remember screaming and running away and he running after me… When I arrived on the second floor I woke up

    • Dear Kya,
      There is something about your father-in-law’s ego, according to the dream, that wants to kill your spirit. Probably he has an idea of how your life should go. What you need to do with this dream is find out where you believe your life should go and then completely ignore his ideas. Where your life is meant to go is really positive, but if you follow his ways, it will end up dark.

  8. I had the weirdest dream ever, I went to this school, kinda like hogwarts. And I met some girl and we grew to be very close. so normal hogwarts stuff happened and later I heard teachers and students and other people talking about (I cant remember the name), but it was some ancient spirit plaguing the school. So I just went on with school. Then at night in the dream I was hearing a voice, it was deep and growly. I got up and looked around. Nothing was there. Then normal school stuff again, and during all this normal school stuff I continued to flirt with the girl and stuff along those lines. Later weird things started happening, and then every student disappeared except for the girl, then it was like an underground tunnel, it was pink and mushy. The school was like sunken underground and the girl (i cant remember her name either) was trying to escape with me. And then a giant scary looking face with giant eyes emerged from the mush and told the girl good job keeping me at the school and in his grasp, and he leaned toward me and the girl started crying and then I heard a whole backstory of how the girl was the original dudes daughter before he became all ghost-parasite thingy and he was making her bring me to him and now she actually fell in love with me or whatever and then the ghost parasite dude was going for me and she jumped in front and turned to ice. Then I woke up in real life, then fell asleep again, which then started another dream, where I was in some dorm thing and the voice was calling me again and the school sunk down into the parasite tunnel thing, and I saw the girls body in the mushy tunnel. Then my grandma woke me up…

    • Dear Bryant,
      This is actually a very interesting dream for you to solve. Dreams are written as metaphors so the dream is telling you about some darker energy that exists in your school life that keeps from developing your inner abilities. The magic you would learn in a place like Hogwarts is a metaphor for developing inner powers that make your life work for you almost as if you had magical powers. There is some kind of energy that is like the “dude” in the dream that is parasitic. Usually this energy in a school is the negative energy that makes you act like what others want you to be rather than who you are supposed to become. Schools generally do not have the agenda of having you become who you are meant to be; they have the agenda of what someone else wants you to be.

  9. Dear Dreams for Peace:

    I had a dream of eating mouthfuls of overcooked rice. It was pleasant when I was eating the mouthfuls of overcooked rice, until I ate one mouthful of very salty overcooked rice. I think I woke up before I swallowed the salty mouthful of overcooked rice.

    • Dear Cafo,
      This dream seems to be about the the tendency you have of not being moderate. Lack of moderation comes from never feeling like you are going to get enough. At some point, when there is no moderation, the thing you are taking in becomes negative. The spiritual teaching is that you should enjoy life and take life in, but in moderation.

  10. I keep dreaming about a boy I don’t even know , it’s not even like I must have seen him anywhere passing by. Everytime I dream of him he keeps telling me “Don’t find me, I am all yours”.We talk and share our secrets and worries as if I have known him from years.This dream have been recurring from past 3 months I guess.

    There’s another dream I dreamt yesterday “I was attacked by a ghost and to defend myself I threw holy water on him and it ran away another morning when I woke up I Saw small paper planes in water”.

    • Dear Hritika,
      The first dream is about the type of relationship you would like to have with a boy, but don’t have yet. It shows you that the possibility exists, but you have to work on your inner self to have that kind of relationship. The second dream shows you the challenge you have internally that keeps you from the courage to have the first dream. Ghosts represents negative imaginations of the mind in that you believe something negative is out there that seems so real but is not. It is important to act confidently in your relationships.

  11. A week before my grandfather passed away I told him I was going’ to have a baby. I was 13 weeks. He told my dad I was having a girl. I am now 16 weeks pregnant.

  12. I keep having the same recurring dream that I’m outside alone and I am really scared of something. I have no idea why I feel like this because I can’t see anything to be afraid of, it’s just an ominous feeling of dread. I’m trying to get to my dad’s house where I know I’ll be safe. I can actually hear my dad’s voice and my mums as well. Even though I’m dreaming I know that it makes no sense for my mum and dad to be together since I only got in touch with my dad when I was sixteen and he and my mum hadn’t seen each other for years before he died. I just know if I can get there everything will be okay and I’ll be safe. However I just can’t get there. I stop black taxis and get involved but a minute later I’m out on the street again. The dreams are really getting me down. If anyone can help me figure out what it all means i would be extremely grateful

    • Dear Kerrie,
      What your dad’s house represents in this dream is your dad’s self. Usually when you are trying to get to the energy of a dad, it means that you wanted to be supported and encouraged inside. When a person feels supported and encouraged inside, then when they are out in the unknowns of the world, they feel completely safe and free. You have a difficult time getting to support and encouragement because you believe that it is going to come from outside of yourself rather than inside. When you can do the work to feel supported internally, you will always feel safe and be completely comfortable going anywhere in the world and doing all kinds of new things.

  13. My family and I went to the abandoned house of a missing Chinese family. We were taking everything we could. For some reason I was obsessed with grabbing all the dishes and pots. I found the pots and they were the clear glass ones I always wanted! In the living room on top of A high cabinet was this large light blue crystal angel, I love crystals so I climbed up there to grab it and it was so full of energy it froze me and I couldn’t move. I could talk but I was frozen. I could feel myself fighting to let go and when I did I was able to grab it off the shelf and load it up. Next to that shelf was A smaller shelf and in the corner was what I thought was a stuffed bobcat type animal on top of green rocks on a gold plate. It was in A sleeping position. I touched it and it came alive and immediately started screaming and decaying right before my eyes, it turned into a skeleton. Then out of the rocks it was sleeping on it jumped out in front of me into An attack position, it was hissing at me ready to attack. I find a samurai type sword and tired to fight it. The cat ran at me and jumped into my body. It was the spirit of the cat and seemed to be the guard cat of the family before. I continue gathering up everything I could finding the mans wedding ring in a drawer. I put it on and the spirit of his wife appeared and told me she was happy we found her belongings and that she was happy they brought me so much joy and said we could continue. I went to find my daughter and she was in the child’s room talking to the spirit of the little girl of the previous family. The belongings in the house made my family rich and very comfortable in life. But the blue crystal angel, the sleeping cat on the green rocks and the clear cooking pots stand out so much to me and I don’t know why

    • Dear Celia,
      This is a very fascinating dream. Being in the home of a Chinese family means that you are in the self or the energy of that family. You could say that it is in self of the Chinese culture because most of the things you encounter are common to the culture. The goal of the dream is for you to learn some of the positive aspects of the culture. You are ok to a certain extent except that when you deal with energy like in the crystal and the animal you go out of your positive state. This means that you cannot just take those aspects of the culture. You have to study them for a significant amount of time before they are fully incorporated in you. You are being invited to commit yourself (the wife’s ring) to learning the culture and then all of the gifts of the culture will be yours, but you are going to need commitment and effort in learning. It is so interesting that you would get the dream now when in the material world some of the western countries are in conflict with China. It just shows the principle that every culture has some really positive things to offer. When the focus is on the positive, rather than the negative, then you are so richly rewarded. Just as a for instance, recently my wife got into a car accident where she had some whiplash. The thing that has helped her the most is acupuncture, a practice that comes from China.

  14. I had a dream that I was in a 2 story mustard yellow colored house. I’m not sure why I was there but 3 of my relatives were also in the house with me. We were looking for things to take. I wouldn’t consider it stealing since the house had no one seeming to be currently living there. The previous owners either abandoned it or moved. It wasn’t that dirty inside. Kinda dusty but well kept up. In the dream, I walked up the stairs and went to the very last bedroom in the house. It was a teenage girls room. If I remember correctly, there was a journal or diary on her nightstand next to the bed. I think I read some of it. There was also a dark purple looking machete knife on the nightstand that I was going to take. I looked under her bed and found a romper/one piece. I tried it on and wore it. It was a light purple. All of a sudden this knowledge of what had happened to her came into my head. She committed suicide. I was wearing the outfit she had killed her self in. I think I took it off after I mysteriously gained that knowledge. I can’t remember though. Then, I walked out of her room and looked out of a window at the neighborhood. That’s all I remember from the dream. What does this mean?

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Sorry that I have taken so long to respond to you. Life got a little too busy. Anyway, the dream says that you have the ability to understand what has happened to someone self. It is not like mind reading. It is more like going inside of them and reading what has happened. It is too detailed to teach you all of the specifics to be skilled at it, but basically when you allow yourself to go inside another person almost as if you are them, then you can read what has happened. What you have to be careful with when you do this kind of work, is that you don’t take on the person’s energy as if it were yours unless you have a specific skill that they have that you want to develop. Feel free to ask questions about this.

  15. I have not one, but three dreams I would like interpreted, if that’s OK. I believe I know what all of them mean, but I would just like to have them clarified by someone who actually has experience in this field. Two involve my Nan who died in January, the other one involves my other Nan who died in March.

    #1: On the night my Nan died (30 January), I dreamed that my mother, Nan and I were walking into a local supermarket where we met one of my Nan’s carers (she had dementia throughout the last years of her life, although this was not what took her life). The carer was wearing a yellow dress. My Nan was wearing a navy blue suit – something I never knew her own, wear or have in her life. She also had longer hair than usual (back length, when it was originally just shoulder-length), and no longer had a hump when she walked. My Mum and I told Nan’s carer that she had died. My Nan was there with us, but never said a word throughout this dream, just looked around.

    #2: Around mid-May, I dreamed that I was in my bed, which was on the opposite side of where it normally is, and my grandmother (who died in March) was sat on a chair opposite me, the way you would if you were visiting someone in hospital. I don’t think I was ill or dying in this dream. She never said anything. My Nan (mentioned in dream #1), then came into my bedroom, sat on my bed, had a smile on her face, grabbed my hand and said, “I’ve really missed you”, and then I woke up.

    #3: My other grandmother died on Friday 13 March this year. The next night, I dreamed that my Mum, her brother and I were in my mother’s bedroom, in its old original layout (which was changed seven, eight years back). She was upset. My grandmother had been taken into hospital from our house in my dream (in “real life”, she’d been taken into hospital from her own house ten minutes away). My uncle came into my mother’s bedroom on the phone, finished his conversation, told my Mum that the nurse said my grandmother said that she’s fine and to stop worrying etc, and the second he said that, the phone rang again and we were told she died. The weirdest part of this dream for me was that I know exactly when the dream was set: 3:50am on Monday March 16 (as evidenced by a small clock on my mother’s bedside table, which there has never been!), at which point my grandmother had been dead for three days. My mother also had a dream a few months ago detailing a phone call she had with her mother stating that she was “just ringing up to see that you got my message, and that I’m OK”.

    Sorry for such a lengthy response, but I’m curious as to what your interpretations of these dreams are. I’m quite sure these dreams signify that my deceased relatives are happy wherever they may be, which I’m happy about, but it’s the tiny little details I can’t decipher. For example, the carer in dream #1 left the company who looked after my Nan about 18 months before she died.

    • Dear Adam,
      I think you pretty much have gist of what they dreams are trying to communicate. In the first dream the longer hair means that when she crossed over she become more empowered and the lack of the limp means that she can move more freely now. This, of course, is metaphoric because the next world does not have time and space as we know it. The care-giver must have been someone who gave a lot of good care. The third dream about the clock is a bit interesting because in the dream you are two days ahead of the actual dream day. It probably has a lot to do with the reality of her death setting in. When someone first dies, it seems unreal, but then gradually the reality sets in. For you it would have been three days later.

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