Four Elements in Dream Analysis

Most of the cultures and religions in the world have classified spiritual energy into four categories which are  the heart, mind, body, and spirit.  Jesus said, for instance, that we should love God with all of our heart, mind, spirit, and strength.  In dream language or mythological language such as in native stories the four types of energy are most connected with one of the four elements.   The heart is connected to water, the body or one’s strength to the earth,  the mind  with light and fire, and the spirit to the air.  When you have a dream, what you can often do is to look to the elements that are most significant in the dream and then realize that those represent the areas that the spiritual world is calling on you to develop.

The spiritual world only ever requires that you work on one energy at a time so when a dream presents one of the elements, you can be certain that that particular element is the one you need now.   So if, for instance, your house is on fire in a dream, you can be certain that something is wrong with the qualities of your mind. The mind is supposed to be a source of illumination which requires a metaphor like a candle or other positive forms of light.   Your dreams will try to get you to develop the spirituality of the mind which include things like patience, calm, tranquility, and detachment.  When you have the spiritual qualities of the mind, then guidance and intuition seem to pour in easily.

If you have water in a dream, the first thing that can come to your mind is the need to focus on your relationships.   Water has so many forms in the world because the heart has so many qualities it needs to develop.   It is the least understood of all the elements because it is often associated as a feminine rather than a masculine quality.   It is the quality most spoken about in all of the religions of the world and yet is virtually non-existent in schools.    There is a lot that can happen with water in a dream.  It can be a flood, a tidal wave,  a storm, a rough sea,  a babbling brook, a placid lake,  a drink,  or a fast moving river.    When you have a water dream, it is important to note whether it is positive or negative.   If it is positive, then the dream will be encouraging you to recall the quality that is associated with the dream.    If you are white water rafting and having a great time,  then the dream may be asking you to reach out more courageously to others.  If the you are going down a wild river hanging onto a board and frightened to death,  then it could be a symbol that your relationships are just completely out of control and moving to fast.

The element of earth comes into the dream world when you need to have the qualities associated with strength such as fulfilling your commitments, staying with a project to its end,  developing abilities and skills from the ground up, and doing things that are extremely difficult.      The earth is the most solid of the elements so you may find that you are having difficulty climbing a mountain, which would be associated with having difficulty reaching a goal.  Cars are one of the forms of transportation on the element of the earth which symbolize trying to get from one place to another such as trying to become more competent in your work.   If your car breaks down or someone else is driving it,   it means that you are having difficulties getting to where you want to go.  You could run out of gas or be reckless and crash, or someone else is directing your life and career rather than you.     This element tends to be the one most praised by the culture as we know it because when someone is reliable, trustworthy, and hard working it makes everything in society work better.    Leaders who are concerned about their position at the top will love this quality in their workers, but when it comes to the next quality, air, they will likely be very threatened.   I am absolutely certain that the reason that the earth is so popular over the others is that it isn’t a threat to autocratic leadership.

Air is connected to the spirit which is represented in qualities like enthusiasm, optimism, idealism, vision, courage and hope.   Some of the common dreams involving air are flying dreams,  dreams where you are falling, and dreams with lots of wind.    Air is a lot like the heart, in that it isn’t often taught, but it is much more threatening because it is associated with doing new things which people interested in keeping the status quo do not like.

Here is a list of things which each element that you might want to explore.


Flying is often associated with freedom of action

Airplane is a medium in the air so it represents using your air-like qualities such as lightness and enthusiasm to accomplish goals that are new and a bit more radical.

Falling usually means falling from grace.  Falling from grace comes from not trusing in the Spirit as an extremely positive force that is always supporting you regardless of whether you deserve it or not.   Falling comes when you feel like you don’t merit things.

Wind usually tends to hold you back from rushing forward toward your vision.  The wind should be at your back instead of in front of you.  When you analyze a wind dream, imagine it at your back and then just let go of your hesitation.

Tornado is a symbol of how people take a small rather insignificant thing and then spin it until it becomes really destructive.   Tornados are what incompetent leaders use to get into power.  They find small things in others that are negative and spin them in others ears so that others get really fearful and make that person the leader.   Tornados happen where the values are more earth like the prairies.   They tend to pay attention to small things that aren’t true rather than investigating them fully.

Hurricane is a symbol of leaders who are trying to be god-like.   The association with God is that they originate in the ocean.   This is the same as a cyclone.  Hurricanes let you know that the relationship with God is being replaced by a leader who wants power.   When you dream it, it is a warning.


House on fire- many people have this dream when they try to use thinking all the time instead of other energy like relating energy.   The mind needs to cool to think well and be objective.

Light:  generally light is the source of illumination.   The negative side of light is darkness which is the absence of light.   When things are dark, it means that they need to be illumined with light.

Candle:  a candle is a soft light which is what you often need to find guidance or answers as opposed to really bright sunlight which may be overwhelming to the mind.   People often meditate to candle light because it has a way of letting you go inside and find answers.  The biggest mistake with the mind is to fret about finding an answer.   Many people don’t realize that the spiritual world will guide you when you need it and will withhold guidance when it is unnecessary.  It is part of the formula of trust.

Forest fire:  a symbol of how wrong thinking destroying growth and uprightness.

Unlike other elements where there are means of transportation associated with the energy,  the element of light requires remaining still.


Tsunami:    Cultural negativity in relating such backbiting, gossip, and criticism that is sustained by extremely negative and authoritarian leadership.    The opposite and positive force is encouragement which is sustained by finding positives in others and acknowledging them.

River:  raging river with a bridge is the problem of getting from one place to another in your life by crossing over lots of angry people.   The key to successfully dealing with anger is to not get pulled into the river.

Ocean:  The ocean is the symbol of the world of God because of its vastness.   A violent sea represents being out of relationship with the Creator.  I often substitute the spiritual world for the world of God. In my mind they are interchangeable.

Glass of Water: is a symbol of getting in relationship with oneself.   When you are thirsty in the desert, you are out of relationship with self.   The great majority of people are chronically dehydrated which has something to do with not being able have a positive relationship with themselves.

Shower is about cleansing oneself or purifying oneself.  Trouble showering means having trouble with motives either your own or others.

Toilet is the place where you let go of negativity that comes in and is meant to flow out.

Rain is a symbol of for what you to assist relationships to grow.   A drought is not enough relationship and a torrential rain is too much relationship.


Transportation on the earth:  many dreams in this realm are about moving from one place to another such as climbing a mountain,  driving in a car, going on a train, riding a motorcycle,  running, walking, biking.

Progress is made on the earth through effort.  When you are in the air and traveling like in a plane it is effortless, but on the earth you need your determination to go from one place to another.   Much of what happens is overcoming obstacles like big boulders or rock cliffs to scale.    You develop in this area through lots of repetition, doing the difficult thing,  always developing new skills.   If you are in a foreign country where they don’t speak your native tongue, then you need effort by practicing the new language a lot.

Earthquake:  your life if being shaken up, which means you need to get on solid ground.

In the next post I will write a little about buildings such as houses.   I would love to hear your dreams so please feel free to write me when you want to know what they mean.

7 Comments on “Four Elements in Dream Analysis”

  1. I love this read so maybe you can help me becauee I can’t find what my dream mean? I’m a graphic designer in the real world; My dream, I’m still a designer here. Im in my new workplace with new faces but with old coworkers from my old job in my new workplace including my boss. A coworker from my old job told me to come here he has something to show me. It was this file on a computer and when I played it… it was a black blotch, similar to those blotches that you see people hold it up and ask “what’s in this picture” thing. When I starred at it, each of the four section lit up in brilliance individually. First was fire. Then it went black and the next section lit up and it was air. Then it continues to do this with the last sections and showed me water and earth. Each one shown was so beautiful as they animated in color, truly breathtaking. Even though these elements could be dangerous they were shown to me as they beautiful state. They didn’t harm no one or nothing, it was like artwork. Then they combined sections and created like beautiful storms. Then they all 4 combined and created like this Stargazing light show. Like I saw flying stars, beams of light streaks. I did not feel like they were bad or did I feel bad during this but I felt in awe on how beautiful the elements were as they were show to me as animated art.

    What does that mean to you?

    • Dear Paul,
      This is such a great dream as it demonstrates the beauty of each energy as well as the power of combining the energies. Awe is the appropriate response to what you were doing. As you go forward in your life and develop the each of the energies over time, you will be able to enhance your relationships with old colleagues and friends, as well as develop close connections with new people. You will be able to getting even better at what you already do and then add a lot of new abilities to make you even more competent. The starting place for most development is with relational work because everything works better in a unified and cooperative environment.

  2. I have been dreaming of people partying outside of their houses then the wind blows so hard, rained like never before then then grounds starts opening then volcanoes erupted and stars or fire-like balls falling to the ground. Dreamt twice

  3. That was a really nice analysis of your dream. I am adding a few
    of my own thoughts just to add to the momentum. As you probably
    already know a house is a symbol of the self in a dream and in this
    dream you start by leaving a friends house and then go back to your
    own. You can assume, because the dream is so positive, that the
    experience that you had in the friend’s house was positive. The
    reason that it is in the dream is so that you see the relationship
    between connecting with others and connecting with your own self.
    Our goal in life is always to become like one soul in many bodies
    so when you connect with another person, it is as the both of you
    become one. It is not so much a loss of identity in the connecting
    process, but that in a positive relationship the two positive energies
    meet and combine and then create a third energy that makes the
    connection more than the sum of the two individuals. This is what the
    world doesn’t quite get yet and it certainly isn’t taught in schools.
    The question that you are being asked in your life is this. How
    can I get back to my Self? And the answer is that you learn the most
    about your self and develop your self the most in relationships.
    The whole metaphor of the dream is that you get back to your Self so
    much faster when you are relating in a positive way to others.
    So then the next question you can ask yourself is, “Why the
    bicycle?” You can understand a bicycle by comparing it to other
    means of transportation. There are two things that you get on a
    bicycle that you wouldn’t get in a car or by foot. First of all you
    don’t get the sensation of speed in a car or by foot like you do on a
    bicycle and secondly you need to have a great deal more inner control
    when you are going at speed on a bike. The faster you go on a bike,
    the more trust, calm, and ability you need to have in order to make it
    to the bottom.
    So you can say that the dream is trying to show you how to get to
    your own true self by trusting in your ability to have positive
    relationships with others. The more positive relationships you have
    that faster you will get to yourself.
    One last thing about a bicycle is that it is operated through your
    own power as opposed to a car which has an external source. This is
    to show you that it is through your own power that you develop, not
    through someone else’s.

    Thanks for sharing this dream.

  4. Hi Dick,
    thanks for this post! Very interesting and helpful. I had a dream last night – I was leaving a friends house and got on a bicycle to ride home. I was at the top of a big hill and the bike started coasting down the hill (no cars, only a few other bicycles), picking up speed. I just sat back and was calm and wasn’t afraid, even though it was going faster and faster, and cars could have cut me off from the cross streets. I passed some other bicyclists who were holding on to their handlebars, but I wasn’t afraid of hitting them. Eventually the slope decreased and the bicycle naturally slowed down on its own.
    It made me think about the momentum my life has right now and about continuing to move forwards in all areas without fear – if I stay calm and trust, I will move forward naturally and easily.

  5. Thanks for the post. I have been having a lot of dreams with water recently, but haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about them… guess I should give it a shot!!

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