Avoid Literal Thinking

It seems to me that a large percentage of the current problems we are having in our world come from taking things that are meant to be deep and metaphorical in a literal and shallow way.    We see it most often in fundamentalist religion’s ability to convince large numbers of people that scripture is meant to be taken in a literal form, but it also exists in places like educational and corporate leadership.     Instead of going for deeper truths and relating to others in  more meaningful ways, much of today’s leadership focuses only on superficial things such as the bottom line or procedures.    As long as leadership is unattached and dealing only in shallow ways with its organization it can very easily justify the elimination of large number of employees or people who are not exactly on the same page.

The way you know that your leadership has become superficial and literally minded where they are only concerned with their own interests and power is that they rarely ask you for an opinion about an issue, the group’s agenda is their agenda,  and if you express anything that is different from how they think, you are considered an outsider and a possible threat.

When we go for depth in an issue or in a relationship,  it has the outcome of making us extremely bonded to each other and to being able to explore the truth freely.     Here is an example of how it might show up in the dream world.   Let’s say, that in real life, you have a happy and successful marriage, but one night in your dreams a beautiful woman or man appears who wants to have a physical relationship with you.   How do you respond?    If you take the dream literally,  then you probably will have a certain amount of guilt because of the issue of loyalty and fidelty and their role in a strong marriage.   In the outer world this is how things work well. However, in the inner world, where there is no physical reality,  a physical relationship does not exist and cannot have the possibility of existing.  Physical relationships only happen in the outer world.

So a physical relationship in the inner world (in a dream) is meant to be a spiritual relationship on a very deep level, not a physical one.    This means that the dream wants you to have a strong connection with whatever quality the other person has who is attracted to you.    It is as if the dream is telling you that a certain quality is now open for you and is attracted to you so you can begin to incorporate it by having a relationship with it based on depth.    All you have to do is figure out what quality the person has and then begin the spiritual work to incorporate it.   This will then give your life great meaning and pleasure.

Go for depth.  The best treasures are hidden.

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