Some Guiding Principles for Transformation

These are some of the things that I have found very helpful in the change process.

1.  The process of change is never ending because the spiritual dimension to life is infinite.   This means that there is always  limitless potential to actualize.

2.  The best kind of transformation occurs by submitting to what the Creator wants rather than a change that is more ego oriented. .   This is first set up through prayer which is the way of connecting the true self to the omnipotence of God.    There is a need to make a step toward the Creator as a kind of act of will in order for guidance to be activated.

3.   The flip side of prayer is meditation.    Meditation is what comes after prayer.    It  is the means by which guidance is received so that movement can happen in the correct direction.          Meditation usually involves some form of study and reflection as well as detachment from the material pulls of the ego.

4.   The thing that needs the most change is presented inwardly by recognizing what the biggest current challenges are.   They are accompanied by negative feelings that usually have an element of fear, but also include emotions like anxiety, guilt, hurt, grief, envy, jealousy, anger, frustration, disappointment, or hatred.      The ego communicates the need for change through negative feelings which let us know that something is off, that something needs to be transformed.

5.  Our ego is usually stimulated in a negative way after we have prayed  for or desired  a change, then find ourselves in a life situation that tests us in a way that are not able to fully handle.    Praying for patience is really common among many people, but when they get into situations where patience is required, they find themselves getting extremely angry and then saying a lot of things or doing things they wished that they had not.

6.  After our ego has been thoroughly stimulated in a negative way through life’s trials, the process most needed is meditation or reflection.    Reflection allows a person to analyze what has happened,  come to new understandings about the principles and energies needed, and then set out on new actions.     Reflection may involve a great deal of reading, and it may also involve some form of  a therapeutic process.  A major transformation normally takes a considerable period of time.    With patience, for instance, one of the lessons a person needs to learn is that not everything that can be said should be said, and not everything is timely for the state of the listener.     A lack of patience shows a certain amount of not understanding that people are all in a developmental process of growth.   It usually occurs when in a person is not involved in his own growth process.

7.   Change happens by taking responsibility for it rather than blaming others.   If you find that you are lonely all the time, then the change that is needed is how to feel connected to others.   It is your work, not someone else’s.     You can make a huge amount of change by not giving the process over to someone else.

Good changing.

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