Overcoming Infectious Thinking: Getting Out of the Mess

“Whither can a lover go but to the land of His beloved.”  Baha’u’llah

So here I am in the last days in Bali.   I have to say that when I am in Bali or for that matter on any vacation, I completely forget about my work life.   I seem to understand how to play well.   It is one of the great bounties I have from growing up in the family that I did.    However, on the day before leaving Bali I find myself ill with Bali belly.  My body has picked up some micro-organisms or something and left me with a fever.   It is interesting that this infectiousness is only happening when I am a day or so from returning to my work space.  It has me thinking that there is an association between work and the infection.

I find that in my dream life there is a dead cat and a big mess around me, and I have a hard time being with my friends.  So I am going to interpret that to mean that those are my problems connected with work .    What I seem to be able to do in a negative manner is to be infected by the negative actions of others, particularly leaders.   I think it is that I think about the negative things that they do so much that they just enter my mind and then everything becomes a mess and  the cat dies (my independent thinking and initiative).  Then my body follows picking up a lot of infections like colds, flu, bad food easily.

It is easy for me to dwell on the negative actions of others, particularly leaders, because those actions affect the way things go.  So what to do?   The solution seems to be one of those rather simple changes that seem so hard to do.   Instead of directing my attention to their negative actions I can turn my mind toward the positive and uplifting actions that I want to do and then just do them.    I don’t think that the solution is to deny the negative actions of the others in an attempt to ignore them because they do have their negative effects on programs,  but getting out of the mess seems to be to acknowledge the negative and then giving them over to the Creator and allowing Him to do His work.

My inner work seems to be to focus on doing positive things with lots of positive energy because that is what benefits people around me, and to keep myself away from being infected by the negative actions of other through the process of dwelling.   That is when everything becomes messy and I pick up the illnesses.

So the change is first to  acknowledge the negative actions that reside in my memory that seem to hold themselves there with lots of tension,  and then to give them over to God which is what seems to be an act of forgiveness.     The next step is to replace the negative memories with positive aspirations and actions and changing the tension in my body to being really relaxed.

Several days later after the change:   Well last night I went out with friends at a local Mediterranean style restaurant.   It was a positive night entirely.  No one complained about negative leaders, not even me.     In dream I couldn’t be with friends easily. 

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