How to Get to Results that are Better than you Imagined.

There I am looking down the barrel of a gun.  I am about to be killed.  I start to beg for my life and try to get away.    The person with the gun laughs at me in my humiliated state and let’s… Read More

The Miracle Cure for Negative Self-Talk

As you are reading this post imagine that you could go out into the future and visit your positive self that had solved the current biggest challenges you are facing.   That self, out there in the future, would have a voice, most… Read More

How to Deal with Criticism: Changing What’s In Your Head

Today I woke wondering why I have this mental habit of trying to get everything done all at once or in a very short time period.   It is as if my mind refuses to live in a sequential, time-based, rhythmic world.  … Read More

Being Enthusiastic in a Know-It-All World

Enthusiasm is the capacity to feel up about going for a positive end in the future.    It is the energy that keeps you going despite setbacks and challenges.    It is difficult to imagine any enterprise succeeding without a great deal of enthusiasm…. Read More

Visualization is a Powerful Tool But Read About What You May Not Know and Won’t Be Able to Find Anywhere Else

The first thing you need to know about visualizing is that there are really two forms of seeing things inside your mind.   It all has to do with where you are in the process.   You can be inside your head looking through… Read More

When You Deal With Criticism, Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a very frightening movie, all you have to do is turn off the volume and then the fear goes away.  The movie makers seem to control your state of fear through the way they… Read More

Bear Dreams: Getting to Your Empowerment

I dreamed I was in a house which was being invaded by bears the size of Sasquatch. Someone told me to not worry they know what they are doing, and they had some sort of trick to get them out, but it… Read More

Finally Getting Out of Blame and Into Responsibility

The big difficulty with getting out of blame and taking responsibility for moving your life forward is that there are a lot of people out there that are truly worthy of an immense amount of blame.   When you have been a victim… Read More

Dream Work 5: Making Your Enemies into Friends

“Let them at all times concern themselves with doing a kindly thing for one of their fellows, offering to someone love, consideration, thoughtful help. Let them see no one as their enemy, or as wishing them ill, but think of all humankind… Read More

Dreamwork 3: When Your Metaphor Hits Resistance

Today I received this dream after the post from yesterday. This morning I had a dream I as swimming along a beach trying to get to a distant goal along the beach. About 100 yards out from the beach was a huge… Read More

Dreamwork 2: Life is a Metaphor

O MY SERVANT! Thou art even as a finely tempered sword concealed in the darkness of its sheath and its value hidden from the artificer’s knowledge. Wherefore come forth from the sheath of self and desire that thy worth may be made… Read More

Day 11: Communicating With Your Future Self

“Honesty, virtue, wisdom and a saintly character redound to the exaltation of man, while dishonesty, imposture, ignorance and hypocrisy lead to his abasement. By My life! Man’s distinction lieth not in ornaments or wealth, but rather in virtuous behaviour and true understanding.” … Read More

Day 10: Projecting Yourself into the Future with the New Virtue

“Consider not the present condition, but rather foresee the future and the end. A seed in the beginning is very small, but in the end a great tree. One should not consider the seed, but the tree and its abundance of blossoms,… Read More

Day 8: The Mother of All Fears

“Ye were created to show love one to another and not perversity and rancour. Take pride not in love for yourselves but in love for your fellow-creatures. Glory not in love for your country, but in love for all mankind.”  Baha’u’llah Sometimes… Read More

The Critical and Encouraging Voices in Your Head

It would be so great if the voices in our head were encouraging ones like a crowd in a stadium cheering for you or a friend reminding you of all of your positive virtues.    The reality for almost everyone, however, is that… Read More

The Keys to Dealing with Fear

The first key to being able to overcome fear is to have a friendly, rather than antagonistic relationship with it.    Fear is a universal negative emotion that we all face.   It comes in a lot of varieties.   We all have fear.  It… Read More

A Beer Is Ibuprofen in Liquid Form

For the most part our minds are geared to taking the easy way out of life and in the modern world we seem to have taken the easy way out to an extreme.   The cultural learning is that a physical pleasure gives… Read More

How We Are Going to Achieve World Peace

Act in accordance with the counsels of the Lord: that is, rise up in such wise, and with such qualities, as to endow the body of this world with a living soul, and to bring this young child, humanity, to the stage… Read More

What I Have Learned About Support?

Sometimes I have a really bad attitude.   At the beginning of this school year in August was one of those times.   I just didn’t want to be there.    The school moved me from one position to the other in what I would… Read More

Nazi Dreams: Ridding Yourself of Your Inner Tyrant

This is a post that is from my next book about dreams entitled Life is a Beach. Recurring Childhood Dream (1950s):  I am in my neighborhood on the street where I am living.   In some dreams Germans are coming to take over… Read More

Dreams and the Strategy of Forgetting

In almost every dream meeting that I have facilitated,  I have always gotten the same recurring question.  “Why can’t I remember my dreams?”    I have answered this question in multiple ways which all have some validity to them.    Forgetting your dreams has… Read More

4 Baby Cobras and Lots of Ice Cream

“So far as ye are able, ignite a candle of love in every meeting, and with tenderness rejoice and cheer ye every heart. Care for the stranger as for one of your own; show to alien souls the same loving kindness ye… Read More

The Highly Misunderstood Snake

The National Geographic Channel as well as Animal Planet have a few shows featuring a wonderful adventurer photographer (what a great job) named Austin Stevens.   He had a whole series of shows on tracking down and photographing the 10 most deadly snakes… Read More

Detachment Day 2: Anger to Wildness

Yesterday was an extremely trying day for me in the development of detachment.  I mean here I was going along fine and making great progress in my mind with the virtue.   I actually could begin to see myself doing stuff.   And then… Read More

Overcoming Infectious Thinking: Getting Out of the Mess

“Whither can a lover go but to the land of His beloved.”  Baha’u’llah So here I am in the last days in Bali.   I have to say that when I am in Bali or for that matter on any vacation, I completely… Read More

On Counting and Communicating: Dreams of Golf and Michael Moore

So there I am last night on the golf course playing a round of golf.  That is all I remember.  Sometime later I am with Michael Moore, the documentary maker,  Farenheit 911, Sicko, etc..  Both dreams are a mixture of positive and… Read More

Journeying to the Land of Change

Earlier this morning, when I went out for one of my normal midweek holiday runs toward KL’s Lake Gardens,  an interesting question made its way into my head.    The question was this.   Is there a place you can go where all of… Read More

Letting Others Have Their Fears

Not too long ago I found myself in a bit of hellish feeling in the midst of paradise.   So here I am sitting in a meeting talking about facilitating young people’s experiences, but right next to me is a person who seems… Read More

Getting Out of Someone Else’s Nightmare 2: an NLP Procedure

In the last post I was writing about not being in someone else’s nightmare but being able to live in your best energy as if your life were a dream come true.    In Neuro-linguistic programming we have some ways to help people… Read More