What to Do When You Have a Positive Dream!

When you have a negative dream, you are being presented with an issue that you have to deal with.    It requires a transformation from your current state to a new one through understanding the nature of the issue, how it functions in you, and then finding the positive energy that solves the issue.   Positive dreams do not require a change from a negative to a positive.   They require that you understand the positive patterns presented in the dream and then begin applying them in your life.    The motivation for evolving when you have a positive dream is the force of attraction.   When you have a negative dream, the motivation is about getting out of the negative state such fear or pain, but positive dreams present a vision and ask you to go for it.

Positives dreams are just as metaphoric when they seem like they are not.   Consider the following dream.

I am in a long jump competition.   I run down the runway and when I jump, it seems like I can stay in the air for a very long time, much longer than I would be able to in real life.

This dream is not about long jumping, but if you were a long jumper and applied the message in the dream, then you would be able to leap longer than normal.   The principle of reading a metaphor in a positive dream is the same as reading one in a negative dream.   You need the quality of self-discipline to look for the defining attributes of the metaphor.     The metaphor in this dream is about leaping.   Non-material leaping is like a leap of faith.     The dream is saying that when you take a leap of faith in your life, you are going to go a lot farther than you might have believed.   It is ok for you to leap in your life right now.  So do it.    When you are dealing with the law of attraction, like leaping it always requires an act of faith.

Here is another dream.

I was on a cliff with some friends.  I was just going to teach them how to fly.  I said it’s really easy.  “Just follow me.”   I swooped down and could just easily fly.    Then all of my friends started following me as we flew over a lake.

 This dream is similar to the previous one in that the dreamer just needs to act on faith about the metaphor.   Flying in your life means to feel like you can do things exuberantly, freely, lightly, and joyfully.    The key is to believe that you can live life that way now.   There is no internal resistance such as when you have fear.  You get the dream because it is the process you most need in your life at that moment.    The dream says just act in this manner and it will produce marvelous results.     The difficulty with using the law of attraction in our culture is that we often believe that for learning to be very valuable, you need to go through a lot of difficulties.     Difficulties often give you ample opportunity for learning, but they are not the only way to advance.    Attraction is one of the main ways we grow and develop.

Learning through negative dreams is powerful, but so too is attraction.   Consider the difference between a child learning how to use technology versus a 50 year old.    Children learn how to use the technology through the law of attraction because they have no internal resistance to what they are going for.    They don’t feel fear or anxiety or any kind of stress.    A 50 year old often approaches learning how to do something new like technology as if it were a negative dream.   A person might present themselves with all kinds of resistance because of past issues related to learning such as the fear of failure or fear of not understanding.   The resistance slows them down in relationship to children who are learning rapidly without hesitation.        Sometimes attraction is available to you and sometimes it is not.   Negative dreams tell you that you have to work through the resistance before turning to attraction.  Positive dreams tell you that the way is clear.

Positive Dreams Exist Outside of Time

I always like to think of dreams as existing in another world that is both connected to us and separate from us.   In our existence as physical beings we are captive to clock time, which defines itself by the earth’s rotation and its journey around the sun.   As such we have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Time proceeds in a linear direction.   It is sequential.    It helps us from going absolutely crazy because of its predictability and steadiness.    It let’s know that the sun is always going to appear in basically the same place everyday at a certain time for instance.   It would be difficult to plant crops if you couldn’t predict some basic things about the sun.   Something like speech and music make sense because of the predictability of time.   If you didn’t have it, you couldn’t have a beat or have a sequence from one tone to the next.

The dream world does not abide by the rules of time because it does not revolve around the sun or another star.   It exists in its own dimension connected to us and not connected to us at the same time.   It appears sequential and non-sequential simultaneously.   It only really makes sense to us when we can begin to play with the dimensions of time and adjust them.   Positive dreams exist completely out of time.   This means that they have their own sphere and can be inserted anywhere in the time and space of your life to do positive things.

Being able to be playful with time in an essential capability if you want to accelerate change in your life.

When I was a young boy growing up in California, we had black and white television, rotary dial phones, and film based cameras.    Now you can carry all three in your pocket and use them simultaneously.   Nicola Tesla first anticipated using solar cells before the turn of the 20th century.    Over 100 years later facing tremendous environment difficulties, we still haven’t utilized the power of the sun very effectively despite knowing how to do it.    There are some things that are readily accepted and others that are not.   What is the difference?  The difference is our relationship to time.

The biggest difficulties we have in being able implement our positive dreams immediately is our attachment to the present tense.   We would like the now to stay as it is because we have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are.   When there is a material advantage to the present tense, then those who have the advantage do a very interesting thing.    They go out into the future, see that the Nicola Tesla’s ideas are still out there ready to be implemented, get filled with fear that they are going to lose their advantage, and then convince people usually with lies and false data that the alternative better future is extremely dangerous in a harmful way.     Those who are stuck in the material world maintaining their advantage over others are forever cemented to the present tense.  It suits them.    They sneak into the future, see the reality of the future, and then tell lies.    This is why the Equal Rights Amendment was never passed in the United States.   Those with the advantage went out into the future, saw that women would have a fairer share of resources, decision-making, and opportunities, and then made up lies and false images to frighten people about the better future.    It worked.  They were good at doing it.

How do you get out of the present tense and get to the implementation of the positive dream?   Many of us have an equally disturbing problem when we are faced with so many people who have unfair advantages.     We sincerely look at the messes that have been created and then design very interesting and useful solutions that work to solve the current mess, only when we go to implement them, the same group that stopped Nicola Tesla is there alive and well to stop us once again.     You cannot discount the effectiveness of those who have the current advantage.   They do not want things to change because they have played the game by a certain set of rules and ended up a winner.   Despite the fact that their rules leave the great majority of humanity in dire poverty and disease, they want to keep the rules.   You have to wonder.  If a person has made billions and billions of dollars using the rules that give them an unfair advantage and then suddenly get generous in their later years, do you think that they will support projects that put people on equal playing field.    I doubt it.    The solution is to change the rules without them knowing it.   This is how you do it.

You sneak into the future and see the way the world is going to be.    Most of us look into future and get frightened because we see the future through the eyes of those stuck in the attachment to their material advantages.   We see the future as frightening.   When you sneak into the future and see it more positive than you could ever imagine, then it starts belonging to you rather those trying to frighten you from it.    In 1983 a number of us moved to reserve in Alberta, Canada to work in a school in a community that had not had a high school graduate in over 12 years, the attendance rate is school was about 50%, with families where every kind of abuse was going on.    We did one thing that really worked.   We kept telling them that their future was extremely bright and that they would have a positive effect on others.    After only a few years we started getting visitors to the school from all over the globe to see what we were doing right.   Attendance went up to 95%, families started going to treatment in large numbers, and education became a positive value, which led to lots of people going off to university.     We were very sneaky.   We went into the future without telling anyone, saw how amazing it was, and then started telling everyone about it.


How do you know that the future is amazingly bright?    The future is bright and extremely positive because it doesn’t exist in the material realm.    The material realm in the present tense is where the problems all exist.    You are not ADD, ADHD, manic-depressive, schizophrenic, poor, or in debt in the future unless you maintain the vision of it.  The vision of it is actually a projection of someone else’s fears.   When someone else tries to scare you about your future, it is because they want to maintain their advantage over you.   They are like thieves stealing your future because maintaining an unfair advantage is a form of thievery.       Where the material world does not exist there are only positives.   The future is not a part of the material world.  It is a non-material reality.    A negative vision of the future is a projection of fear.     If you could actually go out and live in the future, which you cannot because of being in a material body, then you would find that all that is there are your positive attributes along with everyone else’s.    Fear is the element that holds us back from seeing a positive future in a magnificent way.   Fear also maintains the present from becoming a better present tense.   The future is always extremely bright.  When you believe this, you can use it to your advantage.

How do you get to the positive future to exist in the present tense?    I cannot emphasize enough the truth that negative futures do not exist.   There is only an inability to see how positive the future really is based upon fear that springs forth from the current present tense.    The future is so positive that there is no one on the planet who will ever be able to fully see or imagine it.  We can only ever see a small glimpse of it.   If we can escape from being so attached to our fears and our material advantage, then the future will grow extremely bright.   For instance, in the future cooperation and friendship and equity are so abundant, that they have the capacity to completely rid the present tense of poverty.   The problem is that our fears and dominance keep us from seeing how incredible the future is.   We simply can’t see it.     In the 1960s in the height of the Cold War very few people dared to imagine that one day the Soviet Union and the U.S. would be cooperating harmoniously on space projects.    Cooperation always existed in the future.  It never went away.   What left was the negative conditions between the two countries that now allows them to cooperate.    Before there was fear which created a false image of the future that was never there.   When the fear dissipated, so too did the false image.    And it could be so much greater!!!

We can see it in the dream work when we reconsider the very positive dream that has already been mentioned.   It is here again to refer to it.

I was on a cliff with some friends.  I was just going to teach them how to fly.  I said it’s really easy.  “Just follow me.”   I swooped down and could just easily fly.    Then all of my friends started following me as we flew over a lake.

When you have a positive dream, it is the energy that best suits you right now in your current present tense.    As was mentioned this includes exuberance, freedom, joyfulness, and lightness.    It is as if the dream has traveled out of the future and into your mind and said, “Wow, look at this picture.  Do you not want this in your life?  Come and put this energy into your present. It will make all the difference in your life.”    Exuberance is available.   That is what the dream is saying.

Most people cannot immediately put a dream like this into practice even when the dream is saying to have faith and just do it.    It is not something to beat our heads on the ground over.   We are fearful and we are attached to keeping our advantage.  It is our condition, but the future is as bright as we are willing to make it and is as available in the present as we are capable of bringing it to us.

The material condition always communicates to us in a form of fear that is exactly the opposite of the positive energy.     If we have hard time being free and exuberant, for instance, it is because we cannot let go of the fear of being put down and humiliated.    And if our friends are incapable of flying exuberantly with us, it is because they have the same exact fear.

The present tense contains the fear.   Children are usually better at bringing positive energy into their lives because they do not have a huge history of fear.   I often hear dreams from young boys being a famous sports star in their dream.   The quality that is calling to them is excellence.   When they know that excellence is calling them and their parents also know it, they can then develop excellence by putting them in the right environments with the right teachers where they learn the quality very quickly.  Once it is learned it can become generalized to every part of their lives in a positive way.

2 Comments on “What to Do When You Have a Positive Dream!”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!
    I can’t tell you how important it was for me to read your blog at this moment!
    We have been staying with friends, living in a tent in Cobble Hill, looking for work and a home. The weather is changing, getting cooler, and the free floating anxiety was settling in!
    And yet, every day has been glorious and full of life and lovely surprises–absolutely no reason to feed the fear…many thanks for your valuable words!

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