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Dream Work 7: Living Life As If It Were Already the Future Your True Self Wants

“Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday.” Baha’u’llah The question of inner work is always singular.  How do I get out of the stuck state that I am currently in?  There is large body… Read More

Day 19: Why the Future World is So Unrecognizable to Us

O Thou our Provider! Send down Thine aid, that each one gathered here may become a lighted candle, each one a centre of attraction, each one a summoner to Thy heavenly realms, till at last we make this nether world the mirror… Read More

What to Do When You Have a Positive Dream!

When you have a negative dream, you are being presented with an issue that you have to deal with.    It requires a transformation from your current state to a new one through understanding the nature of the issue, how it functions in… Read More