Dreams and the Business World

What I am  attempting to do here is to demonstrate  the theory and practice of how a business can achieve a great deal of success by being involved in the practice of analyzing the dreams of its members

To completely understand that the dreams of its members will propel a business forward at accelerated rates requires some understanding of what the dream world is.   The most important key is the belief that dreams do not emanate from the brain of the dreamer, but  rather  they pass through the brain during sleep so that the dreamer gets a perfect understanding of the communication that is needed to  his/her life work.   Dreams come from a world that is transcendent of the human brain, a world beyond the limitations of time and space.   The spiritual force from which they arise only ever has one intention,  positive human growth.

When you read and interpret your dreams, you get hooked into a higher energy that desires your accelerated movement forward,  your greater positive achievement.    The energy that creates the dreams that pass through your mind gives you the information that will help you grow at the very fastest rate in cooperation with every other human being on the planet.   Dreams never send messages that are in conflict with others or try to wipe out others or overtake their territory.    Dreams are the ultimate ecology because they allow you to grow in complete union with others rather than in competing to put down others.   The mess that the world is in is largely due to the belief held by opposing groups that it is us against them.   China, for instance, started making some pretty big strides economically when it decided that the West wasn’t as evil as it made it out to be.   Vietnam has done the same.

The second key to business success is to understand that when you transform yourself as a result of the message of a dream, that it affects everyone around you in a very positive manner.   Take this dream for instance, which I heard from a woman in Singapore.   “I was walking along a path when I came upon this two story house.   I looked up and saw a man with a shotgun trying to shoot me.  I had to run for cover.”

If you were a CEO of a company where this woman worked and you wanted to increase your profits,   you could take this dream and make an absolute fortune.    How would do this?  The metaphor in the dream says that when she is on her life path going for where her life is supposed to take her, she is confronted by men who believe that they are higher than women and then try to put them down by criticizing and making them feel low at every step.     Every single study on productivity, creativity, and achievement says that when people are in an environment where they are belittled, criticized often, and treated as inferiors, their productivity and achievement goes down.   There is no dispute on this data,  but a large percentage of companies still practices what the woman in the dream experiences.  They try to shoot their employees down in order to get them to work harder.

When she is uplifted and encouraged in herself and by her supervisors,  she will be much more productive.    And if the business were to take the lesson of uplifting others and use it as a principle of management with everyone in the organization, the production would skyrocket.    Furthermore, if the company would see that everyone is equal and deserves equity, then the profits would not only be increased, but would be shared more equitably.     When there is more equity, then you get a stronger middle class which puts resources and new ideas into the hands of a great many more people.

It doesn’t matter who has the dream in the organization for the dream’s message to affect everyone because in the dream world everyone is equal.    A CEO and cleaning staff are regarded as the same in the worlds of the spirit.   The cleaning staff is just as likely to get a dream that will dramatically affect success as a company executive, probably even more likely.    The wildly held belief about dreams is that they arise from the mind of the dreamer which would suggest that you should only ever listen to the dreams of the most competent and intelligent people, but when you believe that the dreams come from a higher source, it allows you to practice humility and openness, which are great keys to success.

Communism was an ideology that promoted equity whereas capitalism is one that encourages initiative, but when you have equity without initiative or initiative without equity then you get a big mess like the one we are in.    The dream world is capable of solving the mess so that you don’t have people with all of the resources creating laws that favor themselves.   For instance,  what is the difference between paying $100/night or $2000/night in a hotel..   You get a little more space, maybe a little more attention,  and the quality of the furnishing are a little better.    The difference is not that great for the fact that you are basically going to go to sleep and take a shower.

For the most part we have created a business model that places one person in charge who is responsible to the constituent share holders to produce a profit.   Because most  of the responsibility is on one person’s shoulders, it is believed that they should be able to make a 1000 times or more salary benefits than the lowest paid employees.    They are regarded as the highest and best, whereas everyone else is lower and less worthy.    This also gives them the right to criticize and practice methodologies that are completely contrary to the science of management.      I am 100% percent certain that were the organization to analyze and implement the understandings from their dreams that it would clearly indicate that the model should be completely changed.  Furthermore, the new ones would be so much sounder and ensure long-term growth.

The purpose of the dream world is to largely eliminate fear in the world.   The systems we have created in the world are largely based on fear.    One of the common dreams that people have is that they return to a former school where they are going to be given an examination all over again.   No matter what they do, they keep getting the dream.   The dream indicates that the results on their examination were not good enough.   So they have to keep going back to redo the examination.     If you have a system like most places in the world that only allows a very small percentage in at the top,   then most of the people are going to have this fear of not being able to make the grade.   And the ones at the top are always going to be having the pressure to keep achieving.   They will repeatedly dream about falling.     When there is so much inequity and lack of opportunity in a system, then it is built on fear.      In the 1960s in the state of California in the United States anyone could get a higher education for almost free.    Now the amount of debt a person pays to get an education that has no guarantees of anything afterwards is astronomical.    In 1975 I paid $200  for tuition fees for one semester.  The same university now charges nearly $8000.      This is a 4000% increase in 30+ years.    In that same time period housing has gone up only 200%.

Why is there such a gap?    The disparity is fueled by the fear of not making it to the top and the top fearing of falling from its precipice.   We know this because in the same time period the disparity between those who are the top and those who are at the bottom has grown so much.    Consider this. The average major league baseball player’s salary has increased by 6600% since 1975, while the average teacher salary has increased by about 66%.    In 1975 the average baseball player’s salary was only $15,000 higher than the average teacher in one of the higher paid states.   Now it is $2.5 million more.  In England there is a soccer player who makes about $10 million a year who refused to play in a game when called on as a substitute.

Who pays a salary like that for someone who doesn’t even want to play?    Our fears pay it.   We are fearful that our team is not going to make it to the top, not going to be the best so we pay outlandish sums for what we think are the best players.     It is pretty absurd.  What if we just didn’t care about being on top?

If we paid attention to our dreams and what they were leading us to, then our businesses and economic lives would thrive.    If you are interested in this idea,  get a group of colleagues together,  have them send me their dreams, and I will show what business solutions the company needs to take.   The only necessary commitment a company would need is that of implementing the solutions.

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