Super Powers in Dreams

I was in a dangerous situation being chased by armed soldiers trying to kill me.   I am running and hiding with a few other people.  In the middle of the dream I find that I can shrink so that I am barely seen and I can also stop bullets without them penetrating my skin.


My son-in-law has a workout program in which he uses super heroes and their positive qualities while people are doing the exercises in such a manner as to begin inculcated the qualities of super heroes in their lives.    If you are like Spider Man, for instance, you might be meditating about how to have a stronger grip on things in your life.   The program produces some amazing results.


When you have super powers in a dream, you should jump up and down on your bed and yell out really loudly, “YES!!!!!”     The above dream tells me that I can change my size to be almost invisible and I am protected from any type of shooting.    The question is what is the spiritual equivalent in the real world to shrinking and stopping bullets.    And why am I having this dream?


Shrinking means changing size so that you are not seen.   If I were a soldier and I could be unseen and stop bullets, I would be pretty invincible.    Being able to shrink in a positive sense means being able to be as nothing.   Most of the way the world is organized right now is about been seen in a very large way.  The goal is to be famous through recognition.  When you go into countries ruled by dictators, the image of the leader is everywhere.   He wants to be seen and honored by the whole population as if he were a god.   Many of us have the same internal desire and believe that our success and happiness is centered on recognition by others.   We want to be gods.   The only lesson from history that we really know for sure is that dictators have a very short life span.  Being god-like in this world is not a long-term proposition.    When we give into recognition seeking, we might as well dig our grave now because it is going to lead to a big fall.   Just ask Napoleon?


There is a great advantage in regarding yourself as nothing.   The dream wants me to explore it.   It is a super power.     What does it mean to be as nothing?  Being able to shrink means to me that I am able to shrink my ego, my recognition-seeking, my fears and self-consciousness, so that they don’t get in the way when I am trying to accomplish whatever I am doing.    I have the idea often that in order to accomplish anything I have to either have positive recognition from the top or be recognized by everyone in order to have success.   I have the false belief that I have to be on a famous talk show.    It is just so not true.   What is important is to get as far away from recognition seeking as I can possible get, to shrink from it, and then I can do anything.    Consider the story in the Bible of Peter walking on the water.    Whether you regard it as metaphoric or real is not so important.   The lesson is that Peter could walk on water as long as he was not thinking about what he was actually doing.   As soon as his self (ego) came into it, he couldn’t do it anymore.


The other part of the dream is that of stopping bullets.   Bullets are the way that people try to shoot you down largely through harsh words and criticism.    If you cannot deflect the shooting process, everything you do will be shot down.  The problem most of us have with criticism is that we take it in and let it kill us.   When we are shot down, so too go all of our projects.   Being able to deflect bullets means being able to not let harsh words and criticism in.   It is an invaluable super power.


You can get good at developing your super powers by doing the following exercises.


1.  What are the super powers that you have in your dreams?    (flying, running effortlessly, swimming underwater without scuba gear, walking through walls)



2.  What are the spiritual equivalents in the real world for the capacities of the super powers?   (e.g. walking through walls is equivalent to having no limitations whatsoever)


3.  What are the ego problems that go along with the super powers?  How do they manifest themselves in my life? (e.g. with walking through walls as a super power the ego would be seeing others as limiting you or seeing everything as an obstacle.)


4.  Think of yourself with the super powers in the real world.   Repeat several different kinds of images.   Go out and do an activity reminding yourself often that you have the super powers.

90 Comments on “Super Powers in Dreams”

    • Your powers are awesome. Think of the world in two ways, one being destroyed and the other a new civilization appearing and advancing. A lot of the negative behavior like the bizarre extremes of wealth and poverty need to be destroyed while the civilization built on equality and equity need to be raised up. Many CEOs can convince you that they worked hard for their billions like the owner or facebook or microsoft, but it just isn’t true. I am sure that most people have worked equally as hard at what they do, but the world we live in is so characterized by inequity that someone like Bill Gates looks like a super human being. Your gift is first to be able to dispel the myth that he is so great by seeing it and then being able to create situations where there is a lot more equity.

  1. Last time I told you guys I had a dream of me being able to freeze things in my path way before the disney princess came out, this time I had a dream that my friends and I somehow where escaping some sort of magic and one of us had a golden ball of energy and was told to go all the way up into the schools roof and throw that energy ball down as if to shatter it somehow , that happened and then I was reunited with some colleges as of I was in a sort of party for what had happened their where fairies and normal people that had powers like witches but their also where normal friends so I swished some magic and I started to sing and dance but all of a sudden I was then in a room with a costume on with a wand even though I didn’t need the wand we heard something come by our room and we hid under the bed then I was at a gathering with some singers and photographers and some of the people who also wore the costume and had powers I was trying to take a picture with someone but I tried and It never was a good picture until the last one it was better. – I’m not sure what this dream meant but hopefully you can decrypt what this means it’s like if I where a wizard being able to do things I couldnt Ps. Forgot to mention I had the ability to run fast while getting away from whatever it was

    • Dear Annel,
      In this dream you first have to be able to shatter the dark magic before you can get to your really great magic. The dark magic in the world is criticism and saying devious mean things behind people’s back. It is run by the emotion of jealousy. Most of the CEOs and leaders are infected with it in the world unfortunately. Shattering it means two things. One is recognizing when they are using it as a weapon and the other is pointing it out to others. This is the protection. The real magic is when you see someone else’s amazing gifts and then acknowledge them. It is by the far the greatest and most powerful positive magic that I have ever witnessed, but I have had the dark magic used on me on numerous occasions and I can tell you that it is really devastating.

  2. I was also being chased by people trying to capture me. And it wasn’t only me. I had like 3 dreams all connected. I really didn’t have the time to explore my AIR power. It felt like in 30 seconds i woke up.

    • This means that the air power that you are meant to use and have control of designed to do exactly the opposite of what is being done in the dream. Instead of running away you are designed to include people in a positive way to do positive things. You have a great ability to do this, but first you have to get over the fear of being captured.

  3. I had a dream that i could pretty much push pout air from my fingers and from my palms. I could controll it really. If i were to put my hands to my feet and use my AIR power i would fly.

    • Albo, Controlling the air through your hands means controlling the spirit within you. This is a hugely powerful gift because it means that you can get to wherever your spirit would want to take you really easily. It is like you can control the energy that you need to do whatever you want in the real world. Very awesome.

  4. I was in a shop and some guy had some kind of powers. Anyway he said he was going to give me the powers but I wasn’t so keen on having them. He turned to me and literally closed his eyes, tensed and said I had the powers. I was eager and asked what I could do with these powers. He said you can make anything appear with a wave of your hand when you close your eyes and think it in your mind. I instantly tried it and it didn’t really work ? I’ve been having alot of dreams meaning things. I also had a dream a few weeks back in which an eagle landed on my shoulder but I was uncomfortable with it and tried to get it off. It remained there and I got used to it, almost like it was trying to tell me something? A week or so later, I dreamt about looking in the mirror and my eyes turning bright orange with really small pupils, it was quite scary but I was intrugued. Please help me out and tell me what they mean lol.

    • This is a response to Milla’s dream,
      The first dream means that you cannot go shopping around for powers. They come from the inside out not the outside in. The second dream is about what your true powers are which is that of an eagle. An eagle has vision and can zoom in on a target and go for it. You can go back to this dream and ask the eagle what it wants you to start doing in your life. The third dream is the negative aspect of your self that is opposite of eagle eyes. You probably have a tendency to focus on things too close to your face and not practice your long term vision. That is what you need now. Long term vision.

  5. I had a dream of me running real fast! Like so fast lightning came out of me I was fighting in a futuristic place I ran up to a mirror and I just looked at my self I had blue lightning around my body

    • Marco, Running really fast in a dream means you are able to get to where you really want to go like getting to a vision or a specific goal really quickly. Lightning is equivalent to enthusiasm or excitement. This means that when you have a positive vision you are capable of getting to it quickly and having a lot of enthusiasm for it. The key is to be future oriented in a positive way and conquering all of your internal/external enemies along the way.

  6. Hi DH, Controlling the weather has a lot to do with being able to affect relationships in positive ways. Cooler means being more distant while warmer means getting closer.

  7. I just had a dream that I had full control of weather elements. If I said “Ice” there area my hands moved turned to ice. At the same time I could look in a distance (clear line of sight) and say “Dry, humid, and raining” and that area became just that.

    Kind of freaked me out

  8. I had a dream where I was a warrior and in a fight in an abandoned house, I killed a man. Cut him in half. There was this another person, a girl, who was present at the scene. I do not kill her and she requests me to forgive the others whom I have killed. I do and magically they come back to life. Since then, I get the powers of Super Speed (SUPER speed). And somehow, I get to know that the girl had magical powers. I take all of them to my castle and give them a good place to live in. The girl and I started developing a liking towards each other and suddenly some armed assassins attack on us. The dream, immediately, shifted to a modern era from an ancient era. I use my powers and knock every singe assassin out. I never kill them, just knock them out. And the girl is just there. Present at all times. And as soon as I am done with the assassins, I look at the girl and it feels like that is the last time I’ll ever see her again and suddenly I am in a train to Japan, with my family and the girl is not there. I have forgotten that a moment ago I had a power like super speed. We get off the station and enter into Japan. (I always wanted to go to Japan. I just love Japan)
    As soon as I step on to the Japanese Land, I scream FINALLY!
    And then my family laughs and we start walking through the streets and enjoy the resplendent markets and crowd.
    Suddenly I get a feel that I need to wake up and the next moment, I do.

    I hope this has a significance with reality because I really love travelling and I really want to go to Japan and that Girl… Mysterious.

    • The first thing that you do in the dream that is really positive is to have the virtue of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the thing that allows your relationships with other people to bloom. The girl with magical powers is actually the quality in you of forgiveness. Forgiveness appears feminine because it is a softer quality that yields great power.

      It is as if you can defeat others, but when you have forgiveness then you get your true magical power which is getting to where you want to go with speed. Speed in a dream means getting somewhere like to a goal really quickly. The best way to do this is through repeatedly visualizing a goal and then acting on it each day.

      Japan represents a goal of yours that is dear to you. Whether or not you get to Japan is not the really important thing even though you will no doubt make this goal. The super power is to be able to get to where your heart desires to go.

  9. I dreamed that I had the power to control time to either speed it up or slow it down and run at very rapid speed with no effort also very good fighting skills.

    • Esmy, When you can control time, it means that you can spend a great deal of time on something without losing focus. This allows you to get to accomplishing things much faster than others. Concentrating on something for a long time slows down time. Also fighting skills depend on slowing down time because you can focus on what the other person is doing kind of like in the Sherlock Holmes movie.

    • Selma, When you have this super power, it means that you can make light work out of what seems to be a very heavy job. It means that you are able to get an idea of what you want and move to it really quickly. The key is having the vision of what you want to achieve.

  10. I had a dream of the superpowers of creating fire around me and moving in high speed at the same time, and being invisible.

    • This dream shows that you have three internal capacities that if you use them, will do a lot of positive things in the world. The first ability is the ability to be invisible. This means that you can act in any situation without requiring any recognition from anyone. It is actually the most powerful of the 3 because it allows you to go into the worst places or most difficult situations and change them because you don’t need someone telling you how wonderful you did. The second is that you are capable of moving at high speed which means that when you have an idea in mind, you can go to its implementation and positive results really quickly. You don’t have to waste time thinking about things for a long time. You can move with things. The third with fire means that you can get people fired up or motivated or inspired. When you think about these abilities, you can really be a positive force of change in the world.

  11. The super powers in your dream mean that the abilities that they represent in real life are inherited from your family. That is why other members have similar ones. Invisibility means that you are capable of doing things without being seen and super speed means that you can get somewhere really quickly. In the dream you save your sister and prevent the magic ball from causing difficulties. This is positive which shows you have the quality of caring for others especially your family, but you can also use the capacities in other positive ways.

    Invisibility, as inner as opposed to an outer quality, is extremely rare in the world because most people need to be seen by others. What does this mean? It means that you are capable of doing things and going to places where others won’t go because you have the ability to not need recognition for what you are doing. Recognition seeking is a big ego thing in the world today. People play all kinds of recognition games like “Look at Me, I am so Beautiful” or “Look at Me, I am so Funny” or “Look at Me, I am so Rich”. You have the ability to not have to do that and that is what gives you a super power of invisibility. When you learn how to use it in a positive way, you can go to remote places where no one else will go because of the conditions and do incredible things. Since this is one of my super powers, I can tell you that it is pretty awesome. It helps me when I am in really poverty-stricken areas to not feel overcome by the poverty, but just to be able to act with whatever I want to accomplish.

    The other ability you have is the ability to go at super speed. This means that when you have an idea or goal or project, you can implement it right away with no delays. This is how you save your sister and deal with the magic ball. There is no delay. You just act quickly and move. This also has to do with not needing other’s recognition or approval. Most people delay what they do because they worry or seek too much approval. You can just act and that super speeds getting to where you want to do.

    Good luck with your amazing life. Telekinesis on the part of your sister has to do with organizing for a task. This is what your sister can do. Like your abilities they require letting go of the ego for them to work.

  12. For 2 days in a row I have had the same dream super powers and my family my dad had super speed and super strengyh, my mom was super smart ad she could fly, my sister and I had telepathy , she had telekinesis too, I could become invisible I have super speed and telekinesis but for my little sister (I have 2 sisters) I doing really understand why she wasnt a big part of the dream but here It goes. There was this dangourous magic ball and I was suppose to keep it due to me have superspeed and invbisiblity at once but I wasn’t allowed to touch it and I had to make a choice save my sister for being hurt by 2 other people or grab the ball and find a safe spot and of course I saved my sister and I got the ball at the same time and I have no idea how it was like I teleported with superspeed and I woke up and I just got on here and read that I had that dream because I was self confident and I believed

    • Lamarcus,
      It is so great that you had this dream. When you have a dream about a super power like the Flash, it means that you have the great capacity, whether it is realized or not, to get to where you want to go in life very quickly. I particularly love this quality because it is one of the ones I seemed to have been blessed with also. The advantage is, for instance, that when you organize an event you will be able to get great results right away, faster than other people. It also lets you go to new places and try on new activities because with your “Flash” ability you are just so able to get to the positives quickly.

  13. The super power I have been having in my dream is the same as Spider-Man, and I’ve had it for 3 days in a row now

    • Spider-Man uses his web making ability to entrap the injustice in the world. Luke, I hope that you have a long and successful career at entrapping justice because there is an awful lot of it in the world. Ultimately spider-man’s power is in his ability to make connections from one thing to another until he entraps the criminal so the key mental process you need is how to make connections, how one thing is connected to another.

  14. I always have dreams about me flying and being able to control ice and protecting others from the government that was just like me.

    • In this dream flying means being able to have a lot of freedom to get where you want to go. If you are using ice to help protect people from the government, Its purpose is to facilitate flying toward positive things. Sometimes (much of the time) governments do things for self serving purposes or to give an advantage to certain groups of people which make it harder for others to do what they want. When you control ice, you are in a sense detaching yourself from the way government operates.

  15. Caitlyn
    When you think in terms of metaphor, then you can find the meaning of your super power and just do it. If you have the real life super power of physically being able to move things with a touch, that would be great, but it isn’t nearly as powerful as the metaphoric power.

    When you use your finger to get things to move, it means that you are giving direction to energy so that things can happen. You can imagine that the world is full of endless energy, but it needs positive direction. As soon as you give the direction, then all of that energy can be utilized to get things accomplished. You have the “touch”.

    You can use it with yourself or with others. If you use it with others, you also need a lot of courtesy and gentleness, because people will automatically do what you want them to do. It is a special energy that you have. Most people don’t have it so don’t be surprised when others cannot get people to do things very easily like you.

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