Dreams of Being Chased

You can be chased by almost anything in a dream because the dream world is extremely creative in its effort to give you the most perfectly delivered message about the fear you are facing.     The main reason for having a chasing dream is to let you know that the ineffective coping strategy that you are using in dealing with your fear is  running away from it.

The first thing to do when you have awoken from a dream about being chased is to identify the thing you are running from because it gives you the clue about what your fear is.    Since dreams are written in metaphor,   the metaphor will appear in its negative aspect.   A dream symbol can have either a positive or negative value to it.   For instance, water when it is calm and warm on a nice beach is a positive symbol, but water as a tsunami is a negative one.     A lion can be positive courage when it is positive, but it is represents the fear of being attacked viciously when it is negative.     The reason that you can have positive and negative value is because we  all have a dual nature.   A part of us  ego, which acts in selfish and fearful ways, while the other part, our true self, acts from the very best of ourselves like from our generosity, courage, or determination.

You dream a chase dream when you need to get the positive aspect of the negative symbol happening in your life.    For instance,  suppose you are  running away from Godzilla.   Godzilla is a really great symbol because he or she is definitely out to get you in a  huge and powerful manner.      Usually when you have this kind of dream, you wake up immediately.     The reason that you wake up is because the fear wants you to wake up in your life and pay attention.

Godzilla represents a big negative force in your life that has a lot of power usually in a leadership position.   It is hard to imagine a positive aspect of Godzilla because when leaders become like Godzilla, their true selves are completely covered.  You cannot find the positive self in the leader because it is gone.   It might have been there at one time,  but when the dark side has taken over the leader appears in Godzilla form.  This lets you know that the fearful person has no conscience nor morality.   It is quite understandable to run away from a Godzilla figure in your life because they are very destructive.

The goal of the dream is to get you to be a massively positive force to better the world.    You have a lot of choice about assuming the opposite metaphor to Godzilla which is positive because Godzilla has no true self showing.    I would chose something like being a massive flock of small birds.     When you are facing Godzilla, you are terrorized because you are human and usually on the ground running.  You are no match for his power.    This is what happens when you are up against an enormously negative leader with no true self.  You are no match for this type of leader because they don’t mind stomping all over you and destroying you.   Their sense of decency and morality have disappeared.  They are completely ego-based and are good at it.

Companies that have done hostile take-overs are Godzilla-like.   They only ever think of themselves, not the consequences of their actions on the lives of others.  The best thing to do when Godzilla is around to get up in the air and look for lots of positive things to do in another location.    This is not running away, but it is taking a realistic look at the size of the ego, becoming detached from it, and finding a place where that kind of ego is not so present.

If you are being chased by a bear,  then the dream is giving you a clue about the quality you need.   A bear’s negative and positive aspects are the same.   A bear has lots of strength.  Strength is a quality you can use either positively for the benefit of others or negatively to use force or power to get your own ego will done.   When you are being chased by a bear,  the key is always first to wake up in your life.   When you wake up, you say I really need to become a positive bear, a person with a great deal of positive strength.    Strength allows you to do take on difficult obstacles and overcome them in pursuit of a positive goal.

Godzilla shows you that you need to fly away to a new location where positive action is more easily done, but a bear dream is about staying where you are and facing the really difficult obstacles.     It is a very important distinction because the current reality of the modern world is still populated by Godzilla-type people, not by bears.    With leaders who are bears like those who are overbearing,  they give way and can become cooperative partners when you develop your own strength,  but Godzilla-types only step up the attacks when you become stronger.

Running away is a behavior that you use to cope in the immediate present.   How we run away is varied like the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, or entertainment, for instance.    The running can become an addiction unto itself which is something you have to definitely watch out for because if you are addicted to running, you won’t do the work to develop the positive quality the dream is demanding from you.    If you develop the quality, your life goes into a positive equilibrium where action is possible and coping is unnecessary.    Without the quality, you only have coping as an option.  For instance, if you are being chased by a lion, it means that you are afraid of being attacked by someone is aggressive,   but if you develop your own courage, they actually begin to become friends and co-partners.

When you are being chased by an unknown assailant,   then the first thing that should pop into your mind is that the negative thing chasing me is cultural in origin.    Cultural fears are those negative aspects of our psyche that we learn from growing up in a particular culture.    The assailant in the dream is unknown because we learn culture in an unconscious way.    For instance, North Americans would have this type of dream because greed is so seen as a positive quality that they don’t recognize it when they are being attacked by people who are greedy.   The big heroes in North American culture in the past few decades are people who have amassed huge fortunes often at the expense of others.

The way you overcome a cultural dream where you are being assaulted by someone unknown, is to stop, wake up, and ask yourself what is the negative cultural quality that is assaulting me.   When North Americans are at their best, they have a great deal of generosity and community service,  but when the ego takes over, they are filled with greed and theft.

If you are in an emerging culture where there is yet a lot of poverty,  the quality that is most prevalent in a negative way is jealousy.    In those cultures there are a lot of snake dreams.    Snakes that are poisonous represent jealousy, but the positive side of snakes includes such qualities as humility, detachment, and transformation which are key qualities for rapid growth.



1.  Wake up from a chasing dream and identify the negative energy you are running from in your life.   The dream symbol is the clue.

2.  Take steps to develop the new quality and begin implementing it immediately in your life in a positive way.  This will change your habitual pattern from running to going forward in a positive direction.

3.  Avoid people who do not have a conscience.

44 Comments on “Dreams of Being Chased”

  1. I had a dream a lion was chasing a bear through a field. Unfortunately the bear was running right towards me and I had to run before he saw me. As I ran towards a house he spotted me. He started running at me at a great speed. I got in the house just in time. Dont know what became of the lion. Was too afraid to see if he was still there outside the house and woke up.

    • Dear Tim,
      A bear is a symbol of power. When it is positive it means that you are exhibiting empowerment, which is the ability to use your capacities and strength to get things done. When you are being chased by a bear like in your dream it means that someone is trying to use their power to get to you. The lion, in this case, is a symbol of an aggressive force that is driving the bear to use its power in a negative way. This often happens when a middle manager is being forced to do something from a higher source and then takes it out on others. You get to your house, your self, before the bear gets you, which means that you are done in the use of power, but it leaves you in a state of fear. When you let go of the fear, you can do the dream backwards in a positive way. You sense your true self, who you are, use your abilities to empower yourself to get things done (like a bear) and then go aggressively and courageously (like a lion) for your objectives. The fear in the dream is a result of lion and bear energy used in the wrong way.

  2. I had a dream about me in my house with some other people. Then some girls started having sex and the other people around me were trying to hide and see them without the girls noticing. Then the ground shook, I ran out the front and saw Godzilla standing like a 1km high with a laser coming out of his mouth. He isn’t destroying much and I only glance at him for a second. I run the other direction, my suburban street turns into a dirt country road as I run and there are some of the people from the house and some dirty looking guys running with me. They eventually try to stop me running like blocking themselves in front of me, trying to tackle me or hit me with flying projectiles (i don’t remember). I dodge their attacks and run in front of them and then I wake up because I didn’t want to sleep in forever. It could have been a lucid dream; I think I imagined Godzilla and the girls fucking, and I woke up myself. Oh well, it was interesting

    • Dear Bone Hurting Juice,
      The basic thing about this dream is that if you get caught by the girls seeing you, then you blow up the consequence as if Godzilla is going to be chasing you and you are going to be stopped by some ruffians. Instead of looking you need to be getting closer to the girls. You seem to have some fear of interacting with them so you watch and blow up your fears. You have to get over the fear and just start interacting. The key with girls is to pay a lot of attention to them and talk often.

  3. Hello,at least once or twice a month for the as long as I can remember I have been having dreams about Godzilla destroying big city.I am always running away in these dreams by myself or with a group of people.These dreams terrify me because in reality I’m also afraid of big things like: ships,big monuments,airplanes etc.The other dream that constantly occurred in me facing a cunami waves.Please explain if it’s normal to have these dreames and how to stop them.thank you

    • When you have dreams of Godzilla or big waves, it means that you are fearful that a big force outside of yourself like a powerful leader or the negative culture is going to overrun you and others. The first question you can ask is who is Godzilla or what is the tsunami? Godzilla is usually a really negative person, the tsunami is usually like a lot of criticism.

      To solve the dream you can be a really positive force inside of yourself like a tsunami that does positive acts. Godzillas, as negative as they are in the real world, only ever last for a short time, but when you do positive acts, their effects are very long lasting. The more positive you are involved the more the fear will go away and then less likely you are to have the dreams.
      Don’t worry if the dreams stay for awhile. It will take awhile before you change from fear to confidence with the positive.

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