Dreams of Being Chased

You can be chased by almost anything in a dream because the dream world is extremely creative in its effort to give you the most perfectly delivered message about the fear you are facing.     The main reason for having a chasing dream is to let you know that the ineffective coping strategy that you are using in dealing with your fear is  running away from it.

The first thing to do when you have awoken from a dream about being chased is to identify the thing you are running from because it gives you the clue about what your fear is.    Since dreams are written in metaphor,   the metaphor will appear in its negative aspect.   A dream symbol can have either a positive or negative value to it.   For instance, water when it is calm and warm on a nice beach is a positive symbol, but water as a tsunami is a negative one.     A lion can be positive courage when it is positive, but it is represents the fear of being attacked viciously when it is negative.     The reason that you can have positive and negative value is because we  all have a dual nature.   A part of us  ego, which acts in selfish and fearful ways, while the other part, our true self, acts from the very best of ourselves like from our generosity, courage, or determination.

You dream a chase dream when you need to get the positive aspect of the negative symbol happening in your life.    For instance,  suppose you are  running away from Godzilla.   Godzilla is a really great symbol because he or she is definitely out to get you in a  huge and powerful manner.      Usually when you have this kind of dream, you wake up immediately.     The reason that you wake up is because the fear wants you to wake up in your life and pay attention.

Godzilla represents a big negative force in your life that has a lot of power usually in a leadership position.   It is hard to imagine a positive aspect of Godzilla because when leaders become like Godzilla, their true selves are completely covered.  You cannot find the positive self in the leader because it is gone.   It might have been there at one time,  but when the dark side has taken over the leader appears in Godzilla form.  This lets you know that the fearful person has no conscience nor morality.   It is quite understandable to run away from a Godzilla figure in your life because they are very destructive.

The goal of the dream is to get you to be a massively positive force to better the world.    You have a lot of choice about assuming the opposite metaphor to Godzilla which is positive because Godzilla has no true self showing.    I would chose something like being a massive flock of small birds.     When you are facing Godzilla, you are terrorized because you are human and usually on the ground running.  You are no match for his power.    This is what happens when you are up against an enormously negative leader with no true self.  You are no match for this type of leader because they don’t mind stomping all over you and destroying you.   Their sense of decency and morality have disappeared.  They are completely ego-based and are good at it.

Companies that have done hostile take-overs are Godzilla-like.   They only ever think of themselves, not the consequences of their actions on the lives of others.  The best thing to do when Godzilla is around to get up in the air and look for lots of positive things to do in another location.    This is not running away, but it is taking a realistic look at the size of the ego, becoming detached from it, and finding a place where that kind of ego is not so present.

If you are being chased by a bear,  then the dream is giving you a clue about the quality you need.   A bear’s negative and positive aspects are the same.   A bear has lots of strength.  Strength is a quality you can use either positively for the benefit of others or negatively to use force or power to get your own ego will done.   When you are being chased by a bear,  the key is always first to wake up in your life.   When you wake up, you say I really need to become a positive bear, a person with a great deal of positive strength.    Strength allows you to do take on difficult obstacles and overcome them in pursuit of a positive goal.

Godzilla shows you that you need to fly away to a new location where positive action is more easily done, but a bear dream is about staying where you are and facing the really difficult obstacles.     It is a very important distinction because the current reality of the modern world is still populated by Godzilla-type people, not by bears.    With leaders who are bears like those who are overbearing,  they give way and can become cooperative partners when you develop your own strength,  but Godzilla-types only step up the attacks when you become stronger.

Running away is a behavior that you use to cope in the immediate present.   How we run away is varied like the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, or entertainment, for instance.    The running can become an addiction unto itself which is something you have to definitely watch out for because if you are addicted to running, you won’t do the work to develop the positive quality the dream is demanding from you.    If you develop the quality, your life goes into a positive equilibrium where action is possible and coping is unnecessary.    Without the quality, you only have coping as an option.  For instance, if you are being chased by a lion, it means that you are afraid of being attacked by someone is aggressive,   but if you develop your own courage, they actually begin to become friends and co-partners.

When you are being chased by an unknown assailant,   then the first thing that should pop into your mind is that the negative thing chasing me is cultural in origin.    Cultural fears are those negative aspects of our psyche that we learn from growing up in a particular culture.    The assailant in the dream is unknown because we learn culture in an unconscious way.    For instance, North Americans would have this type of dream because greed is so seen as a positive quality that they don’t recognize it when they are being attacked by people who are greedy.   The big heroes in North American culture in the past few decades are people who have amassed huge fortunes often at the expense of others.

The way you overcome a cultural dream where you are being assaulted by someone unknown, is to stop, wake up, and ask yourself what is the negative cultural quality that is assaulting me.   When North Americans are at their best, they have a great deal of generosity and community service,  but when the ego takes over, they are filled with greed and theft.

If you are in an emerging culture where there is yet a lot of poverty,  the quality that is most prevalent in a negative way is jealousy.    In those cultures there are a lot of snake dreams.    Snakes that are poisonous represent jealousy, but the positive side of snakes includes such qualities as humility, detachment, and transformation which are key qualities for rapid growth.



1.  Wake up from a chasing dream and identify the negative energy you are running from in your life.   The dream symbol is the clue.

2.  Take steps to develop the new quality and begin implementing it immediately in your life in a positive way.  This will change your habitual pattern from running to going forward in a positive direction.

3.  Avoid people who do not have a conscience.

44 Comments on “Dreams of Being Chased”

  1. *correction to my above comment…The man got into his truck to escape from the lion, not the elephant. And at this point the man was Ceaser Milan, the dog trainer on tv. Thank you.

  2. Hello, last night I awoke from a very vivid dream. At the end of my driveway I was standing and a man walked by with 3 baby elephants. I was very happy to see the elephants and started playing with one. This baby elephant gently lied on its side and let me pet it. Suddenly a large lion was next to us and roared a deep and threatening roar. The man got into his truck to escape from the elephant. And I got into the truck in the back seat and shut the door. We drove and the lion chased us. We were not driving fast enough so the lion was gaining on us and I actually felt the lions claws on my head somehow. I told the man to get on the thruway so we could drive faster. And then I woke up quite scared. What do you think?

    • Hi Karen, So in this dream you are playing with 3 baby elephants. This means that you are playing with the quality of developing strength because elephants are symbols of great strength. The fact that they are young and they are animals means that you are the beginning of the process of developing this in yourself. It is wonderful quality because it allows to stay and finish whatever you begin and face difficulties in life without being very phased. The problem is that when you were first developing this in your life, you were somehow attacked by viciousness probably by a mean person. This caused you to try to get away from the viciousness and the person was so bad that even Cesar Milan couldn’t tame it. Now you are being asked to play with the quality again inside to develop it, but your mind has an association of being chased by a vicious person. When you are overcoming this type of fear, you are actually disconnecting the fear. Even though things are probably safe for you, the part of you that runs the fleeing pattern doesn’t know that it is safe and doesn’t have any new patterns.

      So you probably need some help in disconnecting the fear and then moving forward in the direction of the inner strength. When you can do this, it will be amazing for your life. You can contact me if you want some help in this area.

  3. Hi Carol,
    What you are already doing is fantastic. It has brought you a long way. I see that what I wrote may have been a bit confusing. What I am saying is that if you had not ever had the abusive situations in your life, you would have had a vision that was extremely positive. Now that vision is wanting to come out. The trouble is that Godzilla is still in your head preventing it. It is not an overly difficult procedure to do to get her out of there and replace her with positive voices, but usually it helps to have someone else take you through it.

    Here is what you do. Try it. If it doesn’t work, you can set up an appointment with me on Skype and then I will can work you through it. You can see the site for the fees.

    Start by imagining yourself hearing the negative abusive kinds of voices from the past. They will probably be stronger in one ear than the other but it could be like right in your face which would mean that you had a visual as well as auditory presence. Then ask yourself a few defining questions about the voice. It is it the volume, the tone, or the quantity of abusive comments that get to you? Probably it will be volume and quantity. Then as you are hearing the abuse, locate in your body where you feel the most stress. This will indicate some of the aspects that want to open up with you.

    After you do that, put the voice aside as well as the stress. Then choose a voice from someone that is exactly the opposite from the Godzilla person’s voices. This will probably register as very supportive and encouraging. Make sure you get the quality of the voice. As you listen to the voice notice what happens to your body. You should find some positive sensations in the parts that were stressed. You should also be able to see positive kinds of visions.

    Then put that voice aside.

    Next, start with the negative voice in whatever ear it locates and as you do it turn down the volume adn as you turn down the volume, then turn on the volume of the positive voice until it is the only one left in your head.

    What you are trying to do is to get the positive voice to be the major one in your head, not the negative. So you can repeat this procedure a number of times until you feel like the encouraging voice is the strong one. When you do this, the visions of positive possibilities will begin to open to you. Then you can start going for them.

    Sometimes the negative voices are too much to handle because the trauma is too great. I don’t think that would be your case because you have already done a lot of work. Nonetheless, if you feel it happening, pull out of it and just walk around and start saying positive things to yourself.

    If it seems to overwhelming to do the procedure, I can have a session or two with you. A lot of people that I work with have these kind of negative voices in their head from the past running their lives.

    Hope this is helpful for you. Let me know. You can write to me at my email also. dreamsforpeace@gmail.com.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your insight! While much of it resonates with me, I’m not sure that I completely understand what you’re saying. Especially the part about the “live out the vision of your life that you would have had had you not had the vision”…I’m not sure what this means, what vision or visions are we talking about? Does this mean the vision of hearing only positive things about myself? If so, I would agree…I am astonished at how much other people’s opinions and judgments about me still affect me, after all these years of trying not to care what others think. I’m going to turn 54 at the beginning of next month, and it still amazes me how much baggage I’m still carrying around that holds me back. While I feel (and I know) I have let go of a lot through the years, and I consider myself to be more connected with love than I have ever been before (overall), it sometimes exhausts me that there seems to be so much more letting go or other inner work to do, ha ha.

    A lot of what has helped me grow is the Law of Attraction ideology, and Ho’oponopono practice. I am constantly turning my negatives into positives, or, at least, when I am able to do so. I am a pretty conscious person about this kind of stuff, as it all so fascinates me, this idea of us being spiritual beings having a human experience, a physical experience. So, any more clarity you may have to offer along these lines of turning verbal negatives into verbal positives is very much appreciated! Thank you so much for this connection and support.

  5. Thank you very much for this information. I have had dreams of running away from fearful things on and off all my life. When I was a kid, I used to have recurring dreams about giant tsunami waves about to consume me, sharks chasing me, and tornadoes threatening to blow me away…while those lasted into my young adult years, they eventually faded away.

    One dream I used to get repeatedly, sometimes several times a night, was one in which some dark, formless black-hole type of monster was after me…I would keep running away, but it kept finding me…it always felt like if I tried to fight it, I would most definitely lose, and it represented everything deeply evil to me, like I would get sucked into that evil and never find my way out.

    Well, when I was going through some really bad health problems in my mid-late 20’s, I was exhausted most of the time. I remember having this dream one night during that time and I found myself just too tired to fight or care…so I just had this sense of “giving in” and just standing there to let the monster devour me or do whatever it was it had been wanting to do all these years. And the formless shape took form and slowly metamorphized into my mother! And all fear and evil just melted away, I finally understood what I had been running from. My mother had kind of lost it for a while when I was very young and used to abuse me verbally and sometimes, physically. And back in those days, this was just not addressed by anyone. So I had deep insecurities about being loved, etc. But after “facing” the monster instead of running from it, I never had that dream again.

    Now I find myself these last 3 years having major insomnia problems, not getting deep enough sleep, not having much REM sleep, etc. And these issues are finally getting addressed, and I recently started getting better and deeper sleep. And I’ve been having this recurring dream about Godzilla chasing me…he’s actually targeted on me, and will not stop chasing me until he gets me. I do all kinds of creative things to hide in the dream, but he finds me pretty quickly, so there’s a lot of running away from him, trying to hide from him, and a sense of getting exhausted. Sometimes throughout the dream, I have a feeling I just want to give up and let him eat me…but at the last second, I get up and run again.

    Now I have had major stressors in my life most of my adult life, but especially these last 3 years…my husband got hurt and I was his caregiver without much outside help for the better part of the last 2 years. We also moved back to live with my mom this year, to help care for her as she has dementia. And, as stated, I’ve been dealing with some health problems caused by lack of deep sleep for some time now. I kinda have this feeling that this Godzilla dream is representing some old dynamics, even from past lives. I have felt that being here with my mom who can’t remember much of anything is an opportunity for us both to heal from the trauma she incurred with the abuse when I was so young…because my heart seemed quite closed to her all these years, until she started being more vulnerable herself. I had finally found some deeper ways to really forgive her for the past over this last several years, but I’m wondering if I’ve forgiven myself, yet.

    It’s like there’s something really fearful to me that I’ve been running from my whole life, and while I don’t quite have all the pieces, yet, I do feel that I’m getting closer. I love your idea of flying above the Godzilla figure, to really look at what that part of ego is representing. If you have any insights as you read this, I’d love to hear them. But mainly just wanted to share and also thank you very much for this great dream info, it gave me much food for thought…and more dreams, ha ha. 😀

    • Hi Carol,
      When you have suffered verbal abuse, one the dynamics of it is that no matter what you do, it never seems to stop. This is because of the instability of the abuser and the feeling of power they get from the abuse. It is as if that person were Godzilla. You can forgive your mom, which you have done for the abuse, but still suffer the effects of it. This is because the mind still runs the same patterns even after the forgiveness. Forgiveness allows you to have a relationship with the person despite what they have done to you. You have done an excellent job with forgiveness.
      Forgiveness is not the energy you need right now. What you need is to live out the vision of your life that you would have had had you not had the vision. That is the important thing for you now. So it is like having a vision and a lot of up energy to go for it. When you try to go for the vision, Godzilla appears which inwardly manifests itself as verbal abuse. When you are going to replace it with is hearing positive about yourself no matter what you do versus hearing negative no matter what you do. When you can make the switch, it will be miraculous inside. I have a counseling service that helps with it in the products page if you want to take advantage of it. If not, work on changing the verbal negatives to verbal positives in your mind.

  6. Hello ,

    Thank u , for telling me these , becuase there is a person in my life who is playing games with me , and controling me. And i know that is not normal , and it’s not good for me , and ad the same time its diffcult to let go becuase that person show a diffrence face .I feel like that person is attacking me. Maybe thats why i had a dream about that godzilla and it was so real for me , and i am still affraid , affraid that person is controling me. And what you said is right i can’t not fight it. i have to go another dirrection.

    Thank u so much ,
    You did said everything what is happening in my life right now.


  7. I dreamed that i have being chased by godzilla who was eating all the peoples , first he did’nt wanted to kill me but play with me and make me look ridiculous , all the time i was waiting for he went to sleep to escape from him. But when he was a sleep i was so happy that i forgot to escape , then the morning came and i saw he was almost awake …then i quick escaped but then he was chasing me again but from big distance , i felt a little like the lady in the movie King kong , but only with godzilla and i did’nt understand why he was playing with me . Í was so affraid that he wanted to eat me.

    This dream was so real for me .
    What does it mean?


    • Hi Jenny,
      Godzilla is the symbol for a negative person who uses a lot of power for his own personal interest. He plays with you because, godzilla types get off on the use of power over people. They actually get high on making others look bad and in eliminating them. It is who godzilla is. The solution to godzilla in the dream and in real life is to first realize that no matter how much people talk the person with power issues acting like godzilla, he/she is not going to change. Things only go from really bad to much worse. It is hard to turn godzilla around to a decent person because the addiction to power is so great. In the end he does his own self in, but not until he has done a lot of devastation. The key is to stay away from Godzilla-types and have nothing to do with them. When one is around and in your life, you need to go to a new environment because that one is wrong for you right now. It does no good to fight godzilla because his power is too great.

  8. I recently had a dream about being chased by a bear, but I don’t recognize the “strength” you talked about. Also, it’s important that I mention that I was in my house, and I never actually saw the bear. I was simply hearing it, and I could recognize that it was a bear. Strange

    • The fear that you have in the dream is a negative powerful person is going to overcome you. You are in your house, (in your self in the dream world) then you hear the bear which will make you fearful. What you need to do is to invite positive bear-like energy into your self, into your life. This is what we call empowerment which is the ability to rely on the strengths you have to get things done. We use a lot of words in English to represent this energy like bear with it, forbearance.

  9. I’ve had a couple of dreams about a bear chasing me… the bear never actually gets me, but I can recall the dream with a process of trying to get away from the bear. Its not vicious, but it is coming for me. We always end up separated by a window or door. I am scared in the dream and my heart races and from what I remember I wake up-there isn’t an escape or attack, but the bear is still there. It seems so really and I can’t believe it. I am a big animal lover. I know I have some work to do emotionally..not terrible, but I am always trying to be a better version of myself and like to continue to grow as a person. I have been stressed out and down lately. I wonder what the bear is trying to tell me.

    • Laura,
      Bears in dreams are symbols of empowerment because bears are large animals. see https://dreamsforpeace.wordpress.com/?s=bear+dreams. When you have a fear of a bear it means that you are fearful of an overpowering force usually a negative abusive type person that is coming to get you. You don’t seem to have the experience of having been overpowered, but the just the thought of it, the vision of it, scares you probably because of living in the culture or with people who have been abused by overpowering authority.
      The goal of the dream is to actually become the bear which is to be empowered with your strong abilities. You can imagine what a positive bear would do by sort of going inside a bear and feeling the empowerment. It helps if you remember your greatest skills and abilities and then how you might use them.

      If you would like a couple of sessions to help you through it, I can work with you on Skype. My counseling page of the blog explains the costs and how it works. Most people benefit a lot.

      Think it terms of empowerment, being a positive bear.

  10. Justin,
    This kind of dream usually means that what is chasing in your life is the misuse of power and authority, which seems to be a lot because of the three bears. The fast running cold river has to do with the way the culture operates. The relationships are cold and people are just interested in getting some place in a hurry like the way people try to advance, but have little compassion for others.
    The energy that you need is empowerment inside of yourself and the ability to let go of the cultural expectations and ways. When you do this, you can go on your own path and achieve whatever you go for.

  11. Hello.

    I had a dream that I was walking down a long road and one bear was being chased by another bear in my direction and as I ran they were both heading towards me. I took cover under a bank and when they jumped over the bank I came out and continued walking when another lone bear (a smaller bear than the first two) began to chase me I took cover under a car then woke up. There was also a fast running very cold river to the side of the road.

  12. This article was extremely insightful. I have had re occurring dreams of bears chasing me. The bear seams to hurt people in my dreams but I always seem to get away un touched. It wakes me up and I fell like a victim of my emotions. I need to find a way to fill the emptiness I feel and the fear I have of standing up for myself in situations. Thank you for the information.

    • Empowerment is the ability to achieve what you set out to do by relying on the positive abilities that you already have. It requires that you remember the positive abilities you have, repeat the memories, and do the skills constantly. Then when you have to stand up for yourself it is relatively easy because you know you do good work. The difficult is letting go of the fear so that you can access the memories. When you realize how many abilities you have and repeat them, the fear can subside. The bear usually represents someone who pretends to act big, but really is incompetent.

  13. Kerstin,
    When you dream about a bear, you can immediately think in your mind that your inner self wants to develop the quality of inner strength or inner empowerment. This is because a bear symbolizes strength because of its size and power. When you are running from the bear in a dream, it means that you are trying to get away from someone else’s negative power because somewhere in your past someone has used their power in a negative way toward you. You are trying to run to your house for protection. This means you are trying to run to hide within yourself due to the fear. Your husband cannot hear you because he probably doesn’t understand your fear in real life.

    To develop empowerment or inner strength you first need to make sure that you are safe in real life. Whoever the bear was in the past probably is no longer a threat, but your mind lives its life as if the bear still is a threat. When you need inner strength, the negative bear automatically shows up in your mind and you feel fear. So first you need to just make sure that you are safe from the old bear, then you need to let go of the inner bear you are fearful of so that you can get to the positive strong bear in you.

    Inner strength is developed through the process of having positive memories of what you have just done and then repeating the memories to yourself throughout the day. When you remember the positive actions, you get strong. When you remember the negative ones, you get weak and fearful. So you can let go of the negative and only remember positives.

    At first you can do things you do well and then practice remembering them, but the big key for being a positive bear of strength is to learn new skills and abilities and then remember that once you didn’t have them and now you do. Your true self will want you to develop some new things. That is what is important right now.

    Let me know if you have some other questions.

  14. Hello,

    I dreamed that I was being chased by a bear in our long driveway. I was running as fast as I could when it felt like the road tilted up and became icy, I dug my fingers into the ground to still get ahead and grabbed onto trees (we live in the woods) to pull myself closer to home. I got close to the house and heard my husband come out the backdoor and yelled to him to hold the door open but he didn’t hear me and closed it so I jumped over the garden fence to get to the patio door but I sensed the bear around the side of me and I stopped and grabbed a large piece of wood when suddenly the bear in front of me was not a bear anymore but a woman, she started to talk and I woke up.

    This wasn’t the first time that I dreamed of a bear attacking me, but it was the first time that the bear changed into something else.

    If there is any way you could get me more of an insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,


  15. Janis,
    This is an awesome dream. It is great to dream about animals like this because they are so memorable. Lions are symbols of courage, but when you are faced with a lion like in the dream, it is about being fearful of being attacked. The cats are about independence and having your own mind to be able to have your own thoughts and seeing things for yourself.

    So you have some kind of fear that if you get into a relationship or start relating probably to a man that you are going to be attacked for how you think. So the solution to the lion is to be a lion. So you can actually go back in the dream and get in the lion’s skin and be one.

    One you have this quality, the quality of courage, then you will be say what you think and be in great relationships. You couldn’t ask for more than that in life.

    Since it is animal dream and you have some fear, but not a huge amount, then you need to do work to overcome it. Instead of telling the lion to leave, invite the lion into your self.

    If you want help with it, let me know.

  16. Hello,

    This is the first dream I can remember about a lion. In my dream the lion came in the room out of no where. I was standing in the room by or near a single chair. I saw the lion come in. I was shocked more so but a little afraid. Cause I never seen a lion come in the room towards me like that. It didnt chase me though cause I sort of got away from it. It trotted towards me. I said what the freak is this lion doing in here? Then I said, oh no, this lion has got to get out of here. You’re going to get out of here! It trotted towards be and I hurried behind a chair. I said get to the lion get out of here!! I came from behind the chair and chased it away. It turned around and went away.

    I did notice that there were two small cats in the room. I think that I was protecting (subconsciously) these cats and myself from this huge lion. In any case I was very upset that the lion came in and I felt that I had to chase it away! The lion came back a second time! This time I was standing behind the chair again. It was a regular chair (kitchen). The lion came towards me and I looked at the lion in the face and to me the lion looked very familiar. I chased it away again and told it to get away from me.

    I had two or three dreams that night. After dreaming about the lion. I soon dreamt about living in my old apartment where I saw my former building owner and he said, good morning (positive), then I said good morning to him (positive) and that I was living in my beautiful apartment and happy.

    I had a third dream that same night. But I cant remember anything about it right now.

    If you can help me learn more about these dreams i would be so relieved.

    Thank you,

    J Gibbs

  17. I fully agree with your comment about the “practice (of) the virtue of friendship”. Without clearly thinking about it I find that it is something I have been doing a great deal of. I think in the Faith it is called “the art of encouragement”..I am not sure, but that phrase comes to mind.

    • I believe that if we would have just that one quality in the world, everything would change overnight. Then we would wake up each day and hardly remember that it was the same as the day before.

  18. Verne, the positive side of dog is usually friendship and loyalty which is why they make such good pets. In your case a person who was supposed to exhibit these qualities so that you could be fully in your higher self (the attic) and have positive vision (looking out the window) was the opposite to you so you did the only thing you could, which was to kill the relationship with that person. The reason you would remember the dream now is that when you are like that to others they can be their better selves and make great plans to others. Friendship and loyalty are highly undervalued.

    • Perhaps, also, why I remember the dream is because when you are 7 or so and have that dream on a regular basis for several months it leaves an impression with you. I am not following you in the second to last sentence. However, you are right “friendship and loyalty are highly undervalued”.

      • What I meant was that it is very valuable now in your life to practice the virtue of friendship so that you can help others be who they are and have a great vision in life. I like what you said about 7 year olds. I spend a lot of time around them everyday. They have the ability to really strongly fix memories in their minds at that age.

  19. When I was young I used to be chased by a huge, several stories tall, black dog with huge fangs and I always ran into my house to the attic and look out the window and the dog would look at me and snap and growl. One day I got tired of this and found a huge pole and poked it in the dog and killed it. So, evidently I was able to conquer my fear of something. What do you think?

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