Being Enthusiastic in a Know-It-All World

Enthusiasm is the capacity to feel up about going for a positive end in the future.    It is the energy that keeps you going despite setbacks and challenges.    It is difficult to imagine any enterprise succeeding without a great deal of enthusiasm.

One of the great thieves of enthusiasm is know-it-all energy.  Know-it-all energy is an ego state that believes it knows the truth without ever investigating the new things.    It seems to be more prevalent where people have a vested interest in holding onto current ideas.    Do pharmaceutical companies really want you to know that an alternative lower cost solution has pretty much the same effect as their drug?

When you are going after implementing new ideas,  you can be absolutely certain that the know-it-alls are going to show up because you threaten them.    The difficulty in dealing with them on a personal level is that they generally are not yelling at you in your face.  They are speaking with you with a lot of assurance as if they know and you do not.    It is the assured tone of their voice that rattles you.

What needs to happen in dealing with know-it-alls is to first realize that you have adopted the new ideas because the old ones were not working.  If they were working, you would probably be the first to adopt them.    Internally this means turning off their assured voice.  As soon as the voice is turned off in your head you can instantly return to being enthusiastic by focusing on your positive end.

Try this out when you are trying something new and are up against the know-it-alls.


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