What if God Is a Woman?

Yesterday I was working with a client who had difficulties relating to the God, to the divine world, because she experienced a significant amount of abuse from a father who was very zealous about religion. Her association with God is that God is masculine and extremely judgmental. The first question I asked her was what if God were a woman? Her answer was She would emanate beauty, compassion, being non-judgmental, and wisdom. Try answering the question for yourself. It is so illuminating.

Who is God if She is a Woman?

5 Comments on “What if God Is a Woman?”

  1. I love this photo for this topic.

    As soon as I think about God as a woman tears come to my eyes. It’s not that I had/have a loving mother to emulate … it’s just that suddenly I can imagine the gentle nurturing from a Divine Source and I feel so connected to that.

    • Thanks Rachel ….. I agree it is very warming to be reminded of God’s soft nurturing feminine qualities. Plus it is too easy to get caught up in outer genders. EG females can be still be predominantly masculine, and all males have some feminine qualities. Perhaps a better question would be “What if God was neither a woman nor a man, yet the perfect balance of feminine and masculine qualities ?”

  2. If gender is thought of as an attreibute of God. on a binary scale of – yes and no. and no being masculinity. then would masculinity be the opposite of femininity? Thus if God were female. Then would the opposite of God be the devil/ Thus the devil would be masculine.

    • I actually made a gender-less sculpture of an angel once, after someone told me that angels are female and devils are male ! …… I think there is an overemphasis on the negative qualities of masculinity these days, possibly due to misused patriarchy/historical power abuse. Even some women who have gained leadership, often display aggressive and ruthless qualities, which we may term ‘masculine’, whereas the true masculine qualities are more-so : food and shelter provision/finance, protection, invention/scientific discovery, guidance/discipline etc..

  3. Hmmm ….. it would be disappointing if God were a woman, partly because I am still getting over misogyny /abuse from my mother and my first wife – but mostly because the God I am learning about is so transcendent and mystical that any association with human gender isn’t befitting or reverent. On the other hand – the mundane and mortal – a woman would be one up on an old man in the clouds.

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