Encouraging Yourself: Part 1

One of the main processes we need in our minds if we want to achieve our life’s goals is encouragement. Many of us go searching for encouragement outside of ourselves, but it only ever gives us a temporary lift. The permanent source of encouragement is within one’s self. It is almost exclusively initiated with a positive voice in our heads. If we have an encouraging voice that reminds us of our positive capacities and tells us how capable we are to make goals, then we are long way to achieving a lot. The difficult thing in the current world is that the great majority of people in every culture have grown up in critical and discouraging environments. The voices in our heads, both our own and other’s, are negative and remind us of all the mistakes and inabilities. The voices in most our heads brings us down and then keeps us from living out our destiny. When we eliminate our negative voices and replace them with positive ones, it is as if the whole world of positive possibilities opens right up. In the next post, I will share how to create a positive voice and some of the steps you can follow.

1 Comments on “Encouraging Yourself: Part 1”

  1. I think this follows from your previous posting? I quite agree. Success causes more positive awareness of possiblities to lead to more success. It doesn’t guarantee it, but increases the odds. Blessed are the ones who started their critical years of development with a reasonabllly good nutrition, a reasonably settled home life, and reasonable school conditions. A good start will go a long way to helping provide the will power to overcome future obstacles like negative, self-interested messaging. I have learned alot helping to raise 2 daughters in Japan. All things are never equal or ideal but the foundation for success is more accessible here compared to other places. I am not thinking about the “semi-elite” levels of society, as they can overcome more anywhere in the world, just for the average Joe, and the average daughters and sons of average Joes.

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