The Challenges of Creating Unity: Dream World Perspective

When I wrote my book, Dreams for Peace, in 2004, not many people had the perspective on the dream world that I had. The basis of the book is that the dream world, which is one of the infinite worlds of God, has, as its main function to bring human beings into unity with themselves and in the larger world. If we would do the work that the dreams presented, I reasoned, then we could have peace in the world and unity between people. A lot of people in the last 5-6 years had thought that racial and gender and national prejudice were not big issues anymore, and then the issues blew up so that we could get to a higher level of unity. Had we each paid attention to our dreams and done the work that they presented, we would be much further along as a world community. World peace and unity is a process that is inevitable, but we seem to want to drag our feet and hold onto the old power structures and old ways where one side has the advantage and does not want to give it.

To do the work of the dreams so that we can create a better planet, there are a few essentials. Of course, there are a lot more things to add, but this post is only going to identify some of what I think are the basics.

  1. Take responsibility for your own issues. There are enough corrupt business people and politicians in the world for us to all feel quite justified in placing blame for our current situations on others. It is very popular for one political party to blame the other. Certain media outlets have made a fortune in helping people feel free of responsibility of their own situations in life. They are smart enough to know that placing the blame, usually on liberal thinking, gets a lot of viewers and readers, and then a lot of advertising money. The more the blame from media, the less one has to do the hard work of personal transformation to change the mess they are in financially or inter personally. The reason that taking responsibility is such an amazingly powerful process is that it shifts the locus of control from outside of oneself, to inside. Imagine that you had the power to change your life rather than waiting for the leader of your country or leader of your business or whoever else, like your parents to change. This is the power inherent in taking responsibility.

The first step in taking full responsible for your current situation is to be completely truthful about what you are feeling inside. If your angry at a politician, then you are lying about your inner feelings. You probably have a lot of fear, a truckload of fear. Taking responsibility just means that the fear belongs to you. You may have been abused, thrown out of your country, fired many times, or constantly put down. The fear that comes from it does not belong to the abuser. It belongs to you because you are the one feeling it. Being angry at an outside source is just a way of hiding from it. The wonderful thing about dream work is that it allows you to come face to face with the fears over and over again. They keep coming until you deal with them. In the dream world as in all of the spiritual realms, there is no such a thing as hiding. In the material world you can hide from your issues by placing a lot of blame on others, but in the worlds where time and space do not exist, there is no progress unless one faces the issues head on.

Facing difficult issues can be extremely difficult work especially if you have experienced a lot of trauma. When you take steps forward and find it too difficult, you can go for help to work through things. The point here is that all movement toward having peace and unity in the world starts with people taking responsibility. Hitler convinced his whole country that the problems in the nation were from the Jews and from the other countries in Europe. Everyone but the white Germans were the problem. He took no responsibility so he just created a lot of division. Creating division and blaming others goes hand in hand.

2 Find the positives in others and encouraging their expression: After taking responsibility and working through issues to become united with one self, the next step is to find positives in others. It is pretty difficult to do this step if you haven’t done the first step. If you are angry at immigrants or another race or another gender, it is not going to be easy to find the positives in others and relate to the energy. Finding the positives in others and acknowledging them is such a powerful strategy that it is almost impossible to over emphasize its importance. Here is a simple thing to do when you go to a social gathering. Before you walk into the gathering hang up your judgmental, protective self on a coat rack somewhere. Just leave the protective self out of the social gathering for the time being. It is so not useful. Then go around sensing people’s positive energy, and if you have enough courage tell the person what you admire. If you can do this, it creates a bridge between the two of you and multiplies the amount of positive energy in the gathering. If you find that a person is so negative that you cannot bare to be with them, acknowledge that also (to yourself, not the other), and then just leave that energy. It is not important. The more people that you can acknowledge, the more unity will be created. Unity is a web of connected positive energy that grows in power when it is acknowledged. “I really admire the way you can articulate your thoughts so clearly.” “I admire the way you look after others at a social gathering.” There are endless possibilities.

3. Listen to other non-judgmentally. It is hard to know which of the three strategies has the most power, but I can say that this one is my favorite because when I am using it, it opens up huge interesting worlds inside others. When people say to you, that they have never told anyone what they just told you, then you know you are practicing being non-judgmental. If you feel compelled to offer advice when people tell you things, then you are not fully in the non-judgmental world. In the world of no judgment listening is the king and queen. Loving the act of listening without burning to say something important creates the environment for people to do step one, which is to take responsibility for oneself and one’s issues. If you can learn the art of paraphrasing when people are sharing from deep inside of themselves, then they will know you are with them when they are trying to walk their life’s path.

Take Responsibility- Find the Positive- Listen Non-judgmentally

Your world will change. Unity and Peace will abound.

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