How a Dream Can Help You to Achieve World Peace

As I am writing this post the news of the day is that 12 children have been killed in a Texas elementary school and many more will be casualties of an unnecessary war in the Ukraine. As my small part to achieving world peace I wanted to write more specifically about the process I use in the dream work so that the world becomes a better place. The promise is that if you get the message of the dream and make a transformation in yourself, the world gets that much better. We all want the leaders to do their job, but it is obvious that they are failing miserably when a leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world prefers blood and death over peace and prosperity.

In the dream I am being attacked by every type of vicious, larger than life snakes.

Snakes can attack you in two ways, by injecting venom through fangs or be constricting you like a python. For the sake of this dream we can start with the venomous types. A venomous snake represents people in the environment who use vicious criticism often behind one’s back, to secure an undeserved advantaged for personal gain. The venom that is spread is usually based on a lie, but is told in such a way that others, especially those with authority, believe it. In one particular job that I had the practice was so common that it could be considered institutionalized. If you had ability that was actually beneficial to the work community and used it, you were viewed as a threat. To keep a person with ability from advancing the leaders’ practices included blowing up small mistakes so that they looked huge, and believing what was ever told that was negative about the people with ability. These practices are the venom because the people with authority can use them to weaken positive action toward higher goals.

In most cultures the reaction to venomous leadership is to fight back with criticism or rational proofs to counter the erroneous charges. It simply doesn’t work. Being on the victim side leaves one powerless and depressed. It happened to me often.

What we know from the years of doing dream work is that an animal has two natures in dreams, because human beings have two natures. The dark side of the snakes is what is being manifested in the dream. It creates huge fear, which makes me depressed. The goal is to get to the positive energy of a snake. There are many positives aspects of the snake, but to keep things simple, I am just going to name just one. Snakes have the abilities to shed their skin. In spiritual/emotional turns this is the ability to let go of the negative things that have happened. In this case it means letting go of the vicious attacks. Letting go is not necessarily an easy process to learn. If you are a creative person doing new things and experimenting with new possibilities, then criticism is going to come because mistakes are inevitable. There are thousands of advantage predators looking for an easy kill. When you are competent in letting go, you don’t even hear the vicious criticism. Instead you hear waves of internal encouragement and see positive signs. You are like Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb trying to find the right filament by having a willingness to fail time after time. President Obama used to say that if he had listened to Fox News, he would have thought of himself as the worst person of all time. (He knew how to let go of criticism).

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Most vicious snakes are afraid of the unknowns of the future, afraid to play with possibilities and be creative. They are like Donald Trump’s campaign of Making America Great Again, which is short for let’s go back to the past and pretend everything was so great then so that we can hide from the fear of the future. The point here is that MAGA’s people are going to criticize and attack because they are really good at it. They are not going to the world of possibility and creativity. To deal with them best is to let go of their criticism and attacks. In outer terms it means not engaging in the attacks in any kind of defensive way. Inwardly it means turning the volume of the attacks off while turning on a lot of positive encouragement to go ahead with creativity and innovation.

The dream teaches me that if I am going to be creative and innovative in making the world a better place or as was the case in making classes for students interesting and engaging, then I need to learn how to let go of vicious attacks. When I do so the world changes for all of those students. If I let the vicious attacks stop me, then their world has that much less quality.

The dream recounts the past attacks which had left me fearful and unable to proceed forward in the way I had wished. It gives me a second change to learn a new process and then go forward to make things better. And even when I fail again, the dream world will keep reminding me where I need to change so that I can get to that abundance of creative energy.

Process your dreams and then change the world around you.

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  1. Richard, I have had a different strategy in past snake attacks. I think it’s a good idea to have several conscious tools for strengthening the soul. Ego hurts. I used the past occasions to try to shed some extra ego kilograms. It’s always a painful experience when the snake bites. Particularly the surprising occasions. the length of the recovery time varied. Finally, the memories of such attention by the snake is interesting. I try to view from the 3rd person, but I can’t sustain the detachment. Bottom line is that mental health depends on the spiritual warrior strength to deflect the force away from the vital organs.

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