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  1. I dreamt about my ex. I was still into him and wanted to be back with him. He was in a serious relationship. However, in past relationships he told me that he would leave that person for me if I wanted to get back together so I thought if I wanted him then I could have him. We were at this festival event. We were close and I dont recall if there was any kissing or not but I do recall trying to pursue him again and he stopped me. He told me that I am not his, he is in love and dedicated to his partner and I had my chance. Then I was in an apartment and I had to keep running and hiding to new apartments because something or someone was after me. I do not recall if it was eviction notices or a person, but I was scared about it all.

    • In real life I do not have any lasting love feelings for my ex. I do care about them and their happiness and sometimes think about what could have been if we both worked on out issues instead of walking away from each other but I do not desire a romantic relationship with him.

    • Dear LKK,
      What this dream means is that there is a particular quality that your ex has that you are still attracted to even though you are not attracted to being with him overall. In other words there is something in his character that you would like to have in your own self. Ask yourself what you particularly admire in him that you don’t have yourself. When you work on that quality, it will make your current life really work in a positive ways.

  2. I met a guy but he loves me so much that he never left my side when I was hospitalized. I was cured and about to be discharged but a bomb was dropped near the hospital and I told him I love him so we hugged and kissed. We survived the bombing and got out of the hospital but we have to hide however militaries saw us and he had to show himself and waive to them to show respect. However the militaries saw me and other survivors hiding. Just when we are about to run we saw them come back and had to talk to shop beside the hospital if we could hide and owner said we can. However the militaries saw him and shot him. They saw me but they just called my name then turned their attention back to the guy who was still alive that time. This all happened in one day.

    • Dear Budz Cheryl,
      Sorry for the late reply. Lots happening in my family.

      The best way to think of this dream is that the guy in the dream who helped you get well is the masculine part of yourself that is developing. The masculine part is the part that gives you a lot of strength and/or courage. When you develop inner strength and courage you get well. It is like you had a courageous and supportive man with you all the time. However, when you develop this part of you, then you become a threat to the authoritarian leadership in your life or culture. Authoritarian leaders wants people to be compliant and obedient, not courageous and strong. That is why they are trying to kill the guy. It is like they are trying to kill the courage and strength. When you live in that kind of environment, you need something else besides courage and strength. You also need wisdom because authoritarian leadership has no qualms about getting rid of you.

      So your healing is to develop courage and strength, but your application of the courage and strength in your world requires wisdom.

  3. i had another dream, this one is something that i wanted to do in actual life, i emailed someone from my school that i’ve always wanted to talk to, i told him i’ve seen him a round and that it would be cool if we met up, we did and it was great i cant specially remover but we either became really good friends or more than that. but the weird thing is i told myself in my dream “hm this is exactly how it wanted it to be” which was REALLY weird for me to have a thought to myself inside a dream, i then said to myself dreaming (even though i was awake?!?) “it would be sos tipis if i did this in real life” then it continued as normal and i woke up.

  4. hello. i had a dream where this really nice looking girl was hanging out with me and my friends, she had one of her friends with us, her friend started accusing me of starting rumors about her, i denied it because i didn’t, and as the one girl who was mad at me left, the other nice one said “why didn’t you say you did it” i said “because i didn’t” she then said “you have to say you did, that’s part of being the girls” i said to her aggressively that i wasn’t apart of the girls (as a trans boy) she then told me very aggressively that i wasn’t trans and that it was stupid, now during this yelling part we go from being in a movie theatre like place to all go a sudden a grocery store
    but here the thing, i cried while me and my friends walked in almost this movie theatre like hallway, we open a door to a place that ive been to MANY times in several different dreams on different days, it’s a platform with no rails, on top of a i’m guessing waterfall to stream of water since i’m too nervous i’ll fall, there are tons of people there almost like tourist, it’s VERY foggy but peaceful and fun, it seems i go here every time a dream gets stressful, why? i’m sorry if this is a lot.

    • Dear Francis,
      The key to having very positive relationships with others, which is the issue the dream is bringing up, is to think about it as spiritual process rather than a physical one. Truly intimate or close relationship have absolutely nothing to do with gender. If you want to get close to people, you have to learn the capacities or positive energies that it takes to get there. What you are needing to focus on are things like how you become more loving or compassionate as a human being. Work on your ability to get closer to others rather than following someone else’s mistaken rule book. You can throw out rules and gender. What you need is how to love.

        • The place you go to is stress free. That is where you trying to get to. If you start in a stress-free feeling in yourself, it will be easier to get to the positive space of intimacy.

    i just lost my brother three months after my nana. this dream is about my brother
    here is the dream: (when i say he i am referring to my brother)

    i was on my phone searching for possible autopsy photos of him. but i found a video that was even before the autopsy. he was sitting down on a mattress i believe. but it was on the ground. a man barged in his house and was yelling some things, and he said “no please i’m scared of what he will do to me” to himself. once the man came in the room, the door was off to the right, he came in and faced this was. the camera seemed like it was positioned in his hoodie so just the camera was poking out, because the man didn’t notice it. the man was holding a very large machine gun, it had a strap that was around his shoulder, there was mags on the strap. he said something which i can’t remember and he said “no no no no please no i don’t want to die no please” and that second the machine gun went off,,, and off.. blood spattered everywhere. on a white cabinet behind him too, which wasn’t anywhere in his apartment. he kept shooting. until it stopped. blood spatters were large, his face was drenched with blood. but the camera was unmoved. then, his body, it fell, forward and a bit on the side. so i could see his face. i thought the gun got him at his neck, but his neck was untouched. and due to the amount of shots i would give thought bullets caused his neck to rupture, showing tendons and fat everywhere. but it was clean. there was small spatters of blood on his face. and the camera cut off. i’m pretty sure the man crouched down and either said something or took something off him. the video cut off. reading a description below the video it said the man was a criminal, know for drugs and the rest was unknown. but i saw the video again, just to make sure it was real, and everything was the same, except for the ending. when his body fell his eyes looked up a bit at the man. but his whole neck was ruptured. and when the guy bent down he moved and pulled his head, like a chiropractor would when cracking someone’s neck, and it pulled, and came off. rolled a bit. but it was attached buy a few small tendons that managed to stay intact. the man walked away. and then the video cut off. so i was telling myself that he better die, he better get the death sentence. but when i scrolled down it said all the same information, except it stated he had just recently died.

    background info:
    my brother had a long battle with drugs and mental health. he was afraid of living in his apartment complex because there was two shootings and a stabbing, both people died and nobody was caught. he had just been hospitalized for kidney and liver failure. when they found his body he was in his bed on his side in a pool of blood. like so much it leaked through his mattress, which should not have been possible because the death certificate said no wounds were found. the detective on the case said there would be an autopsy. then he was cremated and we had services. when we received the death certificate it said no autopsy had been performed, no open wounds, and toxicology would be reported in about three months. he made me promise to take his ashes to the black sea, and to visit Greece with him. but due to war and my family is very poor, it’s not an option at the moment. i do have some clairvoyance and practice tarot amount other things, i haven’t done any readings recently though. should i invest in an ouiji board?

    • Dear Fennel,
      What you are trying to do in your life and in the dream in relation to your brother is get to an understanding of what happened to him as if you are a detective. While this may be helpful in many aspects, it seems as though your brother was a victim of the cultural weaknesses he lived in. When a culture has a equity, love, justice and compassion, then people thrive while crime diminishes. This appears to be the path that you need to take, that of love and compassion, as well as being a champion for justice so that the long term health of your culture will improve.

  6. Long time ago I had a dream that goes like this.
    Me, my mom, and my cousin, who is disabled were going through a familiar road to a shop, next to an Orthodox Cathedral (I’m Russian), that has been in long construction for like, a decade now.
    So, my mom and auntie were talking about some, and with an edge of my eye I noticed a UFO flying by. I turned my head to look at it, but tripped on a brick and landed in a pit of gravel. I stood up, and climbed out to see mom, and auntie, talking to one of the aliens.
    I tried walking closer, to understand what is going on, and slipped on a few rocks, falling on my arms next to a truck. This time I walked to them constantly looking under my feet.
    When I walked over to them, I saw that instead of the alien now, they were talking to Nikita Khrushchev, humming some old English song.
    When I tried listening to the lyrics closer, I woke up.

    • Dear Артём,
      In the dream you have a certain amount of curiosity toward being with the aliens, but a difficult time getting to them. This means that you are curious to get to know people who are different than you like from a different culture or background, but you have a difficult time getting to them. When you get closer, you realize that they are not so different after all. It is more like they are from the same culture. The Orthodox Church represents the old mindset of being being so different If they are from a different country or religion or planet. Khrushchev singing an English song shows you how close people really are.

  7. Hello, I am back with another weird pregnancy dream (I never had so many in such a short amount of time before!), and I would like to thank you for my last interpretation.
    This time around, I was pregnant, and I didn’t know the father (?), but I went into the early stages of labor. The hospital I was at looked like my elementary and middle school. They wheeled me into one room to deliver the baby, and then someone I used to go to school with appeared. All of a sudden, I wasn’t about to give birth but only about 3 or 4 months pregnant. Also, instead of being the age I am now, I became 17 again. The hospital became my old school, and when the girl I used to know saw me, she wanted to tell all my old classmates (who were gathered at the school for a reunion) that I was pregnant. I don’t like my old classmates in real life, and in the dream, I thought they would look down on me for being a teen mom, but instead, they were supportive and started giving me things for the baby. I lied and said I was married to the father, so I didn’t look bad. Then I woke up.
    I know from your last interpretation you said pregnancy in a dream means something new is forming/happening in my life, but I would like a bit more information based on the rest of the dream. Thank you!

    • Dear Truegal,
      In this dream you are giving birth to something new inside of you. Since you were around high school classmates, it was a quality that you were supposed to have developed or would have helped a lot if you would have had it then. Because you didn’t have the quality your experience with others was negative. Once you give birth to this quality, then people will be much more supportive of you. It is probably something about love or being loving, but I don’t know for sure. Ask yourself what quality you needed more of high school that you didn’t have, and then you will be on your way. You really need the quality now.

  8. Hey there ,
    I recently had a dream of a naked woman who was painted red
    She was top to toe red
    Even her hair were painted red

    She felt very hostile and dangerous
    —start of dream—-
    She saw me in my garden and started following me inside my house
    I tried to avoid her

    Later I pushed her back and asked her why is she coming near to me
    She just stood there and
    Gazed at me
    She had a grin on her face when i looked at her back

    [Usually when I’m in a dream and if there is any “ghost”/”hostile” person near me.. I easily physically beat them and abuse them back and they are unable to hurt me]

    When she even stepped into my room and didn’t fall back
    I kicked her down and I was even trembling in my dream as i kicked her
    Because usually “ghosts” would not bother me after i beat him/her

    But when I kicked her down I asked
    “Why, did you choose me….. Who are you”

    All she did was lay there and stared back at me with an evil smile
    It felt like she was happy to know that I was scared of her and felt weak infront of her

    [Ps:In real life, I don’t hurt females and I am very polite with them]

    What can this dream possibly mean
    [I think she is not a ghost but a representation of something i am scared of.. but can anyone please explain]

    Also i didn’t watch anything related to this before i went to sleep

    • Dear Shaurya,
      When you have a woman like this in your dream, it means that you are being called to your feminine qualities, usually something like being more loving or compassionate. That she was all red and appeared with an evil smile means that you have a negative association in your mind about developing those aspects of yourself. You are fearful of developing that part of yourself probably because you believe that if you develop a more loving and compassionate side, you will taken advantage of or something like that. When you let go of the fear, you can start thinking about where being more loving will be of benefit to you. It doesn’t mean that you lose masculine qualities like courage or strength because of it.

  9. Last night I had a dream about my immediate family who I live in the same house with in waking life. My husband and I were arguing over two of the kids (my stepdaughter, his bio daughter & my son, his stepson) and the argument got so heated that I wanted to call the whole relationship quits. I just couldn’t do it anymore. All of the family was bickering as well, the kids amongst themselves, no one could seem to get along.

    In waking life we often do argue about the parenting styles of these two children and it causes us strife, We have always been able to come to a mutual agreement. We have the same goals for all our children and the same family values, we just disagree on how to get there. Also currently my step daughter is visiting her mother for the summer, so she is not even in the home right now.

    • Hi C, Sorry this is so long in replying. We have an illness at home.
      You can look about this in two different ways. First you can think that the dream is about your own family and second you can think about it as your country. In either case when there is a lot of conflict and bickering, both sides are wrong, even if one side is right. When an argument gets heated, it means that a particular energy is missing in the relationship. It is usually one of the following that are in the same constellation of positive energy. Patience, calm, detachment, acceptance, peacefulness. When you put in the quality of patience into the dynamic, it solves the situation. It is the same virtue that your country does not possess. It always surprises when I cross the border into the States, that Americans are always apologizing say in a restaurant or business if you have to wait 5 minutes. It is like they sinned against you. Canadians apologize a lot, but not over things being a bit late. Patience means that you take time out of the equation so that other things can happen.

  10. H’lo Richard,
    This one was crazy!
    For some unknown reason I was hitchhiking with a stranger to Don’t-Know-Where when a car pulled up and invited us in. I could not accept because, I guess, I wasn’t headed his way. As he drove off I realised that he’d left with my suitcase in his car’s boot, and no sign of the stranger.
    Please tell me this means this is good news.

    • Dear Hyran,
      Hitchhiking with a person you don’t know to an unknown location is sort of the ultimate experience in trust that you are going to end up in a positive place. The first thing that happens to you is negative. You lose your things and you lose your companion. The dream tells you that you have an over abundance of trust in not knowing. It says that you need to have a clear direction, be able to get there in a planned way, with trusted companions. If you travel in life this way, you will get to where you want to go in life.

  11. I’ve dreamt about one of my really close friends falling on an elevator and dying. I then went home and was sad but I went onto the elevator and I was scared I was going to fall on the elevator. I pressed the up button and slowly went up but then I fell down extremely fast for about 8 seconds. I hit the bottom and stayed for about 5 seconds then moved sideways. After a little bit of moving sideways, the doors opened
    to a place of people I knew who’s elevators were down there to.

    • Dear Rubi,
      The dream says that you are affected pretty strongly when something bad happens to someone else, almost as if it happened to you. When something happens to someone else, you become fearful of the bad thing that happened to them. You carry that fear with you as if you are experiencing the bad thing, but in the end the bad thing doesn’t happen. It teaches you to not be fearful just because someone else had something bad happened. When you take on the bad things that have happened to others, it makes your life difficult to live.

  12. So I had a dream where I was at a church setting and I had to get on top of a largee metal ladder to model dresses near the top of the church where there columns located.

    • Dear Emily,
      It seems like what this dream is saying is that the church is asking you to be above everyone else, to be a role model or have an appearance better than others. What should be happening in the church is being together with others at the same level because it is God’s teaching that we have all been created from the same dust. Therefore, one should not exalt himself over others.

  13. Hey

    So this is a continuation of my dream I guess, but anyways. So had a dream that I was going to meet my crushes family in Haiti. When we were walking to his Haitian house, I was really nervous I buried my face on his muscular arms. There was a lighting storm going on, and he told me that they happened all year and that these storm actually power up the whole county. When we entered the house, we saw Robin Williams and his wife sitting on the couch, and we greated them. As we sat down they changed into Richard Gier, and his wife and we were all talking. Then finally his father came in and I recognized him. He was the trainer from this health retreat I went to to lose weight. I still looked over weight so it was embarrassing seeing him but I was really surprised that, that was his father. What I thought was the trainers wife, turned out to be his sister and the two girls he had were his nieces. I was close to them to while I was at the health retreat it was really nice seeing them. The the trainer kept advising me cause I didn’t lose weight. When I was at the place too, I snuck in pizza and he knew about it. My crush was just sitting there awkward but instead of the YouTuber, he turned into the guy I’m seeing in real life. I woke up after that.

  14. Hello Richard,
    After a series of unpleasant dreams I finally had a more strangely laughable one. I was maybe living in an alternate universe where it was possible to be impregnated or pregnant with an animal (I mean for a human female to be) . AndI don’t exactly know how or why but I was impregnated by some man’s dogs. I had no recollection of concieving (I am NOT into bestiality and there was nothing of it in the dream) just feeling/knowing I was pregnant and knowing wwhich man’s dogs are responsible. Keep in mind this is a fictional man with a lot of different dogs of different colors and breeds. It took a lot of thinking and courage for me to go up to him and talk to him as if HE was my baby father or something… And I was so afraid of which type of dog puppies I am going to have to deliver, like what if it’s a large, badly behaved dog, the characteristics would pass down to the pups and affect my pregnancy and well being and delivery. As I talked to the man I trembled in fear he told me not to worry and showed me his small little black dog wearing black sunglasses (it was very small, a chihuahua or teacup mini, and very calm) and I was so relieved

    • Dear Shocked,
      Knowing that you are going to give birth to a puppy (dog) means that you are giving birth inside of yourself to friendliness and loyalty, which are qualities of a dog. Since you are birthing a new quality, it is best, as the dream suggests to start small with friendship and loyalty, hence, the chihuahua. Eventually you will get to a Great Dane.

  15. Hi
    I had a dream where a famous you tuber(who I have a little crush on) proposed to me and planned a really extravagant wedding there was so much going on. They were doves flying and parachutes and fireworks it was crazy I felt overwhelmed , and I told him you really married the fuck out of me lol. My whole body was shaking and I felt fatigue when I woke up.

    • Dear Emma,
      When some who is famous proposes and marries you, it means that your being is wanting to have the positive quality that the you-tuber has. I am not sure what that is, so you will have to ask yourself what quality you admire in him. It is NOT about you having a relationship with him in real life. It is definitely more about have what he has inside of him that is positive. You are being invited to develop it in yourself.

  16. I was at an apartment building waiting with others for a type of eclipse in the sky, they said look for a blue star. We saw A regular looking blue star then next to it a second later, a giant portal opened in the sky. It felt like it was sucking things in but it wasn’t strong enough. I kept watching for something to come out or go in but I could only see like a pixelated light going in. It closed and everyone started freaking out. I went home and my neighbor was having a party. I hear a loud ass boom outside and a parked car was rear ended into the back of another car. The whole front end was smashed in when the truck backed up 3 people fell to the ground. The ambulance came and took them. I went outside to see the damage done to my yard and a white guy was with me. 2 black women in a truck were in my yard and I said, look he’s the only white guy in a black neighborhood call the police! Everyone was laughing then the woman driving took off running after him, they stopped around the corner and busted out laughing. Lol I feel like this was all over the place

    • Dear Celia,
      The problem in the dream is that you are waiting for an eclipse. This means that you are waiting around for your life to be eclipsed as in your light taken away like a giant portal sucking your life away. Then you get smashed. The solution to the dream is to do the opposite which is to see the bright light of possibilities and go after them, and then one good thing will happen after another. Do not wait to get eclipsed..

  17. Hi, my dream interpretation question is a bit more simple this time. There has been one character who is both a tv character and ancient mythology character and I liked both his myth and how he was interpreted in modern times.

    However I have now dreamt of him being by my side for almost four years now. We have fought both for and against each other, we have both loved and despised one another and for me it has been a very interesting series of dreams, because it is like I have grown alongside him. However I am sometimes paralyzed with fear nowadays because i have dreams of us being in a reciprocal relationship which actually scares me a bit.

    Rather than asking for a dream interpretation, please may I know what I can possibly do to truly understand why he has become so prominent in my dreams, so then I can resolve my fears and truly embrace these dreams for what they are.

    • Dear Blackstardustexpedition,
      Basically when you are in a relationship like yours with a tv character, it means that you are trying to get the positive quality that the character represents into your life. In other words, the character has positive energy, you need the positive energy, and then all of the drama in your dreams represents your struggle to get the quality fully functioning. When the relationship is reciprocal, it means that you are closer to having that quality in you. When people start calling you by the quality that the character has such as courageous, then the quality will be a part of your identity.

      • Thank you this is a very good interpretation. I feel like that does play a role. That was definitely the case at first, I do wish to be as proud and accepting of myself as he is. Strangely though i sometimes dream of him struggling in life and sometimes about him on his own so i wonder if there are other things going on too.

        My intuition also picks up on something else in the dreams that I cannot aptly describe, like something spiritual; but i still really appreciate your answer and am very grateful for your help!

  18. I just awoke from a nightmare which was going going well until it turned into a nightmare… I was babysitting and playing with these two small cute children and their parent, then I went out with someone else and the kids (I think that someone else was another relative of the parent) and when we returned I parked the car in the driveway and safely took the kids out .. .i saw that the littlest child did not have her shoes on then I told the relative if they could see her shoes…i saw them behind the car and the relative was there so I hand the child to her and point at the shoes and say there they are you can get them while I get the other child…notice there is no “sh” sound in my sentence…then why I don’t know my mom comes running out saying why am I constantly saying shh and shushimg people apparently… I didn’t do that… I told her she kept talking over me…and then my dad came out of nowhere and started physically threatening me…this female relative didn’t utter a word…probably took the second child and shoes herself…my father got so close to physically abusing me …then I just came inside the kitchen angrily where my mom started cooking I asked her do you believe this relative? She said she’s right 95% of the time…but she didn’t even have a chance to complain to my parents even a fake complaint…my parents just threatened and abused me on their own…so I woke up crying shocked and angry with a headache…my parents mentally and emotionally abuse me so much in real life…sometimes physically too…and I even had a dream long ago of them trying to sexually abuse me….I had enough,I don’t see any solution other than hoping and praying for their untimely demise…theyre already 50 anyway…not really untimely

    • After I fell asleep again I had another dream… That my crush came to my city and called me to his hotel room (??) It was like a lodge…anyway I was very sleepy I could barely see him and he just kissed and cuddled with me before I knew it I was asleep…then I woke up sleepily in the dream and I could barely see him in my extremely drowsy sstate but I saw him up close but blurry I don’t think it was my crush.. .it looked like an older less cute man with different facial features and he left…i was sleeping again then I realised he left…i looked all over the lodge and everything….my mom and brother came to the lodge, I was afraid they’d find out I was there to meet a man, but simultaneously I was trying to contact him after searching for him…and his name changed to something weird in my phone too and he wasn’t reachable….strange

      • Dear Scared,
        This dream tells you that what you think of about a crush does not often end up in a positive reality if you were to actually have a proper relationship with the crush. When you have a crush, your imagination is better than actual real life. The real truth about a relationship is that you start out with something really small and build it over time into something really great. Relationships, when you work on, get really great over time even if they start out small.

    • Dear Scared of Further Abuse,
      The dream shows that you are very competent and very caring, but things come unglued when your parents are around. It seems like you need to get away from your parents so that you can develop all of your beautiful gifts. Whatever you can do to get away from their abuse will help your life immensely.

  19. I was with my ex and his new wife (I am civil and friendly with him, we dont communicate anymore than we have to, but I am best friends with his new wife, we get along so well and hang out quite a bit, so the relationship is great). Anyhow they called me to come check out this new building being built. Apparently my ex stared his own HVAC business and the building was complete on the outside but not on the inside. They walked me around and showed me the area and mentioned they didnt have any more money to finish and I said well I have money. and they said thats why the wanted me to come see it, so i could invest. Then he was walking me around and his wife was gone for a bit and now my mom and their son was in the dream. She gets back and my ex walks me around to the front and takes me to a small take outside on a patio with a bag of McDonalds and asks what do I see. I say food in paper, he said exactly then moved the bag and behind it was a paper box with bone in and boneless chicken wings with no sauce and little bit on seasoning on them. Then he is pitching me about this food…now his new business is not an HVAC company but a restaurant. I started to tell him the food did not look great, we live in Texas and everything is better in Texas and this little seasoning on these small wings just wasnt going to cut it. I asked him to create a more solid business plan and present to me and i would consider investing.

    Then we were in his truck. Him and his wife in the front, his son in the back seat and my mom and I in the very back sitting on a pad leading against of the tire wells. He had a shell on it….

    Then I was having a birds eye view and he started doing donuts really fast and we were all talking, but I was watching from like the sky and I could see it all. He ended up crashing and flipping the trucks and it landed on the roof on last time and flipped over. Still with the birds eye view I watch him, his wife and their son get out safely. Then my mom and i were laying on the pad not moving, and very bloody. They started to panic and came over. I was moaning and groaning and they tried to lift me, but only my upper body and my lower body didnt move. They laid me back down and his wife started wiping the blood off my face, he asked what are you doing and she said we cant leave her like this….she cleaned my face and laid me back down and they left. my mom and i just laying there post crash not moving and I was watching is all from above. then I woke up.

    I felt very unsettled. in waking life I find my ex to be very erratic, he doesnt plan things through and can be reckless. I think this is perhaps the meaning of his business plan flopping and his driving and crashing, if this is so…how does it affect me. Him and I do have a kid together, but coparent very well with no issues.

    Thanks Richard.

    • Dear C,
      The dream is a pretty obvious metaphor of him trying to present a good picture on the outside so that you will invest him, but he has very little on the inside to actually invest in. You would have said no at the start the dream would have been over, but as you said you would consider it, taking a very back seat, you ended up being the consequence.
      My son-in-law asked me to invest in his company when he started it because he needed a lot of capital to get it going, but I told him, that even though I really liked the idea, I didn’t want to be in that kind of relationship with him because then I would be concerned about how he was using the money, etc.. He did alright and eventually sold the company to a group that paid quite a bit. The point is that you don’t have to invest in your relationship with him. Let him, others make their own mess. What you really want to invest in are relationships where people have insides that match their outsides. These are the people you need to be around now because they so enrich your life.

  20. In my dream I was in an abandoned, locked, tinted glass window classroom of my old school, alone with my ex and our issues that we have in real life seem to have been resolved, and it was like we had resolved them since we were seeing each other for a while, I don’t know if we were back together or just finding our way back together. So we were alone, talking, and just being with each other, but I was afraid we would get caught because of our location and people would assume something wrong or make a big deal about it. Especially my family, they don’t like him in real life. So anyway, it was evening and I told him I get the feeling my parents are gonna call me soon, let’s leave. We went out of the room near the staircase and he looked up then pushed me and told me to run since I assume he saw my parents so I did… I ran down stairs and then my family also reached. They were acting a bit strange with me and it was making me more tense. I told them I didn’t go out anywhere and they were like yeah we checked your debit card…i was livid and that’s where the dream ended…because I don’t even remember USING my debit card that day. And I think maybe my ex used it to order some food online because he ran out of cash and I told him to use it. I am still very annoyed that they would breachmy privacy like that. I know in real life they probably don’t even have my netbanking credentials anymore (I am away from my bank branch now, I have been planning to change it for good when I finally go back just in case) really I woke up feeling annoyed and with bodyache…a heavy head I am still annoyed.

    • Dear Annoyed,
      So part of the reason that your relationship went bad, according to the dream, which is the thing you are supposed to learn, is that your family doesn’t know how to mind its own business. Your relationships are your business, not theirs so you are going to have to learn how to have boundaries with them so that they do not interfere because they will keep doing the same thing over and over. You have to accept that they are immature or not evolved, then take steps to keep them from ruining what you have by having strong boundaries. You have to have calm assertiveness rather than anger because being livid with them outward makes them feel like they are right. When you are calmly assertive, they stay away.

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