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  1. Dear expert adviser 

    Please ,help me to interprete my dream .  I am a 55 years old married man with children.

    I dreamed and saw myself in the mixed of very old women . But non of the lady was naked , except one very old ugly woman, was naked and she was the one I accepted to sleep with ,but she refused. 

    Others accepted I should sleep with all of them ,except that ugly naked one refused.

    All the old women were all witches .

    Please advise , as i am ashamed to tell my wife ,I was about making love with old women ,while we were sleeping together.

    • Dear Richard H,
      When you have a sexual dream, it is not really about physical sex like you would have with your wife. It is about closeness. The thing you need to know, in this case, is that the women in your dream represent feminine energy. Normally, if they were positive it would be qualities like compassion, caring, and being love. In your dream they are more like negative witches because they are ugly and old. This means that you are tempted or enticed by the negative feminine energy. Negative feminine energy that draws you in include behavior like malicious gossip, entering into dialogue that is divisive, put downs, etc.. It is rampant in the political climate of today. What the dream wants you to do, is to create positive intimacy by finding the positives in others, to engage in unifying behavior and create really positive webs. When you do this, all of your relationships will improve and you will have a positive impact on the world.

  2. a few nights ago I had a dream about a rollercoaster. I was getting on it alone and before the lady could lock me in my seat safely the ride began and she looked back as was “ohhh um oh well” and off I went. I held on tight to the ride and while I came out of my seat i held onto the bars and made it off the ride without getting hurt. Also in this dream just before I went to go find a ride my cousin was in the dream – he said something to me but I don’t recall it – it is just odd because when I was 14 in waking life he sexually assulted me and while I have healed from it and my partner knows I have not told my family as the large divide it will cause and if I have moved on from it and healed from it I dont see the need to cause pain to those around me.

    • Hi .,
      What the dream says is that when you would like to trust others or trust yourself in going forward in your life, you feel like you are on a roller coaster not strapped in. It just means that while you have healed on one level with the sexual abuse, you still have some trust issues. That you have a stable partner shows that you have done a fair amount of healing, but to get to where you want to go in your life, you probably need some work. It is always tricky letting the family know, but your comments indicate that you cannot trust your family to react in a good way if they were to know. The time period in your life when this happened is one where you are supposed to be taking risks to develop the courage to go after positive things in your life.
      That courage to go after your positive life is still calling to you, but is associated with your negative experiences with your cousin. Probably you will need some more help to overcome it.

  3. I had a dream that I am sleeping on the bed, suddenly a lot of grey mice came and started running through my chest. I was trying to lift my right hand but they are also running on it. I want to scream for help but my voice is not coming properly.
    What it means?

    • Dear Ravi,
      Mice, when they are positive, symbolize the ability to do a lot of small activities to get to a positive end. When you add up a lot of small activities then you end up with really positive results. You are sleeping, which means that when you are sleeping in your life or not doing a lot, then the mice overrun you. This means that all of the little activities you are supposed to do become overwhelming. I If you just wake up and do a lot of activity toward a goal, then you will be successful

  4. I had a dream that I am going somewhere with my girlfriend talking with each other, and I have a little very cute child in my arm, which was sleeping.

    • Dear Ravi,     The two dreams have to do with you developing the part of you that is tender and loving.   This dream is mostly positive so it means that you need to just start practicing being tender and loving.   When you do so, you will begin to learn how to do it and then be guided on how to get really developed in this area of your life.  

  5. Hi

    I had a dream that two stray cats came into my apartment, my family didn’t notice them but me. One of them was really skinny the other one was pregnant. The cat gave birth to tiny kittens. To hide the kittens from my parents I put them in this small sack that I use to teach my kindergarten students their abcs. I only put one in there because my mom called me to do something. When I came back I took the kitten that was in the sack out and it grew bigger. My parents found out about the kittens and they said they’ll take care of them. I left them and went to do something when I came back my parents told me the kittens and the cat past away and I just accepted it.

    In this other dream, my brother and my mom went on a vacation to some resort. There was helicopter and I got in it and flew it as high as I could. In this dream I was able to park it in the sky and read a book. Then I see drones of helicopters and there were terrorist thy were planning on killing the people in the resort. I flew down as quickly as I could to see my brother and mom, we were planning an escape plan and then my dream ended.

    • Dear Emma,
      Cats symbolize the virtue of independence as in having your own mind and thoughts, as well as your own actions. It seems as though having an independent mind was probably not encouraged in a strong way in your home. This is why you are hiding the cats from your parents. When you allow your parents to determine things, then the cats (independence) dies. To help you develop the quality of an independent mind it is first helpful to understand how valuable it is. Then you have to learn to be detached from your parents and others thinking and acting. Your parents are not responsible for the success of your life. You are. It is hard to imagine a successful life without the quality of independence.

      In the second dream you can get up in the air which means you can get up or enthusiastic about things fairly easily, but then get fearful of others shooting you down. Enthusiasm is one of the key virtues to achieving a positive vision, but you have to let go of the fear of negative people bringing you down or ruining your plans. You can stay up by dealing with the fear.

  6. one other thing: the final right code began with PTP 28940 i do not remember the rest of it. whatever this may mean i am not certain

    • Dear JH,
      Although this is a long and involved dream with a lot of tension and relief, the solution is fairly simple and straightforward if you can apply it. The context is a natural food store. A natural food supermarket is a place where you are trying to make decisions for the betterment of yourself and the planet. Your mind, in the dream, goes a bit far out in thinking about the consequences of your actions in relationship to the planet. It tries to get it right so that the planet is saved.
      You can change your mind’s catastrophic thinking to the habit of making a lot of small decisions that benefit one or two people in a positive way. In other words you want to be able to change from saving the world from extinction mentality to creating a more positive world for a small group of people. It is often helpful to not read any world news for a time period, but watch shows like animal rescue shows. It changes the mindset.

      • as always, you have given the wisest advice. as you once told me in a previous dream analysis , i need to balance the old energy and the new is a bit more complex than even that but this plays a very large part in my life.i try to follow this advice and often it works. however i have what some of my friends call an activist outlook. i can calm myself down for a certain time but i never can think only of far as one person may affect the circumstances in their own life i do this., and will continue to do more. i congratulate you on your insight and discernment

  7. (continued) i might note,no one else in the large store almost the size of a department store,seemed to take the least notice of me, not even the manager or the staff, a few of the customers seemed radiantly healthy,most were simply shoppers preoccupied with shopping. in any case i knew i had to act and not a minute too soon. i continued to act as previously described, changing the code,and receiving these communications from what were clearly authority figures, in position to determine the outcome of events. several spoke excellent English, others had very thick foreign accents,each one wanting to know the progress i had made and requesting information on further developments, which i answered in a manner i knew they would find satisfactory.what i noticed was the changes of the color combinations as i progressed. after the blue then an ivory and coconut color. then green sapphire and ruby red. finally when i came to the 14th section it became amber,orange and emerald,and i knew i had succeeded! then the light flashed topaz yellow and when i answered the voice on the other end said “congratulations. you did we will not have proceed with it” and the joy and relief i felt was simply indescribable! i woke up with a sense of relief and contentment. this is such an unusual dream,even for me that i decided to turn it over to you for analysis. item#1i have no connection with the activities of any intelligence agency item#2 i am not in a position to influence world events and do not know any world leaders item#3 i have nothing to do with espionage on any level. with these facts in consideration i look forward to your opinion on this. i have every confidence you will do as well with this one with the 5 previous dreams

  8. [continued] now as I have said this store was divided into several sections, each time I managed to get control of the switchboard and enter another code the colors of the panel would change. for example the first time several letters retained the blood red color. the other letters, and all the numbers became either pink or a pineapple color. I would find myself in another section of the store each time. And each time without fail the light would flash and I would have to answer. the voice at the other end this time “I see there has been a change in the panel. what happened?” ” oh, thanks to these new developments and changed situation it probably will not be necessary to go through with project X-12 after all” “are you sure?” “reasonably sure” ‘all right. good. we certainly do not want to do this unless absolutely necessary” “quite right. you will let them know?” “yes” “good” this last voice being a little more terse and abrupt than the first. in the meantime i had regained control of the switchboard and it had changed color once again- this time to a deep indigo and sapphire blue- I knew I was getting somewhere. by the way i knew of these weapons. they were slightly different from the nuclear missiles used by the worlds governments. once launched they did not proceed inexorably to their target but were capable of being slowed down and stopped in mid-air by a remote control signal from the base where they were launched. also some had what is called the “clean hydrogen” effect. that is tremendous explosive power but no fallout afterwards. others were highly radioactive cobalt missiles. these were not as numerous and were launched in triple effect. Groups of three at a time. the destruction would have been confined to certain specific areas, with different weapons employed for designated areas. suffice it to say it would enough to knock out the world economy at a blow, throw any possible resistance offered into confusion, and to sum up effectively set the stage for world domination (continued)

  9. dear Richard, it has been a little while since i had a dream i thought fit to submit to you for analysis, but finally I had one and here it is . it began in a supermarket-a natural foods supermarket, that is- and I was in a unique position there. I was the only one there with aware of what had the possibility of happening. now let me explain. i had a device with a switchboard and a panel capable of transmitting a coded message to a remote base whose actual location I knew in the dream but on waking I cannot identify. now this panel contained coded messages. If the wrong one was sent it meant unleashing weapons of mass destruction on a hitherto unheard of scale. at the moment the panel was flashing the wrong one. IT began ABA and I cannot recall the rest of it. each message contained its own combination of letters, numbers and marks such as % or &. I knew I had to get hold of the switchboard and change it to the right code(also each code had its own distinctive color. at the moment it was blood red).this supermarket was unusually large and had different sections, more so than even the largest supermarkets. I had a communication device with me which would flash a light at the top instead of ring . each time I would answer it would be a different voice. the first one asked “what are the developments so far?” my answer: I assure you it not necessary to commence with project X-12(the code name to launch the weapons) everything is perfectly stable so far” “all right. I will notify the base” “by all means do would be terrible to have go to these lengths” “over and out”. I knew at all hazards I had to punch in the right code, change the signal on the panel and stop the contemplated holocaust. {continued]

  10. I had a dream that a red spider and white spider having sex in my bed upon me and I am trying to keep them away from myself without fear. What it means?

    • Dear Ravi.
      Spiders are symbols of connecting energy because they weave webs that are all connected. When they are having sex, it means that they are trying to produce a higher level or a new level of unity and connection. It means that you are being asked to build stronger connections with others in your life and community of associates by dropping all fear that you have of being bitten or hurt by others. When you have a strong set of connections with others, it makes you capable of achieving a lot of things. It is a very powerful force.


  11. Last night I had a dream that I was picking up my step daughter and her bio mother and I was driving them somewhere. All of a sudden my car wheel turned all the way to the right and would not move back and the breaks wouldnt work and we were spinning into this wooded area and I was afraid I was going to crash, then I was able to get the car stopped with no one hurt. We then walked and now we were in downtown and walked into this building where I left my step daughter and her mom. Then I walked into this other building with my son and the floor was all shaky. there were a lot of people in the building and we were all talking about how we thought the celling was going to fall..this was a medium height high rise. My son was taking forever to pick something out so I was getting frustrated and left the building wihto9ut him but then turned right back around and got him. Then I was at work and I work on the 51st floor of a very tall building and I was looking out the window at the building that was shaking and it collapsed. I ran out of my building scared my son was still there somehow but my husband and all 4 of our kids were across the street of my building coming to me.

    • The dream says that the way you are trying to get from point A to point B in your life is out of control and can barely stop. It also shows that your relationships are shaky in that you are relating to people with unstable characters. Step one is to develop a group of people around you that are very stable in their characters. When you have a stable core of friends, then it will be easier for you to have more control of your life and how you get to where you want to go. You seem to be affected by the unstable people in your life and then cannot get where you want to go

  12. Last night I first dreamed that I was living in this small community and we needed to make a trip to another city and this meant crossing a bridge. The weather was fine when we left the city but by the time we got to the bridge it was snowing and the roads were icing and there was an ocean on one side of the bridge and the water was coming up on the road and making it freeze faster. So we stopped and got out and there was this salt paste that we mixed with our hands and wiped on the road and it would get rid of all the ice and the idea was that it would stick to the tires as we drove it for the rest of the journey. Well at some point I put my hand to my mouth and I could taste the salt… full on as if in waking life I put a spoonful of salt in my mouth, It was so bizarre to me that I could actually taste in my dream.

    I woke up and later went back to sleep and now I was on my way to work driving my usual route. There was a car crash and traffic was crappy. The car infront of me began spinning out and crashed and when it went over the side of the highway it fell into a clear blue tropical ocean (I am in Dallas Texas – so there are no oceans on my way to work). Then my husband and I were now in the water and the woman who crashed was being attached by a sea lion and we were trying to help her. There was a random computer chair floating in the water and she was heading to it, now the woman turned into my 12 year old daughter and we washed up a few hundred yards to this tropical sandy white beach and she was showing us the bite marks on her legs from the sea lion and I woke up.

    • Dear C,
      If you think about the previous dream of needing to work on your friendships or relationships, then this dream represents the journey of how you are going to get there. In order to get to the other city (better friendships) you have to cross the bridge of icy, cold waters. The ice and cold represent people who are distant and cold. The salt represents what you have to do to melt the ice so that you have warm and close relationships. What you have to figure out is what the metaphoric salt is that will melt coldness in others. it is usually being warm to them, and ignoring their negative behavior.

      The way I would think about the second part of the dream requires that you make a change in how you do things in your usual manner. What you need to do is to begin in the tropical waters, which means that you need to begin in warmth towards others. Then you can be like a positive sea lion, which represents positive relational energy. Sea lions and otters are like the dogs of the sea. In short, start and end in warmth and then your relationships will be amazing.

  13. I dreamt that I was in a building that was a tall multistory and I was in the middle floors. I knew this building was going to collapse and I was telling people that it was going to collapse. I was inside when it did collapse and furniture was flying at my face but it was just barley missing me. I survived the fall on my feet and was unharmed.

    • Dear MH,
      This dream shows you that you have a tendency to put yourself into the middle of things where people have shaky or unstable characters. You can see it when you are in the middle of it, and then you are in the collapse with them, when they collapse. What it tells you is that you should build relationships that are stable right now in your life. Later, after you have a stable core group, then you can assist others with shaky characters. The relationships with stable people will help you feel grounded and secure.

  14. a few nights ago I had this very odd dream where people were sort of chaotic in nature and I don’t recall the reason why anymore, but at some point there were 3 puppies that had puncture wounds and needed stitches and for whatever reason I was the only one who could stitch them up. Now in waking life I have ZERO skills in nursing/aid, ect. Okay so there was the lady in my dream with me and I sent her to get me the some of the things I needed and I was waiting with one of the puppies, who had the biggest wound, in a closet area with the stitching needle. Oddly the needle was tipped like a spiked arrow instead of the traditional type and for some reason I wanted to see if the needle was sharp enough so I ran my pointer and thumb over two sides of it and I go cut by it. In the dream I could actually feel the stinging pain that you would feel from cutting your finger. I recall lacing the string through the needle end to start stitching then my alarm went off.
    Side note for this dream I was at some place that was my father in laws house, but also his office, but also med-high rise in the city, but also a cathedral type museum looking place but it was known to be his.

    Last night I had a dream about being with my husband, our 4 kids (2 are my step), his ex wife (the step kids mom) and her new husband. I was at the store with my husband and all 4 kids and one was looking at getting a beta fish and my son had 3 apples (2 green 1 red) and the red one had a gash in it so I put it down to get a new one. I went alllllll over the supermarket but there were NO APPLES at all, anywhere left there. Odd things were happening in the supermarket and it is hard to articulate them from my brain to words, but they were just not things that would normally happen there.
    Then I got to his ex wifes house and her husband was going to meet some girl at the supermarket I was just at (i think i talked to her when I was there and I was def aware that she wanted him to go there to talk to her about something). So I am with the exwife (in waking life we have a civil casual friendship) and we are at her house and there is A TON of laundry all over the place and she is laying on the bed. I start doing the laundry and talking to her about life and things and her kids. I woke up shortly after finishing the laundry for her.

    • Dear C,
      Dogs represent loyalty and friendship in a dream because that is what they demonstrate in real life. A puppy is when that ability is just developing (not fully developed), and an injured puppy means that the ability is wounded. It could be because of the chaos or your father-in-law, but the negative emotion that needs mending is hurt. When you let of hurt, then your friendliness will flourish.

      The second part with you husband’s ex is problematic in that you are taking responsibility for her stuff. You could also say that she represents the bad apple. It seems that you have a tendency to try to take responsibility for things that belong to others and then this keeps you from developing the relationships that could be much more fruitful for you.

      Both dreams tell you that you need the work on friendships, by letting go of old hurt and letting go of taking on responsibility that does not belong to you.

  15. I had a dream in which I had a black pet baby snake since my 7th birthday. I could talk to him.After years when it grew bigger he started growling whenever he saw me. My family members thought it wanted to harm me. But my heart wasn’t ready to believe it as all those years I spent with him he was like a best friend to me. The other day they were gonna take it back to where they got them. I wanted to show them he is harmless so I went to him. But as soon as I came in contact with him he started growling to make me get away from him. My family and friends pulled me back and said we can get you a new snake get back you’re gonna hurt yourself. I cried and tried to push them to reach him because I still wanted him. But they too him away. I wasn’t able to process what happened and why it started growling at me suddenly. Next day they got me a White little pet snake. I was happy to see it. But I missed the black snake.

    I also wanted to say about some dreams I have been having lately they’re kinda weird. They involve too much violence, gore , pain and sufferings. Some even involve supernatural, paranormal and unearthly beings. For someone they could be the epitome of nightmares they’re really intense . It’s like i feel them. But somehow they turn into a comforting dream for me because of a man that shows up in them everytime. I don’t know in reality. I feel like I know him but I still don’t know him. I forget his face when I wake up.

    • Dear Xuxi,
      A pet snake that is friendly and black represents your inner ability to be extremely flexible in difficult circumstances and to make the changes you need to make your life work for you. It is interesting that you have had this ability, according to the dream, for a long time. The snake growling at you indicates that you are not fully accepting your inner abilities. The snake is positive inside of you, not negative. Accepting the white snake means that you are settling for lesser abilities internally. You have some extraordinary gifts that are not present in your family and friends, and if you develop them, then they will do very positive things in the long term.

      The man in the dreams represents your courage and strength to deal with very difficult situations.

  16. Last night I had another dream about Canada.

    I was living or visiting there I am not sure, but I was in a large building on one of the top floors and the building collapsed. It came down at an angle and basically slid gently to the ground and I walked out of a window into a grassy area, crossed a stream and adventured around (I don’t recall what I did during that part of the dream).

    Later I was back in the building, it was not collapsed and I was going to be late for something so I was a little frantic of being left behind. I recall being in a locker room for a moment before being on an upper floor and again the building collapsed, this time the collapse was a little more aggressive, but again it came down at an angle so I ended up just above the ground, unharmed and able to climb out of a window. This time when I went to climb out of the window there was more shifting and the building moved a bit more but I was still able to get out unharmed.

    • Dear C, This dream indicates that when you are too much in your head (upper floors), and not enough in your body (ground, nature) then your Self collapses. Basically it says think less, do more. It helps me when I am this way to get out in nature more, but doing more rather than thinking about it too much is the right solution here.

  17. Hi 👋 hello!
    I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful guy that recently I have been thinking if we have a future together at all.
    This is my couple of dreams in one week. I dream that my teeth were rotten and I see one tooth falling out. My second dream is I was driving and I made a left turn to get to my destination I was unable I run out fuel I felt lost and helpless. Please help me interpreting this dream. Thanks 🙂

    • Dear Olivia,
      Rotten teeth indicate difficulties with making good decisions. Metaphorically it is like you can not chew properly on the ideas,etc. that are coming in. This would suggest that you need to work on your decision making process, which is how to think through a situation. Oftentimes, the mistake is not giving yourself enough time to make a decision. Making a left turn in the dream means that you make the wrong turn in your life. It suggests that you have a fear about making a wrong choice and then running out of energy and feeling lost and helpless because this has probably happened to you in the past. If you improve your thinking and decision making processes, then you will make good decisions and be able to stay on the right path for you with a lot of energy. A long term relationship is based on two things in yourself and the other person. First is attraction to each other and the second is character. Without both aspects the relationship is going to be difficult, but with both it has a high probability of success.

  18. I dreamt I was outside and a German Shepard was barking outside a cage he ran away and I walked closer there were lots of animals in the cage, lions pigs monkeys etc. But there were two animals a panther and a panda that was 4 times the size of the rest of the animals fighting each other I opened the cage and all the other animals dissappeared and only the panther was left I petted it but I felt scared after a while it layed on his side while I petted him and I layed down with him with his paws around me but when I tried to get away it wouldn’t let me go, I got scared and woke up.

    • Dear Anneke,
      Animals in dreams represent positive qualities that need to be acquired or strengthened. The dream says that there are a lot of qualities that you will need to acquire, but the most important one now is represented in the panther. Panthers have the quality of courage and stealth. Courage is the ability to go for something even though there is a possibility of something negative happening. You put the negative aside and rush into the unknown positive possibility. Stealth means that you are not afraid of dark situations where there is negative energy.

  19. This was my husbands dream from two nights ago:

    He had to take some breathing test that was in the form of an app but he was hooked up to machinery in what has some sort of medical testing facility. They made him breathe hard and fast for 30 seconds then slow down. apparently to get his heart rate up.

    • Dear C, The question for your husband that presents itself in the dream is why does he need his heart tested? It is not his physical heart that is at question here, but his emotional heart. He is being questioned about how much heart he has. It is something like does he really have what it takes to do something really positive for others? That is the question he can ask himself.

  20. In my dream last night I had just moved to Canada (BC) with my husband and one of our daughters (our other 3 kids were not with us oddly). In waking life we live in Texas and are verryyyy far from Canada and I have never been but when I think of it in waking life I think of a slow paced, more friendly environment that is rich in forestry and mountains and beauty.

    Okay so we moved into this apartment and when we first got there the apartment seemed okay but as I looked around I began to notice things. First I noticed a couple kitchen and also I didnt see any doors, just archways. My husband and I just set up our bed in the living room with the TV because we were working on selling out current home in the US and didnt bring all of our furniture. Then a bunch of kids (like 8-10) come running through out front door, one on a bike and see us, say sorry and continue on. This makes me get curious so I am sitting on the bed looking around at the space I can see. Then a man stands behind our bed, takes off his socks then goes into the bathroom to fully undress and takes a shower. At this I look at my husband and I say “What is this place?” I see a woman coming so I ask him to ask her about this place and he is just on his phones and wont look up. She walks over and I say my husband wants to ask you a question (in waking like I have some social anxiety when it comes to talking to strangers so my husband typically does the talking). He doesnt look up from his from or even acknowledge her, she sits next to him begins to kiss on his cheek and he does nothing, she then gets up and says “you know where to find me if you need me” and walks away. At this I was so mad and began to cry, I asked him why did he not stop her from kissing on him and why cant he get off his phone.

    Then he shower guy comes out and my husbands begins talking to him asking about this place we are in. Oh and when we moved in we were on the ground floor but when the kids came through we were now 4-5 stories up. But the shower guy has us look out the window and is snapping his fingers to this woman (who is in an adjacent building) but obviously she cant hear him and the windows were all one way glass so we could see out and no one could see in. But he was telling us she was a local coach and just a really good person.

    He explained that we lived in a community apartment. This meant that many family (our apartment held 6-8) all lived on an entire floor and each had their own living and bed rooms but all shared a few kitchen and bathrooms. I was unsettled by this because there are NO doors, except the bathroom. I told my husband I wanted to move to a private apartment, in the dream the apartment rent was 1,000 a month and we pay almost double that for our house so surely we could find a private place. Then a woman from across the way spoke up and said those are TEN grand a month and that is why most people live this way.

    I sort of accepted the living situation at this point and got up to wonder around. I saw a little girl playing in her room and didnt even seem to notice me. I noticed two large dinning tables in two close rooms that sat about 20 people and the lady who spoke up was living near one of them and her living room was full of kids and neighbors. When I turned the corner I found 3 various empty rooms that were to be bedrooms for me and my kids. The odd thing that kept making me feel uncomfortable was that all rooms had 2 entry points of arched door ways, still with the doors missing.

    Then I look into the alleyway and there is my husband talking to a Canadian and this man is asking my husband if he ever sneaks things over the boarder and he goes on to tell my husband the things he sneaks over. My husband pulls a thing of pits bread out of his jacket and says yes I snuck this and shows him this pita and begins to eat it and the guy was like ooooooo pita wow (like it was a rarity) and my husband then tells him this bread belonged to a king and blah blah blah but I was just happy to see him making friends in this new country.

    Then I woke up

    • Dear C, This is funny. I live in Vancouver, BC. I hike and ski all the time in the mountains. The forests are gorgeous. Basically your dream is a filled with social anxiety. When you open the friendliness part of yourself with new people, the worry is that there is no stop or off button. It is like you are either social all the way, all the time or you are isolated. It is an interesting challenge that the dream presents because it seems to indicate that you have good friendship and social skills, but you do not have an off button when you are social with new folks so it is like they can come in and out as they please. You probably need confidence to say yes or no, to have more choice in social situations.

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