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  1. Dear Richard ,
    I just learned about you through the Baha’i blog article on dreams. Thank you for taking the time to share your interpretations, what you offer is so valuable.
    On July 19th I had a dream which I wrote about I never think about writing my dreams but I think there was a purpose I had to write this! In the dream I received a phone call, when I looked at the screen it said that it was Hooper Dunbar (former member of the Universal House of Justice) calling. When I picked up there was a woman talking she said hello is this Asa ? I said yes but who is this my phone said that it was Hooper Dunbar calling. Then I heard his voice on the line too, he said hello Asa , he said there was a group of youth I was teaching the Faith to but I couldn’t stay there to accompany them, I was wondering if you still want to go pioneering. I asked him where was it and the first couple of times I couldn’t understand what he was saying the name of the place was but then I said oh Nicaragua. Then I told him that well I would love to , but now I live in San Diego with my husband and 2 children….
    Then the next day on July 20th I received a call from our Auxiliary Board member l, a woman. She said that she wanted to talk to me and my husband to invite us to a gathering on a conversation about pioneering —- I could not believe it and I told her oh my God I had a dream about this!!!
    Now —- it is hard for my husband to easily say yes let’s do it let’s go!!!
    Anyway —- I would love your feedback on the dream!!
    Thank you so so much!!!

    • Hi Asa,
      What a great dream for you to have! I looked you up on FB out of curiosity and see that you taught at Escola das Naçōes. We were there from 1998-2004. What you have to think about when looking at a dream is whether the message is be taken literally or metaphorically. What seems clear to me is that you have a pioneering spirit. There is no doubt about that. So you can literally pioneer to another country or you can pioneer in the field of education where you are.
      Pioneering in the educational sense means having the courage and audacity to try new approaches that have not been done before. Pioneering to a place like Nicaragua with a young family is also an exciting prospect. At this stage I wouldn’t count out either. As I see that you would like to have a session with me we can explore this and other things.

  2. I was a job interview for my kids school district. I made it through round 1 and they really liked me so right after I spoke with the first interviewers they send me straight to the second instead of waiting. During this second round I felt so sleepy, even my vision got blurry in the dream from feeling so tired. The lady didn’t comment on my behavior and seemed to not notice or be phased by it. I also remember snacks for some reason….there was going to be delicious snacks available to me either that day or during my employment.

  3. Dear Richard
    I saw a dream today where I saw that I am hiding in a room and slowly closed the door but didn’t lock it completely. Then I suddenly saw a black baby snake appear outside the room and I was able to see it through the gap in the between the two doors and I slowly started closing the door so that the snake couldn’t enter the room but the snake quickly moved and entered through the gap underneath the door and bit me on the left side of my back and latched onto me. I tried so hard to get the snake off of my back but wasn’t able to as it bit me hard and stuck it’s teeth on my back. What does it mean?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      A black snake like that signifies someone in your life who is trying to do things behind your back to do damage to you, mostly out of jealousy. The person is clever enough to know how to get to you even when you try to hide from them. This kind of person can cause a lot of hurt and bring you way down. To get to a more optimistic orientation to life and be out there more, you have to use wisdom and intelligence to be aware of the backbiting and move away from them, while still doing positive things.

  4. dear Richard this dream of mine is one of my more perplexing ones it began in a city environment, with snow falling on the ground. ii was being driven by 2 friends,one of whom i actually know in waking reality. the van pulled up in front of a door on the street and we all went inside. once inside there were 3 choices. a rosewood door on the left side,,a metal door directly in front,and a glass door on the right. my friend rang the buzzer on the glass door. soon it was answered by a man in a denim shirt and corduroy pants. i judge his age to have been about 35. he said “come in” and after we had done so, a man dressed like an archbishop with a mitre and carrying a gold crozier was in the center of the room. he motioned for me to sit down. i did so. on the left hand side of the room i found myself facing a screen almost reaching the whole length of the ceiling to the floor.. he pressed a button and the screen came to life. ii saw various things such as, conferences of between high officials discussing the situations of in their countries,both political and economic. but what was most astonishing about these things portrayals of events that happened is many of them were from a time long before moving pictures were invented. there were some from from the renaissance , others from the vajayanagara empire in India, and even the three kingdoms era in china! the bishop would add comments of his own to each event depicted, showing how events that took a turn for the worse might have been avoided if the participants had understood better or had deeper insight into the situations both they and their people were in. he seemed to be advising as well as illustrating, for he would invariably add a comment on how these things affected the world of the future and how things might have been done differently. i listened and watched,fascinated. then a fifth person entered the room i looked and found it was a woman dressed as a high priestess in ancient Egypt, much as they have been depicted in hieroglyphics the only difference, being instead of white cotton she wore black silk. she asked me to stand over against the wall. when i did so, she produced a long metal rod. i did not recognize the metal. then she then placed rod( it ended in a knob) right in the center of my throat. first l gazing intently at the rod as though reading something, then looking up and announcing that my chakras were out of balance. my 9th and 11th chakra,in particular needed attention. now i know that conventional wisdom recognizes only seven. but i thanked her and promised i would work on restoring my natural balance. i did a little research and found that black silk was connected to the god Osiris. an archbishop of the very old christian church and a high priestess of of the ancient Egyptian religion! i know that you will do as well with this as you have with every other dream. i am looking forward to your analysis

    • Hi JH,
      I really love this dream. It is so interesting that you are being shown ancient historical settings with insight as to the things that went wrong and what might have been changed. Then you get the re-balancing of your chakras that don’t actually exist.

      What this indicates for yourself is that if you go back and do a careful examination of key historical moments in your own life, you will gain crucial insights into what processes that you could have developed that would have made better outcomes. To bring in your own priestess you need to think about what process is most critical from the past, and then work on it now. Like maybe you didn’t have enough insight or courage, or detemination or compassion. When you put the new process into your life, you will come into balance.

      • as always you have gotten straight the meaning of things. you are on debatable ground if you claim no chakras beside the 7 admitted to do not exist, however. in kabbalah 15 energy centers of the body are recognized.master chao kok sui acknowledges the existence of 11. as for the advice given, i have been following it, with spectacular results

  5. Two different dreams last night:

    First I had a baby, I assume it was my baby but I had to get home and I had to ride on the back of a dog to get there. First When the dog ran the baby was sliding all over the place so we stopped so I could fix the baby and put it between my chest and the dogs back. Then when the dog went to run again my bottom half was heavy enough to cause this hind legs to slow down. We made it to wherever we were going and then when I looked down I didnt have a baby anymore I had 4 tiny newborn puppies in my bra. I had to take care of them.

    Second dream – I was at some film thing and my son and I could not see the movie at the same time for some reason (he is only 9). So he went before me. When I was in line to get into the movie I had to use the bathroom so I was in that line now and I hear “mommy! mommy!” it was my son running out of the movie. He was scared to be without an adult and he too had to pee. The line for the bathroom was so long and it came to a point where we were the only ones waiting in the hallway. The bathroom was a single toilet when you opened the door and it was for both male and female. One man used the bathroom with the door open sitting down. The man after him went in, sat down and did the same thing, but said Shut the door! So my son did and he said thanks bud

    • Dear C,
      In the first dream what you are giving birth to is the quality of friendliness, lots of it. This is evidently the quality that will make your life work now. You are going to have nurture it inside of you. This is one of the qualities like love and compassion and joy where it is not about getting somewhere in life. It is more about being present and doing relating for its own sake. A lot of the culture is about working to get somewhere in life, which is not a bad thing in itself, but there is a huge part of life that is not about getting somewhere it is about the quality of relating. This is what is open.

      Based on the first dream, the second dream indicates that you need to do things with your son where you enjoy each others company. There seems to be some kind of frustration that doesn’t allow you to spend quality time together.

  6. Last night I had a dream that myself, my husband and my biological daughter were all going on a cruise. The cruise people called me before saying something being wrong with my husbands and daughters tickets. Apparently during booking my ticket had to be purchased separately from theirs. I told the lady I was not going to go alone so if that was the case just cancel it all. Then we drove to the port anyways because we knew we paid for all of us. When we arrived the ship was just leaving and I found the lady and tried to get her to let us on. She said no and that my daughter didnt have a passport. I told her she didnt need one. we were going to the bahamas from texas and arriving back there and no passport was needed. I was crying and she was crying and we couldnt get on. I then went to the bathroom and I cut a lady in line and went pee what felt were like minutes. I watched the ship leave and then about 5 small emergency boats with workers for the ship left after that. I was sad that we missed our trip.

    • Richard,

      A day or two before this dream my left foot on the bottom, where the sole meets the heel was sooo itchy, out of nowhere for no physical or medical reason, it stayed this way for a couple hours and just went away. As you know I am VERY spiritual and I did look into the spiritual meaning of this (which was not positive). Additionally – in waking life I am diving so deep in the rabbit hole of Dolores Canon’s work. for months now I have been passively introducing myself to that knowledge. It sits right with me, it feels right (idk how to explain it) but I am already on my 4th book and I just started reading my first one on Monday. If you know her work then you know exactly spiritually where I am and I would love to know if you think anything about that. We can email if you want to get more indepth.

      • Hi C,
        The left foot is connected to moving ahead into your positive future. That it is itchy means you are itching to forward into your new life. I think of past like regression as being very helpful in terms of the metaphors that it pulls up.

    • Hi C,
      Literally the metaphor is that you missed the boat for no fault of your own. You are left with a state of sadness and loss after having let go of lot of anger (pee). Loss is a difficult thing to overcome because it has a way of taking all of your energy down. The goal in dealing with loss is get back to a remembered up state with a new commitment to doing positive things, but first you have to totally let go of the loss and any hope of recompense. Of all of the negative emotions I deal with loss or grief is always the hardest one because it is so physical.
      The goal was to go on a cruise which means to get to a place where you can relax and enjoy. While you may have missed the boat to relaxing and enjoying earlier in your life, it is ready for you now, calling to you. Probably you should book a cruise for real.

      • Richard,
        This dream and my foot itch were sooo spot on. Friday was a hard day for me. There were a few friendships that blankly showed the end of their time and also having to come with terms with that loss of those people, even though I still have to be around them; any sort of friendship or relationship is not possible (if I want to move forward). I cried quite a bit because of this. I understand the necessity to let them go and to stop caring what others think or have to say about me. Those who don’t view as I am and chose to nit pick, get and stay upset on misunderstandings, choose not to respond to me when trying to find understanding or exploit my faults are not the people I want.

        And yesterday we were just talking about booking a cruise. The vaccination requirements here in the US are the only thing keeping us from it, but a beach vacation could be just as fun and relaxing, maybe even take a sail boat!

        Thanks for all your work, it really has helped me tremendously throughout the years!

  7. Last night I had one dream where I got 3 numbers form the lottery and won 51,000.00. I had the plan to pay off my car and credit cards and give the rest to my hubs to pay off whatever he wanted to. I woke up sad like awwww it wasn’t real. I dont usually play the lottery in waking life. just here and there. But yesterday at work they were talking about the Mega Millions and I did one play, which didnt win anything, but is up to over one billion dollars today.

    • Dear C,
      The best way to look at the dream world is that it is a spiritual phenomenon that can have benefits in the material, but is mostly for the development of your own capacities as a human being. When you win the lottery in a spiritual sense, it means that you have been given gifts that you didn’t necessarily deserve or make efforts to develop. They come to you as a kind of a gift from the lottery. When you use those gifts in the world, you become wealthy or in this case is the key to being debt free. The question for you is how did you win the lottery in life?

  8. So, I just had a dream where I saw that my mother stepped on my left feet and pressed on it so hard that my entire left leg broke and blood was poring out from everywhere and then my feet was completely broken and it was hurting a lot and I was limping and walking with a limp and moving away from her. And it only happened in the left side. Can you tell me what does it mean?

    • Dear Stefanie,
      The leg and foot are what you use in to move forward to get to where you want to go. So you can say that your mother stomped on your ability to move forward in your own life. It relates to how you were treated by her in the past. The negative emotion is hurt, which means that when you let go of the hurt through the process of forgiveness, then can begin to really move forward to get to the things that you want to do in life. The left side hurt is connected to the future possibilities so letting go will help you see a positive future full of possibilities.

  9. This dream was a couple nights ago, but I just can’t forget it.

    I was in my house with my husband and kids and I heard my car alarm go off so I go outside and there is a man, dressed in all black at my passenger door stealing ALL the waterbottles, tumblers, thermos’ from my car. I run and say something to him and he takes his free hand and lifts me all the way in the air, his arm extended and he is running around. Behind my car I see 3 others with him (2 male 1 female) all dressed in black and one has an AK47. I am hollering at him to put me down and that he can have the cups, just give me my kids cups back, dont take my kids cups. Then I start to try and holler for my husband and my voice is so faint no matter how loud I am yelling. By the 3rd yell I am now loudly saying “Matt HELP!” he said “I am busy” and I yell “Help Robber! Robber! Grab your gun”! As this man is still running around with me in one arm above his head my husband comes out and says I can’t find the gun and then BRINGS THE OTHER 3 PEOPLE with the robber into our house and back to our bedroom closet to look for the guns.
    Now I have some how put this man in a choke hold and turned him into a metal thermos that I am gripping onto for life as I run in our house and holler to my husband ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! WHYYY would you let 3 robbers into our home to see the layout of the house and what we have!” Then I was thinking when we go to work and our teen girls are here ALONE these robbers could come at any time and hurt our kids. I was so mad, I woke myself up.

    • Dear C,
      Despite the negative things happening in the dream, this dream shows you are fully capable of dealing with people who are trying to get something for nothing. The dream is not so much about the vulnerability of your home. It is about the ability to deal with people who are trying to get a free ride and how firm you have to be with them. Your husband is useless in the dream, because you need to learn about just how strong you need to be with freeloaders.

  10. I had a really evil dream about myself. I was at a house I grew up in but it was different. There were a bunch of single moms that needed help there. One girl that was there was one that I honestly don’t like in real life. She hurt one of my kids on an accident so I was determined to hurt her. She was asleep on a bed under a blanket with her baby, so I went and snatched the blanket off her and kicked her around her stomach and she got up and walked off leaving her baby. I uncovered him and he woke up, I picked him up and started at him while I was thinking about just slamming the baby on the ground!! And the only reason I didn’t was because it felt like someone was peeking around the door watching me, so I just hurried and passed him off to the next person. Then when I saw him again he was with a different woman that was claiming he was her baby. It’s out of character for me I just needed help understand why I would think something like that

    • Dear Celia,
      What this dream is doing is stimulated the pattern that you learned growing up on how you deal internally when you were mistreated. When you feel hurt, then the reaction mentally is think about getting revenge. Hurt often works like this. It turns hurt and pain into rage and then seeks negative action. The more effective way of dealing with hurt is to feel the pain, get to a place of extreme calm and understanding, and then act in a way that is beneficial to everyone. It is very advanced way of operating out of both wisdom and compassion. The dream is wanting you to learn how to let go of hurt and get to a better way of dealing with others.

  11. Richard,

    Last night I had a dream that I was going to a restaurant with my husband to eat. I have been to this restaurant in my dreams before and recall it because it is SOOOO SLOWWW, like one waiter for an entire place. So when we get there it is same as before and packed with people but the worst and slowest service. My sisters friend (who lives many states away) was the only waitress and new. I felt bad for her and in waking like I waitressed 11 years ago so I got up to help her but told her I had to leave by 3pm for plans (those 3pm planes are waking life plans I have this afternoon) and in the dream I was going to attend these same plans. Anyways. I could not find any paper to write on so I was trying to remember complete drink orders. I would try to get a couple tables drink orders and fill them before taking their food order. When I turned around the place had like 6 more tables of people sit down and I had no clue who came in when and who had been waiting for a long time. This is frustrating. I never took any tables any drinks nor did I deliver any food orders. I took a few drink orders and one food order and I filled cups with drinks but never made it back to the people and I took the food order to the kitchen but never made it back to get the food. i stopped everything about half way through to rummage through the office to get a notepad. When I came out a couple other waitresses had arrived and helped all the people and once everyone had everything they needed they left again and it was just me and my sisters friend. People were going up to the kitchen themselves to place their food orders and oddly the kitchen cook (only 1 man for the entire restaurant) sat in the back at this bar and behind this bar was skates…for like a skating rink.

    My husband in the dream started bartending from the start when I jumped into help and in waking life he knows nothing about bartending, but in the dream he was killing it and knew how to make drinks that I didnt even know were a thing.

    People were getting mad once again when the extra help left and I tried to explain to a couple sorry for the service, I dont work here, I havent waitressed in 11 years and I told them about my Marine Corps service for whatever reason. A lot of people angerly left and talked about how horrible the service was. It was 3pm now and we need to leave but my sisters friend had not been working the whole time. she was new to start with and was all over the place, then crying and left with friends when I told her we had to leave. We stayed 30 more min and I just had to go.

    • Hi C,
      I am glad that I answered your other dream first. This dream shows the consequences of what happens when you feel overly responsible and try to rescue people or rescue a situation. You end up doing lots of work and lose the purpose for what you went there for in the first place. In the end you work really hard but you didn’t enjoy a good meal out. This is probably a pattern that you get into often. The key is to allow people to have their issues, to not rush in to the rescue, and then you will get to your goals and achieve them. When you rescue people, they never get better because they never get to ownership of their own feelings. They will gladly have you jump and fix things, but they never get better and you don’t get to where you want to go. I hope this is making sense to you. This could open up whole new worlds of positive experiences for you.

  12. Richard- what does it mean to actually smell things in your dream?

    My dream was all over the place and I can’t piece it together logically in a verbal way for interpretation BUT vividly I was pull from this gas station and people were being silly and saying things like hhiiiiiiiiiiii and drawing out the word for a long time and as I was driving away in a red convertible (don’t own one in waking life) this girl leaned over and said hhiiiii and proceeded to walk along the sidewalk of by driving path talking to me and I could smell how fresh her laundry was and kept thinking man her laundry smells fresh….and I could actually smell it as if I was awake and there.

    • Dear C,
      Being able to see and smell things like this in a dream or even in real life has to do with experiencing both worlds, the spiritual realm, and the material one more fully. Some people, like my sister-in-law, know that beings from the spiritual world are present, by the sense of smell. Any any event it helps you to live life more fully. Sometimes children are born with a lot of heightened perception, but the negative experiences of the world can make them quite fearful because they experience both equally.
      If you remember the book and film, The Color Purple, there is scene where two of them are walking in a field of purple flowers, and one of them says to the others, “I think it pisses God off when you see the color purple, but don’t stop to admire it.” When you experience the world fully, you end up in a lot more awe and wonderment, which is one of the main doors through which God has a place to enter your soul.

  13. I had a dream the I was kidnapped and sold in a sex trafficking ring and this all took place in my my grandfathers house.

    The dream start off with me and my brothers hiding behind cut down trees. I really charismatic woman approaches me and I took her as a great friend. She took me in her car and from then on I don’t remember. I end up in my grandfathers house and I am with some asian who feel shy. We try to escape we have toy guns to help us but we fail. Then a woman comes to me and tells me I have been kidnapped and that her family will sexually assault me. My dream tells me that I block out these experiences because I do not remember them. But I remember walking around feeling like a second class citizen. Then a woman in a school bus rescues me and sits me in back the bus. She is braiding my hair. One of the boys in the bus is acting sexist but I sense that he is scared of women. While the woman is brainding my hair, I come to the realization that the girl who kidnapped me was not my friend and I remember thinking how naive I was that I only realized it that moment. And I also felt optimistic the whole time I was kidnapped and the fact that I was saved. This whole dream took place at my grandfathers house, he lives in a big mansion.

    • I forgot to add there was also a boy that was kidnapped with me but he rose up the ranks because he knew magic. But he had to prove himself through magic fights.

    • Dear Emma,
      In this dream you start out hiding behind cut down trees. Cut down trees means being around people who have completely stopped growing and developing. In this environment you are susceptible to charismatic people who promise things. Your grandfather’s house means that you are taken to the old male-dominated power structure where women have no power and are used for the pleasure of men’s power. Fortunately you are rescued by a woman who knows how to help you gain your inner power. The end is positive, but the beginning is negative. So what you need to do in your life is start from the end of the dream and develop your inner powers as a woman who has full equality. You cannot hide behind people who are like dead trees and go on being treated badly in the male-dominated world. You need empowerment. Start there and then you will never have problems with being treated badly in the world.

  14. i had this dream and i kinda wanna know if theres some hidden meaning behind it or something.
    i was kind of stuck in a “dream loop” where someone i love would kill me and thats where a dream wold end and another one would start,they all killed me in different ways,and in all of the dreams i knew it was a dream but i couldnt wake up so i tried to prevent the part where i end up being killed but they would still somehow find a way to murder me. i think there was about 10 dreams. i would wake up in places i love and just for a second think that i finally woke up and then realise that i havent. between every dream i would be in like full blackness for about 5 seconds and that part didn’t feel like a dream it felt like i was awake but without i body,i was just floating in that black space. people who killed me were my sister,my mom,my best friends,a dog,my favourite fictional character,my favourite actor,my crush. i was really stressed the whole dream because i couldn’t wake up,and when they would kill me it would all feel real,like the pain and all.

    • Dear Ivana,
      In your dream you are fearful that people who are closest to you are going to kill you, which, in real life means that they are going to end their positive relationship with you. So inner fear which gives you dark moments is that people you are close to you are going to end their relationship with and be gone out of your life.

      The reason that you would have dreams like this is to awaken a new capacity in yourself that is exactly the opposite of the dream. What is the new capacity that your spirit wants to develop? The new capacity is the ability to bring new life to people’s lives by doing acts of loving kindness and encouragement. Whatever positive you get from them, you can start giving to others. This is how you are going to make the world a better place. Without the new capacity the relationships you have cannot last for a long time. With it they will go on endlessly.

  15. Richard – some messages are coming on strong in my dreams this week (I wrote you a dream from 2 days ago under your last reply about my Mexico dream)

    So last night I was in a house – no house I know or have seen in waking life, but it was my house and it was in a more open rural-ish neighborhood. The lot next to us was empty, but had a gravel driveway that we would use. There were a good amount of trees around the houses and in the yards.

    We had a friend and his girl friend over (but in waking life that “friend” is someone we had to cut out of our lives and we dont want them back in our lives ever). Well him and my husband were going somewhere and so they were hanging out at the house and all our kids were running around and playing (and at times my view would cut to seeing life through there eyes playing in the dream). My husband and his “friend” left and his girlfriend was leaving too. I ran out to her to say she could stay longer if she wanted to and she was in her passanger seat and some woman just was in her drivers seat, like she had been laying down in the car waiting the whole time. They left.

    I went to that empty lot where my car was parked to grab something and this group of young teen boys stole the 2 packages from my porch. I was able to grab one and I had him in a headlock. the other got away. His friends were hollering and moving towards me but none of them got within arms distance of me. I was trying to call 911 and I hollered out I was going to call 911 but everytime I tried to dial it i would dial 91115 or 95115 and I was getting frustrated. I tried to lock my phone to use the emergency button my face recognition kept unlocking it. I ended up dialing 911 just as I was getting back to my porch and the boy was all of a sudden gone. I put the call on FaceTime and set it down on the ground facing me. I was sitting in a chair and just watching my neighbors house. 911 was all black screen and no answer yet. Then I see a large black male at my neighbors house ringing the door bell – my neighbor had 20-30 packages on his porch. When he opened the door the black man pulled a gun on him and I left my phone outside and ran inside and locked the door and moved over to the next room and looked out the window. The black man shot him and started stealing all his packages. I went to the closet and I had this huge granade launcher and a pistol. I made sure they were both loaded and ready to go if I needed them.

    I woke up and fell back asleep — then My husband was at the house with me and all our kids and we had a few friends over (people I dont know in waking life). Kids were still playing and running around. This black woman was at the house and she said something off to me and I pulled the granade launcher out and pointed it at her face and cocked it back so it was ready and she said something that calmed me and I put it away.

    Then in our kitchen there were two very tall palm trees – it was part of the decor – but they were real. All the doors were shut but there was a gust of wind inside the house and palm trees came up out of the ground almost completely and leaned back. at this same time all the porch furniture ( couch, couple chairs, table) all lifted in the air and hovered and circled small in their respective areas then out set back down – same with the trees….this happened a few times.

    Another mini dream I had – which I am sure I know the meaning but wanted to add it here anyways – I was at that same house above, opening mail and I got this list of all my credit accounts (i recently opened 2 new accounts in waking life and they use different apps/websites than my current ones and it causes me a little stress to have to monitor so many apps/websites). Well the bill had all those listed – plus 3 additional accounts there were taken out in my name, but not yet active – I knew it was fraud and planned to call the companies and cancel the accounts)

    Thank you in advance to for helping me understand all the dreams this week.

    • Dear C,
      Whoever the “friend” is in real life is still causing you problems in your emotional life even though he isn’t present. Whatever he did to your family has gone away with him, but does not seem to have gone away in your inner life. You are missing a quality or energy that is positive that would keep that type away and then allow you to fully thrive. I could guess why, but I am not exactly sure. I love the grenade launcher image. Shows the level of violation or intrusion. Feel free to explain even to my email, and then I will let you know what the energy is that you need.

  16. Richard last nights dream was a bit intense, but in a cool/weird way.

    So I dreamt that my husband and I had bought a new house. It was a much older house and is appeared to be in Mexico. Although we apparently were in Mexico our house was not an style to that culture, it was very much an american old 60-70’s design/layout/materials. It was odd that our neightbors were white english speakers and so was the old owners of the house we bought, but everyone else was mexican and spanish speaking – this seemed important in the dream.

    The next odd thing was that all the belongings were left behind my the old owners – with the exception of the master bed and bath, but even the fridge was full of their food.

    Our back yard was also weird, it was at a high incline and there was a slide on the right side and concrete steps in the middle that were carved between the steep hillside. I went on this slide in our yard to explore and it was long and overgrown with brush. I ended up getting a really nasty splinter, but like the size of a dime. Oddly enough some paramedics were tending to my neighbors and so my children called them over and they removed it and I went back inside.

    Now we were cleaning out the fridge, nothing was spoiled, but I just thought it was weird to reuse someone’s food. My husband and I joked about what if someone was killed and that’s why the house was this way. Then I lifted foot from the rug that was in front of the fridge and there was cold feeling blood on it. I lifted my foot to look at it and told my husband. We then went walking past the kitchen and I was looking at things around the house and came to the conclusion a grandpa used to live there.

    Then when I was in the dining room with my husband the ghost of the man appeared and he looked like a living man. I asked him “is this real?” “are you alive?” He told me no that he was in fact dead but that I could see him (and my husband too) and He pulled back this wall that was filled with ammo (which I was relieved because I knew I needed it for some reason). I asked grandpa what was I to call him. He said you can call me grandpa or his name (but I now forget the name). I told him about the blood and he said to call the paramedics back and telepathically showed me how he was murdered by a boot to the head being kicked over and over by a woman 15 years younger than him (that age difference seemed important).

    Then he was gone and I was back to exploring the house, which itself was set up in such an odd way. There were full kitchen’s in a few areas, of course one in the kitchen, then one in garage, then another out back.

    Also out back was what I thought to be an in-law studio quarters, but it turned out to be a community space where much of the mexican families stayed and slept..

    I then called the paramedics about the blood found and they told me to sponge it up with a wet paper towel and send it to them and I did. One part there was blood but also salmon and I told them I didnt know where that blood came from (the man or the fish) but I collected it anyway for them..

    I dont think this happened last in my dream but we were leaving the house and I noticed all my girls rooms were set up and ready for them but my sons room had old belongings from the grandpa in it and I explored the room and though about how to set up my sons room. But there was a fiber optic christmas tree and a mini fridge and other things.

    Lastly, at some point when I was leaving my house I was touching all the glass and it was turning into like a metal coating on the windows and mirrors, it was odd. my husband was hurrying me along so I stopped but I felt like that was something I needed to do and I wanted to finish, but I left.

    • Dear C,
      What strikes me about the dream is that you and your husband buy the house, and then you notice and have to deal with all kinds of strange energy and things in the house. It means that you two do not have the opposite process fully together. What is the opposite process? The opposite process is dealing with things that are going to be problematic or that you want ahead of time, not after you have invested in it. I like that you had gone to Canada before and now Mexico. Mexico means that you have to have yourselves together fully before you buy into something or invest yourself into something.

      Does this make sense in the context of your marriage?

      • Thank you Richard- that does make sense in the context of our marriage.

        I just woke up from a dream where I was going to jail for something I didn’t do. I was there for a night with my phone and I got to home and see my family but I had to be back by 10pm. I had my phone with me but no charger so I went home and got a couple jackets and my charger and hid it in my bag. We were about to leave but the tire to my husbands car ripped apart. A local cop was doing usual rounds in the neighborhood and I just asked him for a ride and he said yea. I kissed my husband and kids a dozen times and headed out, an old friend of mine (who li no longer talk to) appeared in the car with me and she had a mini purse with her tablet and other things and said we didn’t have to hide our phones.

        I get back to the jail but my cell is a room with a tv mounted, table and two twin beds that I have all to myself with a door that closes. I was the only one who had a room to myself. Other girls were even 6 to the same kind of room.

        At some point jail workers came in and talked to me and it was going to be 3300.00 to get me out.

        Then my husband was holding hands with a female jailer, I wasn’t there but it was a birds eye view of him I was just viewing, this made me so very sad .

        The three of us were then in this classroom and had to complete this complex 3-d type puzzles and she kept being so close to him. I told him
        How it made me feel and he would ignore her and tell her to sit away from him but that wouldn’t stop her from
        Sitting next to me and blowing him kisses behind me.

        • Oh also….

          When I found the amount I had to pay I called my husband and he asked what I was going to do, saying he wasn’t going to help and I mentioned asking his dad to borrow the money and he told me I couldn’t do that and I thought I’ll just use my credit cards…..then that’s when the view switched so I could see it what he was really doing.

          And during our last puzzle it was to get this mouse to get from point a to be without trapping it, you had to make a open puzzle and now about 6 other girls were there too and whoever’s puzzle the mouse took at the end won. At the end we were all looking for the mouse and my dog from waking life was cuddling it and then put his whole paw in the mouses mouth and pulled it out and the mouse was fine, then I was leaving the jail telling one of the guards about the dog.

        • Dear C,
          This explains some of the challenges of your marriage. You are in jail and you are having to be responsible and figure things out, but your husband is the problem. He should be in jail, and you should be having a good time. LOL. Having eyes for another woman is more like a metaphor in this context. He has the process of thinking that the grass is greener on the other hill because dealing with the reality of the present tense is more challenging for him. You deal well with the present, but he does not. That is why the other previous dreams happen. To get out of the prison you have to realize that you are amazing, and he has issues. It sounds funny to say it, but it seems to be true.

  17. I had a dream about me pulling my teeth out. Some came out together in clumps the others I pushed with my tongue and they popped right out. But it was never ending. It was like chewing on a bathtub

    • Losing your teeth is losing your inner decision making and problem solving abilities. When you have strong teeth metaphorically it means that you can chew (process) ideas and things coming into you then make good decisions and solve problems. Losing your teeth probably means that you had the ability to process at one time and then lost it. The dream wants you to regain it by letting go of the loss you experienced.

  18. Dear Richard,

    I dreamt that I was driving alone. I heard something happen behind me so I looked in the rear view mirror & saw someone on the floor was hurt. Then I noticed the sky was all dark, people were screaming & running & i then realised it was Judgement Day. I stopped my car, got out & ran, looking for family & somewhere to hide, but I could only find my sister. I stood next to a car & there was a group of people who were the only ones not afraid. They were looking up at the sky, & standing close together. I looked into the sky to see what they were looking at. There was a long cloud & I could see silhouettes of people standing in a row, somewhat working, passing things around to eachother. Thank you

    • Dear Lin,
      The way I work with dreams has a lot to do with what you are feeling in the dream. If you are feeling a negative emotion, which in this case, is fear, then the solution or the way forward is to find the positive energy in yourself that is counter or opposite to the negative. In your dream you are driving alone, and then you hear a lot of screaming and running which makes you stop and look for your family hide. This means that when you are trying to get to where you want to go in your life and you are alone, the voices in your head tend to become so negative that they are like Judgement Day. This stops your forward progress and keeps you in a fearful state. To solve the dream what you need are positive voices of encouragement and support in your mind, rather than negative ones. It is actually very common for people to have mostly negative voices especially when they are alone. God has created you in His image, so you can understand that He actually wants you to feel extremely positive about yourself and then encourage yourself in a positive way to reach your positive goals that benefit your family and others. Judgement Day can be everyday, but it doesn’t have to be a really negative experience. It can be taking into account what you did well that day and where you need to improve. Too much judgment stops the positive movement forward.

  19. Richard,

    How are you? I had a dream about 6 weeks ago and it just stays with me. Sorry for its length; the crucial bit is the last two sections.

    I am in a coffee shop / store. I look down and see a gold-coloured box of Ginseng tea. I walk around and towards the door, but they are locked with no one coming in or out. The shop is quite full. I rub shoulders with someone famous. I turn around to look the way I came. There is something on the TV that has everyone’s attention.

    I am abruptly awoken from a trance like state seated on a train. I have missed m stop and immediately stand up and disembark. One other person has done the same and we stand on the platform. They walk away in the other direction. There are no station buildings; just a dry earth car park / yard that is empty. I follow the dirt road off to the right, trees and overgrowth on all sides. Does not look like the way but is the only one.

    The road narrows and as I walk down, I come to a hard right bend with a large business premises on the left and below the road level. A transport company of some sort with lorries parked outside. I recognize it as I had passed it recently while traveling with my family (in the dream!). reassured I continue to walk.

    I come on a small shop on my right and up a short pathway; also familiar. I look at some things on the stalls outside the shop. A woman speaks to me and begins to read my future / destiny. ‘…you will travel to England for financial reasons…’ she looks away and upwards as she continues to read.

    I am in the shop. The same woman is present with others sitting on a long bench speaking jovially. She tells me a story about one of the girls and how another slapped her on the shoulder and knocked her out of her body. I tell them in astonished tone ‘that’s a Shaktipat’; but they pay no attention.

    The other girl is there. She is tall, slim, long hair. She is smiling peacefully, humbly at the discussion. Then I am shown her hand. She has two large stigmata (purple flesh colour). I cup her hand in my hands. The feeling is – I cannot put in a word – but something like peaceful, still, silent. I recognize her as the others do not. Respect, awe are the types of feeling. Tears in my eyes.

    After some time and more talking, I ask if I could meet her again. I’m not sure what the answer was, but it was ‘iffy’ I think; or a kindly not possible.

    I take her other hand and it two has two stigmata similar to the first; somewhat larger. There is no blood; simply open wounds.

    It was very emotional at the end and when I wrote it the following day I could still fell the emotion in my chest.

    Thanks for your time and effort. Namastae.

    • Dear Liam,
      If you think about the structure of the dream, things are happening to you that are not acts of your own will. You find your self in shops or you end up in places that you had no intention of going to. You are told what your future is and when you ask the girl to meet you again, you get an iffy response. What this dream seems to indicate is that in your psyche you have too much waiting around as if your fate is in the hands of others, and not enough of using your will to move forward. The first step is to just go forward with an intention that you think is right for you like diving into a lake, then after you dive in with what your intention is, you will be guided. The important teaching is that you cannot be guided along your path without first taking steps forward. The guidance comes after the movement forward. You seem to have an issue with using your will to move forward as you deem right. You are in a state of letting things happen to you. In this state negative usually comes. The positive comes when you activate your own will.

  20. Richard it has been a little bit since I had a dream really stick with me and prompt deeper exploration.

    Last night I dreamed first that my husband and I were remodeling this very old house – it was made of gray stone. and we had the underneath of the house exposed (I assume for foundation support). We thought it would be funny to put two empty caskets, some air mattresses, pillows, blankets and kids themed stuff under there so when the next people bought it they would be surprised and confused and try to solve why it could be there when it was all a joke and fake. We then covered the sides all the way around with this sheer black fabric to keep bugs and moisture out.

    Then I was using a rock to bang other rocks to shift the outer wall back (it was pressed in a few inches).

    Next thing I know my husband and I are fighting and he is physically hitting me and we are breaking up and the house is a total mess on the inside. Then he sets the house on fire while I am inside of it. The fire didnt burn up much of the house (because of the stone).

    Then I was in a foster home with child protective services (as an adult) with my two kids. We had to live with this family and undergo some investigation and to be kept safe from my husband. it was weird.

    Then I was back at the house packing bags for my and my two kids. My neighbor (in the dream but different than my neighbor in waking life) came with me to the house and was helping me back bags. I remember thinking I needed to only take the necessities and I could not move all of my house over with me and I was looking all over for one specific bag. When I finally found it I put toilet paper in the bottom, it was important for some reason that I HAD to have that toilet paper. I was crying so hard and my husband was there and so was my son, but my son was away in another part of the house and was obvious to what was going on. I was crying for my husband to come talk to me and I wanted to be back with him so badly but he wouldn’t even come talk to me.

    In waking life my husband is a gentle man and non physical, he can use his words to hurt people in anger, but is very mindful and quick to apologize if he did something wrong.

    • Dear C,
      Remodeling your house is a symbol for remodeling your marriage. The positive part is the lightness you have as a foundation. You have a certain amount of humor. The part of the dream that needs remodeling is his anger and your reaction to it. Anger is the negative emotion that causes you to lose your mind. The virtue he needs is something like detachment or calm. His anger seems to kick out something about yourself so that it leaves as if going to safe house. What would your relationship be like if he was not angry and hurtful? What would happen to your life if you could become detached from his anger? The virtue you seem to be needing is more along the lines of detachment rather than feeling hurt and protective. Does this make sense?

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