When You Dream About Snakes, Start Looking for Jealousy

If you have ever been to one of my dream meetings, you will almost always hear me say that snakes are about change, transformation especially at the beginning stages of change, but there is hardly another animal on the planet that evokes so much fear as a snake.   Part of the problems with snakes is that you can’t see them until you are right upon it.    If it is poisonous, then its effects from biting you can be really deadly.

Jealousy as an emotion most simulates the way a poisonous snake acts.    People who have problems with jealousy tend to use vicious poison in a hidden way so that they can protect the power and things, especially relationships, that they already have.  Its dirtiest weapon is usually backbiting.  Backbiting is the act of trying to maintain what you have by purposely spreading negative information about another so that they will look bad and be disfavoured in certain people’s eyes.

If a poisonous snake appears in your dream, one of the important questions to ask is, “Who is the snake and what is the snake protecting?”   Jealousy is often portrayed in romantic relationship issues, but it is not exclusive to them.    People who managed to claw their way to the top of an organization in negative ways are guaranteed to be full of it and their poison is lethal.

The worst kind of poison that I have faced is institutional backbiting.   This is where the head of the organization allows people to report negative things about others in the organization without going through proper channels and then the person is believed without the facts having been thoroughly investigated.    Jealousy does not want to investigate facts because it is interested in maintaining power and recognition.  It sees people doing excellent work as a threat to their position because they have earned their position by doing a lot of negative behavior.   Allowing an uninvestigated fact to be perceived as true is how the snake’s poison infiltrates the organization and then ruins people’s livelihoods.  It discredits good work and then allows the leader to maintain power.  It is very effective and very lethal.  A leader who is good at it can have most people believing the poison so that his name remains in good.

When you are attacked by jealousy,  the first thing that tends to happen is that you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities, but what it takes to overcome the attacks is a huge amount of self discipline in the mind.  Self discipline of the mind means being able to investigate the facts to see if they are true.    If someone is jumping the normal procedures to go to the top and then top is allowing it to happen, then you can be certain, that what they are reporting is plague with lies and it is a huge cover up for their own ineptness. Leaders just feed on it so that they can protect what they have.

What to do?    A poisonous snake dream is a warning.  It first requires finding out who is jealous, and then it requires re-focusing on the goals in the light of an environment filled with its poison.   What poison usually does is destroy the minds ability to think clearly, so first you keep your goals like doing excellent work and then you keep your mind by seeing with your own eyes what is truly happening.     You always have options,  but  first you need to have your own mind that has self discipline.  The goal of a leader who is threatened by you is to get rid of you, plain and simple.   Sooner or later you will get the boot.

So I think that the best thing to do when you start recognizing institutional jealousy is realize that you are already fired.   As soon as you recognize that jealousy has already fired you from your relationship or work, then you have options.    When you hold onto thinking that you are going to keep the relationship,  you are just wasting a lot of time.    The relationship is over so what are your options?

Snakes mean change so  a poisonous one is just opening some new doors for you by signaling his jealousy and that the relationship is over.   Keep your mind and assess your options.   The new options are always much better than the old.

70 Comments on “When You Dream About Snakes, Start Looking for Jealousy”

  1. Last night I had a dream. I was in my front yard and stumbled upon something. I fell down on an orange colored snake. It was coiled up. It was deeply hidden in the grass. When I realized what it was, I jumped up and ran inside the house. I had friends and family staying at our house, so I warned them to be aware of the snake that was hidden in the grass. What does this mean?

    • Dear Monique,
      When you have a dream like this, it means that you are fearful of taking your true self out in the world because of the possibility of poisonous snakes ready to strike. A poisonous snake in real life are people who are venomous in that the use gossiping, lying, back-stabbing or whatever else they can think of to get a advantage over someone without doing any real work. What you need to be is the opposite which is a source of true friendship, helpfulness to others, and working hard to get where you want to go in your life that is both beneficial to yourself and others. The most difficult thing in life by far is to deal with people like this. You will never have a more difficult challenge if you come up against them because they are good at being venomous snakes. Nonetheless, if you stay on your true path, they have only a minor effect in the long run. Short term they cause damage, but long term they are found out by everyone. The main thing is to ignore them completely and stay on a really positive path. Now that you know that a venomous person may be in your life, you can take steps to ignore them.

  2. Hey please help me by interpreting this for me I am pregnant with my first and have been seeing snakes throughout the pregnancy I have encountered four or five so far and everytime I see them I am most likely to dream of them the very same day.I have seen so many like one every month that I think I’m really traumatised. So for me its just not dreaming of them but I actually cross paths with them too which is really scary

    • Dear Pamela,
      When you see a snake or have a snake in a dream, it can either be positive or negative. What they symbolize in the dream world is positive change. They signal to us that we are ready for a significant positive change in our life that will make everything better. Since you are pregnant, the new stage of life for you is motherhood. There is really nothing in life that prepares you for it. It is a very big change. The snakes tell you in your outer life and inner life that there is a change you need to make in yourself before you become a mother. If you do not make the change, then the weakness that you have that was probably inherited from your parents, will pass itself onto your baby and then the baby will have to live with the weakness. If you change, then the baby changes with you. This is a basic law of life. Someone has to take responsibility for transforming and then everyone is affected in a positive way. I am not sure what change you need to make, but if you analyze your own life and what you need to change the most about yourself, then you will be really prepared for motherhood. You will raise a really strong child. Take the time to reflect on your life and then change it.

  3. I had a dream where I had to protect a small (i think it was black) snake from a monster. We were in an outdoor place (maybe a town in the country?) and I was running and hiding with it and trying to reach the two other people who had passed it off to me. At first it was calm and and accepting but as the monster got close it began to struggle and attempt to bite at me to escape. Can you shed any light on this?

    • Dear Ginny,
      The snake represent an important change that you want to make in your life or change in general. When you have a snake dream, you can always think that something important wants to change in me. The monster represent some type of negative energy in either one person or a lot of people who are threatened by the change you might make. As the monster approach you become fearful of changing. That is why the snake tries to get away from you. This is an important dream because the change you make is actually exactly what the people who are most afraid of change need also. There is a certain amount of wisdom you need to have when making the change because the monster is probably more real than you would like it to be. Nonetheless, the change is really calling you.

      • Thank you so much for your input. This has really put me greatly at ease because I’ve been trying to make a huge change for a few years now and it really isn’t easy. so it’s nice to feel validated for the efforts I’ve been making and to know that I’m going down the right path.

  4. My dream was so many little colorful snakes I think they are called coral snakes or something they were in the house and I me and some people I can’t remember were killing them but there just seemed to be more. what does it mean

    • Dear Omuwa,
      When a snake is positive, it has to do with transformation. When any snake appears in a dream, you should right away think that a big change needs to happen in me. In your case you have a lot of coral snakes. Coral snakes are poisonous, but they are not aggressive like pit vipers. They represent poisonous people that are not aggressive, but nonetheless can be lethal to your spirit if you are affected by them. What kind of people are they? They are people who look really good on the outside and care a huge amount about their appearance, but inside they are so lacking any kind of really positive capacity. You get attracted by the color, but then poisoned by their actions of obsessing on outer appearance. The message is really quite clear. If you constantly change inside to become a better and more capable person, then you will give out positive energy and life to other people’s spirits. The main thing is to let go of thinking too much about appearance.

  5. I had a dream last night I was at the beach. I seen a few snakes an most of them was poisonous. I walked up to one that wasn’t an picked it up an gave it to someone I don’t remember who. It was the only one alive. All the poisonous ones were already dead or at lest acted as so. I’m not sure what that means for me.

    • Dear Rachel,
      Snakes when they are poisonous and alive and threatening have a lot to do with jealousy. They would be symbols of poisonous people in your life. It seems like probably you had them in the past, but now they are all gone and no longer a threat to you. A snake that is not poisonous represents the capacity to make positive changes in your life relatively easily. You not only have this ability, according to the dream, but you can help others make changes as well. It is a positive gift that you can start using immediately in your life. The beach means that you can be really relaxed about who you are and what you can do.

      • Thank you sooo much for the response. I have many snake dreams an I always Google to find out what it means. But this time I was confused because I had 2 types of snakes an because the poisonous ones were dead.

  6. Every time I get around this guy I always end up dreaming about a poisonous snake hissing at me or trying to attack me when I don’t go around him I don’t have snake dreams

    • Dear Ashley,
      The reason you have the dreams is to show you that the guy’s energy carries a lot of poison, mostly jealousy. You are obviously not ready to handle being around that energy. It is difficult for anyone to be around. What is more important is that you surround yourself with positive people that have a lot of positive energy. The positive energy will help take your life in the direction it is meant to go. The negative energy will just make it difficult to go forward. People with a lot of jealousy can be like poisonous snakes especially the way they work behind your back to get their own advantage.

  7. Last night I dreamt I was in the house I grew up in and there were 2 very small yellow and black snakes that were chasing me around the house. These snakes were fast and were even able to leap up the stairs. They never bit me or anything, just chased me and would leap at me but not land on me. Finally my mom came and calmly placed both of the snakes outside the house. IT was a terrifying dream that seemed to last long and woke me up several times. Thoughts?

    • Dear Carly,
      In this dream what is happening is that you are being chased by parts of you that want you to change. When you have a snake dream, just always think that a part of you needs changing. It is a wake up call to change. Right now you have a fear reaction associated with change. What you need to do is welcome change. The way to think about change is this. The future is always supposed to be infinitely better than the past. There are positive changes that you can make inside of you that will make your life amazing and your future so much better than you could ever imagine. That is what you need to go for. Just start thinking about what you would like new inside of you and go for it. Like maybe you want more courage or more determination or more calm.

  8. Hello! Last night I had a dream that my husband and I walked into an unknown garage (looked like it had been vacant). I was standing in the garage doorway and my husband was about to enter the house when I saw a coral snake near him. I yelled at him and the snake struck but I don’t think it bit through his pants. My husband began trying to kill the snake while I climbed a ladder in the garage. After many attempts of him trying to behead the snake with a shovel it ended with him picking the snake up and being bit on the hand. My husband and I have a good relationship but I have struggled with insecurities most of my life. I was wondering if you could offer further insight! Thank you!

    • Hi Susan,
      So first you have to look at the context of the dream. Where is the dream taking place? It takes place in unknown garage that your husband enters. A garage is a place for storage. Storage of what? What is stored there are unknown negative emotions of the past from experiences you have not revisited for a long time. When he goes into the garage, he meets a poisonous snake that bites him. The coral snakes are the most venomous so he is dealing with one of your emotions that is deadly. I am not sure which negative emotion it is. Often venomous snakes deal with jealousy. The big huge problem in the dream is that you should be dealing with the negative emotion inside of you, but he is running into it because you are just watching. The insecurity you have has something to do with jealousy that has a lot to do with fear. He is a good guy, but sooner or later he is going to run into your insecurity and be bitten by it. This is like a major warning to you to get some help with it. Are you seeing someone? Better start.

  9. Hi I had a dream my newborn son was holding a snake gold one and I was afraid but he wasn’t what does that mean

    • Dear Grace Mutai,
      A snake is positive symbol of change. A golden is like extremely positive change. It is like you are a newborn to haivng the power within you to change yourself and to help others change for the better, but you are fearful that you are going to be harmed in the process. The fear is based on the fact that people will get envious of what you can do, but you can just let it go and go for really positive change. That is the message.

  10. Hi there. Last night I dreamed that I was somehow in the middle of a Forrest, and two large Copperhead snakes were wrapped around a tree & I was standing close by, but couldn’t move at all. During this dream I felt terrified and scared that the snakes were going to snap and bite me at any point but I couldn’t move my legs for anything.

    • Dear Susan,
      Copperhead snakes are venomous snakes which means that you have poisonous people in your environment, two of them, that are causing you to have difficulties with your growth process which is symbolized in the tree. The poisonous people usually use criticism or talking behind your back to do their negative work. The result is that you feel paralyzed.
      To deal with the poisonous people in your life the best thing is to stay away from them is you, but to seriously let go of whatever they try to do with you however difficult it may be. Then you need to support yourself by being around really positive people, learning to have a really positive voice encouraging you in your head, and going after really positive things.
      It is a huge test to be around venomous people. The idea is to be with positive people.

  11. Hello, I’m Morgan. So I’ve had quite a few dreams about snakes recently. One night probably only just a few days ago, I had a dream about snakes chasing me. I remember one being a very big snake and the other being a fast and very little green one. I couldn’t exactly remember what type the big one was, but it was kind of spotted with brown and black. But in this dream, they just chased me around my house,,, seems weird but that’s what happened. My dad had gotten the snakes but they ended up chasing me. The little green one actually leaped up and almost bit me when I was on top of the counter, but I jumped off and ran. Now, the most recent one I had (last night) was kind of the same thing. But this one was far more terrifying. So, I have a pet bunny and in this dream, my dad once again had snakes. Well, my mom was sitting at the computer desk and he couldn’t find his snakes. I had to help look for them, but my vision is always burry in my snake dreams. It’s like I have problems seeing in only the snake dreams, but there is nothing wrong with my eyes in real life. So due to the vision issues, I couldn’t really see the snakes…but it’s strange because sometimes I can clearly see them. In this dream, there was one coral snake and another really small distinctive green one. While my mom was sitting at the computer desk, I was looking for the snakes, and my bunny cage just happened to be open. I shined 2 flashlights in there, and I didn’t see the snakes, but I saw my bunny laying there almost skinless and bleeding badly, basically on the verge of dying. I am not sure what happened to the coral snake, but my dad and I got the small green one. I remember gripping it by the sides just below his head as I tried giving it to my dad. but the snake just tried to bite my dad. I do have good ability to wake myself up if I am in a scary dream like that, which I did. I have seen lots about snakes chasing you and poisonous snakes, but what does my dream mean? Any advice? Thanks.

    • Dear Morgan,
      Snakes are symbols of change. When you run away from a snake in a dream, it means that you are running away from the negative change that someone is trying to put on you. Your snakes attacked the bunny which means that the thing someone wants to change in you is your gentleness or tenderness. It is probably your dad and he probably wants you to have more toughness so that you can deal with the world. What he doesn’t realize or what the person doesn’t realize is that gentleness and tenderness are so much more effective in dealing with the world than toughness. Toughness allows you to finish what you begin, but tenderness is what allows you to relate to almost anyone on the entire planet and probably every other planet if we could travel to them. So if you make the two changes, one being tender or gentle with people, but tough to what you want to achieve, then you will be hugely and extremely successful.

  12. Hello,

    Last night I had a dream that I was going through tests – like a field agent or something – and this particular one seemed like an enclosed rainforest with many snakes around. My goal was to go through the space and keep track of how many snakes I could identify. I remember most had patterns and that I believed most were poisonous. At one point I was crossing through some trees and I saw multiple snakes and I remember feeling nervous/scared. At that point a felt a burning sensation on my arm and somehow knew that I was in trouble. I started to feel dizzy and ran through the rest of the course because I suspected I had been poisoned. I got medical and was told I passed the test but it didn’t seem I was bitten until they saw red marks on my forearm and near my neck/shoulder/clavicle. At which point, we realized it had come from a tan snake that wasn’t supposed to be in that enclosure because it secreted poison through its skin, as well, which made it extremely dangerous. I remember the name started with Cl (Clarvyne, Clyrvine, Clvyrne, ???). By the end of the dream, we figured out someone had tried sabotaging the test and we caught the snakes but I can’t recall the details after that except that I woke up breathing rapidly and my heart pounding.

    • Hi Linda,
      Snakes are symbols of change. They can be negative like in your dream or positive. When you have them in the dream, it means that you are ready to make a positive change in your life in an area that is new to you. Most people get the dreams like you get them which is negative and poisonous. Poisonous snakes means that you have poisonous people or have had a lot of poisonous people in your environment. They try to change others (rather than themselves) by focusing on negatives and often using talking behind someone’s back to change things in their favor. Yours is almost like living in a culture of negativity. The first step in the change process is to let go of or get away from the poisonous environment. Then you start doing exactly the opposite with yourself and others. You focus entirely on the positive in yourself and others. It is really good to have a journal to write down your positives and then re-read them everyday so you won’t forget them. It has a hugely powerful effect when you tell other people about the positive you see in them. That is amazing. You shouldn’t try to change a poisonous person. You can be kind, but too much interaction will just cause them to find ways to use their poison because of their jealousy.

  13. Dee

    Hi there. I had a strange dream involving 3 gigantic pythons. my husband & I had just bought a new house (we did this about 2months ago) We have been living with my mother-in-law on & off because of her ill-health and in my dream she was leaving on the day. But she was leaving with my late granny. We walked them up the road (weird because our cars were parked in the garage)

    When we got the bus stop, my mom-in-law said goodbye but it was more of a farewell because she even said we mustn’t cry, she is not leaving us alone she’s left us with protectors. When we get back to our house we discover we can not enter the house because there are these 3 enormous pythons blocking all possible entrances. They didn’t move but they were alive. Just chilling laying straight on the lawn. I then woke up. And we were sleeping in the bedroom she & her daughter use when they’re around. She will be coming again tomorrow…

    • This is a response to Dee’s dream,
      Hi Dee, Pythons are constrictors so your mother-in-law is the source of constriction in your life because you cannot live the life you want to live, you cannot be yourself as long as she is there probably because of the way she acts and speaks as well as her ill health. What you need to do is to open yourself up to the possibility that you can be yourself and you can take care of her. Both are possible, but it usually takes quite a bit emotional work to do it. If she gets to you, then you should seek some help from someone like me to deal with it. You will be surprised how beneficial it is.

  14. A big anaconda Sized snake layed in the high Grass close to the house. I walked on the side of the house, Cutted grass next to the High Grass. And saw the snake. I didnt feel afraid but after waking some steps i felt unsure. Went back in told My boyfriend.we Both walked to the window on the side of the house to watch It and left was basically black poison, quite alot.

    • Dear Ml,
      Anacondas are constrictor snakes. They grasp hold of their victims and then squeeze them. Their power is in their ability to hold onto their prey for a long time. I am not quite sure what you mean when you say and left was black poison because normally anacondas are not poisonous like a cobra. The reason you have the dream is that you need to be like a positive anaconda. That probably sounds a bit strange. I will try to explain. Your experience is one of surprise but not great fear. You are unsure, but not terrified. This means that you have had the experience of being in situations where you have been around people who act like anacondas. These are big control freaks who try to control everyone around them so that they can get what they want. When you are around them, you are unsure of yourself and see their poisonous ways. You need reassurance. The key to understanding a person who is like an anaconda is to see that they are really fearful of being left all alone by themselves. So what they do is to try to control everyone so that they can get a lot of attention. What you need to realize is that you are good with people, you connect with them easily and are in harmony with them. Then you can be an anaconda. You can go after the thing you want to go for and then hold onto it tightly until it is achieved. It is the holding onto the goal or vision that is important for you, but first you have to let go of any concern at all about the control freaks. They will take your energy away like poison.

      • Thank you Richard for taking time intepreting the dream.
        It make sense. I have met these people alot and i sense fast and they know i do.
        Since i started talking to Jesus i feel more Alive, his spirit is very loving and caring.
        This is a gift you got from him. Much love from Sweden.

  15. Last night I awoke from a dream about two copperhead snakes. I walked outside of my home to a gas tank (which we do not actually have) and opened the lid to read the gauge and there was a copperhead snake formed into a comfortable ball. I never saw it’s face. Then later in the same dream, I was lying in a low hanging hammock-type contraption under the deck of someone’s house with my husband. Suddenly, I looked to my right and another copperhead was coiled up on the ground looking at me and ready to strike. I slowly turned my head toward my husband to tell him but he too had just realized the snake’s presence at that same moment. He pulled me over him and pushed me off of his side of the hammock and said “run run run” and then I woke up screaming. I can’t think of anything going on in my life that could help me figure out what this dream means. Please help.

    • Dear Brandy, To understand the copperheads and why they are there in your dream, it helps to understand where they are in the dream. At first the copperhead is in the gas tank. A gas tank represents reserves of energy which help you get where you want to go in your life. So when you think about having more energy, it is associated with a poisonous metaphoric snake. The same is true about relaxing in a hammock which is what you do to restore your energy.

      This means that when you think about moving forward with energy or getting more energy in you, it is associated with a fear of being attacked by someone who has a lot of venom like a venomous tongue. This means that you have been attacked in the attack by venomous people so that now when you need reserves of energy to do something important the fear of the venom will appear in your mind which will make you run or panic from what you want to do.

      To solve the dream you have to find out who the venomous person/people are in your past and then replace them with positive people in your mind and then eventually your positive self. It can be difficult work to do by yourself so you may need some help because you have some important things that your true self wants to do.

      • This makes sense for me. I have been holding myself back from exploring new opportunities and desperately want a new career. I’ve been acting very careful in career decisions because I’ve been burned by others in the past. It has been on my mind more so lately and therefore the timing of the dream makes a lot of sense as well. Thank you so much!

  16. I dreamt of a green mamba and that it tried to bite me but I was able to stop it and chop off the head. All if the poison was oozing out but it never got on me. In the same dream I dreamt that there was a baby cobra that we caught and caged to keep the kids safe. Any thoughts on what this could mean?

    • To add a bit more, I have been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress from work. I have not been able guage whether its jealously or not, but I have noticed the secrets and need to keep me out of the loop with certain things. I’ve been trying to just ignore it and focus on my work but at times it is overwhelming.

      • This is a response to Lori’s dream,
        What you are facing is indeed jealousy. It is a difficult emotion that you have to face with your colleagues. Fortunately the poison doesn’t get to you and you can cage the cobra to protect others, but the stress of doing that is tremendous. What I am going to suggest is going to sound a little weird. You should go something like a spa or get a massage at least once a week and also do a lot of things outside of work that are just totally relaxing and rejuvenating. At work you need to stay as far away from the jealousy as you can. If you are excluded, it is better that whatever meetings they are having is worse than being away from them. Stay focused on your work, stay away from them, and spend a lot of time at spas. It is actually what they need to go to spas.

  17. In my dream I had dreamed of a coral snake just slithering around my children in my home. I kept telling my children watch out for that snake, and don’t step on that snake. My children in my dream was unresponsive. I feared the snake the whole time cause I am scared of snakes. Before my dream ended the snake coiled up. It didn’t strike I had woke up. Please clarify this for me.

    • This is a response to Teena’s dream,
      Hi Teena, A coral snake has a really deadly poison, but they are not ambush predators like rattlesnakes or cobras. They do not have fangs. They have to actually bite you for a longer time for the poison to go in whereas a rattlesnake is instant. This puts a coral snake into greater danger and it why there are so few deaths from them. It is only when the children do what your children do in the dream that people are in any kind of real danger. This means that what you have to do is get out of your fear and find a way to move the snake in its rightful place.
      The snake represents a kind of energy that comes into your house that is dangerous for your children, that you are fearful of, but they are not aware of the fear. This usually has to do with things like violent television. It doesn’t affect adults in the same way that if affects children. Their hearts are tender but if they are exposed for a long time like a long bite of a coral snake, then their hearts were harden and they will lose their love. It happens so often in modern culture that it is like an epidemic, but you have to keep your children away. The proper place for that TV is away from the children. It is the same when adults speak violently to each other. It frightens the children.

  18. I have had a dream of a big thick black snake sliding up behind me slowely then jumping right up and hovering over my head and face, while my husband opens a door and walks through to talk to friends unknowingly of the imminent threat of attack I am under & am paralised with fear.

    This above explanation is exactly what I am dealing with at work. I have seen snakes in my dreams for a while, smallish ones coming out of treasure chests and sliding away into grass etc but this jigantic one just recently was scary jeousley…

    I am and have been in the realisation of this jeliousey happening for an extended period of time however it must be coming to a head as my dream is indicating….

    • Hi Trace, The dream shows you how threatened you feel by the jealousy and how it affects your family life as well. To protect your family you need to not bring the negative feelings you have as a result of work into your own family life, but keep it as a haven of positive support and encouragement. When you do this, things will be amazing for you at home. Then you have to be aware that the jealousy exists in the work place, but still find positive places where you can focus your energy. It is best not to confront jealousy because jealous people are very skilled at working behind your back. It is best to stay detached, focus on positive things, and then if bad happens, to leave that place and find a more positive one. Fighting usually makes things much worse.

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