Big Wave Dreams: Are You Going to Surf of Stay on the Beach?

Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form
When within thee the universe is folded?   The Seven Valleys and Four Valleys.  Baha’u’llah

Last night in my dream I was at a beach somewhere it seems like California.   I went into the water and before me were these huge waves of the crushing type so I went back on the beach on my towel and then sat and watched.    Off to my right were some courageous, crazy types who took on some big waves that looked like they would be crushed and land on the beach, but as they rode the wave, the wave just seemed to endlessly come up so that they could go for another ride.  They just went on for a long time.

The problem for me is that I am on the beach just looking believing that I am going to get crushed if I get into the water.

Above all else, I know that I have a lot of self discipline when it comes to metaphors.   Despite the fact that in real life I not able to ride waves like the ones in the dream,  I am certain that I am capable of living out the metaphor in my real life.    So my first question to myself is what is a wave and then what is surfing?     In dream life the ocean is a symbol of the divine world because compared to the ocean we are  less than little tiny drops.  The ocean is vast and deep.  The beach or land is a metaphor for the world of man, like the actual or real world.         So waves are symbols of where the world of the divine first meets the world of man, first meets the actual world.      Surfing is a metaphor for being right on the edge of when the divine world first meets the actual world.

We have the metaphor of being on the cutting edge of new development.  Surfing is that metaphor  because in surfing you begin in the world of the divine, the non-material, non-actual.    This can be the world of positive possibilities,  the world of new ideas that change the world for the better, or the world of new potentialities that have never existed before.    The divine world creates the wave,  then the surfer takes that wave and rides it.

So for instance, in the history of humanity most relationships between countries were based on the principle of power.  Whoever had the most power and showed the most greed was capable of overcoming the neighboring weaker country.   This is how a lot of corporate business is run in today’s world and how many CEOs see their position.   If there is an opportunity to overcome a weaker corporation,  they feel it is their right and responsibility to attack them and take them over.     In my dream it is like sitting on the beach and seeing sets of huge waves, realizing that they are too powerful for me,  so I get out of the water and remain on the land full of fear.     I suppose that most people are the same as me.   After you have seen power being used against you on several occasions,  you develop the fear of the powerful figures excluding you in some way or another, then you just sit on the beach in your life and remain in all of your old patterns.

Getting into the water and riding the edge of new positive waves of living and being is the challenge.   God doesn’t want us to sit on the beach.   He wants to see that who we are is much more amazing than we could ever imagine and  then begin actualizing new potentials that have never existed before in the history of humanity.       In my dream I am sitting on the beach when I would rather be out there surfing.      I have seen Caesar or Napoleon tearing up the countryside and have felt their power.   They fill me with fear.

However I also know as the above quote so aptly states that I am much greater than Napoleon.  It is just very hard to believe.  I want to remain on the beach   The fear is great.     I have been tossed around in churning waters of the dictators.  It isn’t fun.   What to do?

Clearly Napoleonic ideals still have the upper hand in the world,   but when I enter into the divine world instead of the world of greedy egos,  then I am fully supported and allowed to develop the new potentialities for a new world at the pace that divine ocean would have me develop them.    I am not going to be given a wave that is too big for me unless I am still entering into the ego world, the world of fear.    If my life is being run by the fear of powerful and greedy leaders or a powerful abusive spouse,  then when I enter the water it will be like a huge wave that crushes me.

If I can set the fear aside by not attending to it,  but instead enter the divine world of all new possibilities that are filled with wonder and awe,  then I know that whatever wave the divine world sends to me is the perfect one for me to ride on that day.   I won’t be given an impossible wave because I am not that skilled.  I will be given the wave that  will help me develop my new potential in a positive manner.    When I live in fear by attending to my ego’s concern for the negative leadership in the world, then the wave I get is like a tsunami.

So today I am getting off the beach and into the divine waters of new developments knowing that the right wave will come to assist me to live on the cutting edge of new growth.    Sorry Napoleon, your days of making me fearful are over.   Tchau!!!

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