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Day 11: Communicating With Your Future Self

“Honesty, virtue, wisdom and a saintly character redound to the exaltation of man, while dishonesty, imposture, ignorance and hypocrisy lead to his abasement. By My life! Man’s distinction lieth not in ornaments or wealth, but rather in virtuous behaviour and true understanding.” … Read More

If You Want to Develop Something New, You Have to Let Go of Something Old

The old skin has to be shed for the new one to come.  Joseph Campbell Last night we had a gathering in our place which we have each month to explore various topics.   We always have a dinner because the Baha’i Writings… Read More

Happy Wesak Day: In Honour of the Buddha

Today is Wesak Day in Malaysia.  It is a national holiday that honours the birth, the enlightenment, and achievement of Nirvana by the Buddha.  Although Malaysia is officially a Muslim country, it acknowledges its diversity by having the major religious festivals of… Read More