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Why We Need to Stay in Our Discomfort

I am walking down Commercial Drive in East Van (Vancouver) on another cool and rainy day. Every step I take tells me to get out of my discomfort and into temporary relief. I could get some nice pastry, maybe some pizza, or… Read More

Dreams and Exoricism

Last week someone sent me a dream about exorcising some demonic things from inside of them.   When I work with dreams,  I use two qualities from within myself to help me in the process.  One is the quality of self-discipline and the… Read More

The Two Memories in You

The other day I was watching a program on quantum physics which said that electrons could be in two places at the same time.   When we think of the world according to Newton,  this is impossible, but in quantum thinking,  they seem… Read More

Maintaining What is in Your Heart

Last night we had one of our monthly gatherings in our own home.  This one was about how to keep on your own path to accomplish a goal with lots of action.   It was actually the 4th in a series taken from… Read More