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How to Use Negative Emotions to Your Advantage: Part 1A FEAR

The upcoming negative emotion that I am going to write about is anxiety.  Stay tuned in.  It is such a prevalent emotion in lives of most people, but first I am going to write a bit more on how to be more… Read More

Framework for Change Part 2: Getting Unstuck

We all have issues.  We all have difficulties and problems that we have to face each day.  It is built into the very core of being human that we are all facing challenges.   No one escapes from the moment we are born… Read More

Anxiety: It Is All an Illusion

Being worried is a very curious emotion.   It doesn’t make very much sense and it is very non-productive.   The other day, after I had been feel anxious at my work,  I began wondering why it suddenly appeared.   I am not normally a… Read More

The Two Memories in You

The other day I was watching a program on quantum physics which said that electrons could be in two places at the same time.   When we think of the world according to Newton,  this is impossible, but in quantum thinking,  they seem… Read More