When You Dream About Snakes, Start Looking for Jealousy

If you have ever been to one of my dream meetings, you will almost always hear me say that snakes are about change, transformation especially at the beginning stages of change, but there is hardly another animal on the planet that evokes so much fear as a snake.   Part of the problems with snakes is that you can’t see them until you are right upon it.    If it is poisonous, then its effects from biting you can be really deadly.

Jealousy as an emotion most simulates the way a poisonous snake acts.    People who have problems with jealousy tend to use vicious poison in a hidden way so that they can protect the power and things, especially relationships, that they already have.  Its dirtiest weapon is usually backbiting.  Backbiting is the act of trying to maintain what you have by purposely spreading negative information about another so that they will look bad and be disfavoured in certain people’s eyes.

If a poisonous snake appears in your dream, one of the important questions to ask is, “Who is the snake and what is the snake protecting?”   Jealousy is often portrayed in romantic relationship issues, but it is not exclusive to them.    People who managed to claw their way to the top of an organization in negative ways are guaranteed to be full of it and their poison is lethal.

The worst kind of poison that I have faced is institutional backbiting.   This is where the head of the organization allows people to report negative things about others in the organization without going through proper channels and then the person is believed without the facts having been thoroughly investigated.    Jealousy does not want to investigate facts because it is interested in maintaining power and recognition.  It sees people doing excellent work as a threat to their position because they have earned their position by doing a lot of negative behavior.   Allowing an uninvestigated fact to be perceived as true is how the snake’s poison infiltrates the organization and then ruins people’s livelihoods.  It discredits good work and then allows the leader to maintain power.  It is very effective and very lethal.  A leader who is good at it can have most people believing the poison so that his name remains in good.

When you are attacked by jealousy,  the first thing that tends to happen is that you begin to doubt yourself and your abilities, but what it takes to overcome the attacks is a huge amount of self discipline in the mind.  Self discipline of the mind means being able to investigate the facts to see if they are true.    If someone is jumping the normal procedures to go to the top and then top is allowing it to happen, then you can be certain, that what they are reporting is plague with lies and it is a huge cover up for their own ineptness. Leaders just feed on it so that they can protect what they have.

What to do?    A poisonous snake dream is a warning.  It first requires finding out who is jealous, and then it requires re-focusing on the goals in the light of an environment filled with its poison.   What poison usually does is destroy the minds ability to think clearly, so first you keep your goals like doing excellent work and then you keep your mind by seeing with your own eyes what is truly happening.     You always have options,  but  first you need to have your own mind that has self discipline.  The goal of a leader who is threatened by you is to get rid of you, plain and simple.   Sooner or later you will get the boot.

So I think that the best thing to do when you start recognizing institutional jealousy is realize that you are already fired.   As soon as you recognize that jealousy has already fired you from your relationship or work, then you have options.    When you hold onto thinking that you are going to keep the relationship,  you are just wasting a lot of time.    The relationship is over so what are your options?

Snakes mean change so  a poisonous one is just opening some new doors for you by signaling his jealousy and that the relationship is over.   Keep your mind and assess your options.   The new options are always much better than the old.

70 Comments on “When You Dream About Snakes, Start Looking for Jealousy”

  1. My Friend Had A Dream About A Snake In My House.She Said It Was Coiled Up In My Living Room With It’s Head Up.She Said Suddenly It Hid From Her..The Next Thing She Knew She Was At My Front Door And She Said The Snake Ended Up Outside But It Was Flipping And Flopping Like It Had Been Hit By A Car.. So The Next Thing She Knew It Was Back In My House.. So She Said That She Picked Up A Shovel And Killed It By Splitting It In Half., She Said When She Split It Open It Became 3 Snakes!!! Can You Explain To Me What That Means?

    • Dear Katrina,
      The snake in this case represents people or a person that are jealous. When you get into a fight with jealous people, they actually become stronger and worse as in three snakes or when they keep coming back. To deal with snakes (jealous people) that are venomous in their behavior, it is important to ignore them. The worst thing you can do to a jealous person is to ignore them because when they are ignored they cannot engage their negative power. Then your own power becomes increased.

      • Thank You So Much!! Does It Mean Anything That In Her Dream… She Said I Never Noticed Anything That Was Happening… She Said In The Dream I Was In My Kitchen Cooking While All This Took Place?

    • Dear Abrie,
      Mambas are fast and poisonous snakes in real life. Two baby ones could indicate that you have two people coming into your environment that are poisonous or jealous. To deal with them you are going to have to have the positive qualities of a mamba which are speed and flexibility. Jealousy is an indicator that people are trying to get and advantage without doing the actual work. When you are fast and flexible you can maneuver around them without getting bitten. Then you can get to your goals.

    • I had a dream of a baby rattle snake and everyone who knows me knows I’m terrified of snakes. In my dream I found the snake in my house. The snake was red with a tiny rattle. As a family member tried to get the snake it slithered off and couldn’t be found. Then later on in my dream it was found hiding curled in a circle laying peacefully. As I mentioned I’m terrified of snakes but in my dream I removed the snake and gave it to animal control.

      • Dear Kiwana,
        A baby rattlesnake is a symbol of someone who is uses small amounts of venom to try to control things around them. Finding the snake in your house, means that you have a small venomous part of you that is not very positive. Mostly it hides, but nonetheless, it is important to get rid of it. What you need to be instead is a person who gives out a lot of positive to help uplift people. This is who you mostly are, but you have to let go the rattlesnake in you to become that person.

  2. Hi there, earlier on I had a dream about a snake. It went up my jeans and when I tried to get it out it kept wriggling back in. Eventually it started biting my legs. A stranger helped me walk as I couldn’t move properly then I rang a friend of a friend on the phone who I went on holiday with before. Then an ambulance turned up and then I woke up myself. The dream felt really weird as dreams go and I had been awake longe than 24 hour prior to it. Just wondered if there was any meaning to it and if so what is it.

    • Forgot to add once the snake was out I killed it and showed to the paramedic, this is probably because I had seen it in films and tv so the paramedics could figure out what antivenom to use…

    • Dear Avid dreamer,
      The snake in your pants biting your legs represents poisonous energy like jealousy in your environment that keeps you from moving forward. The positive thing is that you were able to get help because jealousy is a deadly emotion in the environment. It usually starts with gossip or backbiting where people are trying to get an advantage without doing the actual work. It shows that you are effective in what you do, but others are trying to get by without doing things honestly.

      • Wow, thanks for your reply. It shocked me because that just about sums up my workplace atm and it’s wei4d that you described it from a dream with no prior knowlege to it. So thanks again.

  3. Last night, i dreamed about having a stranger on our door step holding a sack and then he took a small sized snake from it and placed it on our door step and I immediately closed the door and screamed out of fear. The next thing I knew is my mom and a man came to help me and when they arrived the snake is gone and I asked them to search for it . What i noticed is that I felt safe and secured when my mom and the man arrived it’s like they are assuring me that it’s okay. And i also noticed that the snake is behave and doesn’t seem angry or anything he’s just there on the floor. When i woke up I didn’t really feel scared, i felt relaxed and secured instead of fear which i find weird cause I really feel scared when the stranger took the snake out of the sack. Can you please help me interpret my dream

    • Dear Delight,
      In this dream what you are feeling is the fear you have for strangers as if they are going to turn into a snake and do harm to you. You are reassured when you have your mom and the man help you. To solve the dream what you can do is feel the presence of your mom and the man with you when you go out of your house and encounter strangers. While you need to show appropriate caution, you will feel much freer to be yourself and make new friends and experience all kinds of new things in life. The visualizing exercise is as if your mom and then man are always with you.

  4. Last night I had the worst dream, copperheads were everywhere in the woods chasing me! Biting latching on and I just kept running until some man pulled me out. There is a lot going on in life and with relationship I have been researching for hours on how to unravel and understand this dream I woke up in sweat and shaking please help me unravel

    • Dear Copperhead,
      Copperheads are venomous snakes that are usually not fatal but cause a lot of damage. Being surrounded by copperheads means that it feels like you are being surrounded by poisonous energy like people who act behind your back or spread false information about you. The best way I know to deal with the intense negative energy of copperhead people is get away from them as far as you can and then find extremely positive people who are encouraging and supportive. Copperhead people are usually good at luring your in, but then they don’t know how to be in a relationship after that. They get really poisonous by making you feel that everything is your fault. Stay away and find positive relationships. Then you will be much happier.

  5. i have had several dreams with rattle snakes and it’s really starting to bother me can you help me with this please

    • Dear Judith,
      When you have a dream of poisonous snake like a rattlesnake it usually means that you have poisonous people in your life that are giving you difficulties. Poisonous people tend to be the worst kind because they act behind your back spreading poisonous thoughts about you are others which is makes it difficult for you to act in the present with any kind of confidence. When you feel this kind of poison around you, the first best thing you can do is surround yourself with positive people that you trust and can count on. This gives you some kind of relief. Later you can figure out what the best course of action is.

  6. Last night I dreamed a copperhead bitting at me. It only hit my shorts and some guy cut it into, but it was still attached. Please help me with this.

    • Dear Believing in God,
      A copperhead represents someone who is venomous in your environment. So far they have not been able to really kill your spirit, but given the opportunity they will. You have to use a lot of wisdom around venomous people because mostly they use means which are difficult to defend like making up stories about you as if they are true and then spreading to people. It is how your soul gets really affected in a negative way. They are good at what they do. The best way is to deal with them is to create a really positive environment with others around you and completely put aside the negative attacks. The positive environment will work in the long run because people will believe you.

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