Day 13: Day of Reflection/Meditation

The light of a good character surpasseth the light of the sun and the radiance thereof. Whoso attaineth unto it is accounted as a jewel among men.  Baha’u’llah

After having done a day of maximum effort, it is often very valuable to do a day where the focus is reflection.    In today’s material world especially places that are revved up at maximum speed reflection is a not often seen as a valuable commodity.  When the values of a culture swing more toward being outgoing rather ingoing,  then most of the culture does not take the time to slow down and give an accounting of how things are going.    Outgoing and ingoing are like breathing.  You act and then you reflect.  Breathe in and breathe out.

After a very challenging day you usually have several points where the results are not what you had hoped for.    These often carry with them a certain amount of stress.    It is at the points of greatest stress where there is a need for change.    The reflection recounts the positives and then also focuses on where change is needed.   Change is needed where there is tension or stress.    For instance, on my challenge day I could get to mid-afternoon with a series of classes and then I began to run out of steam.   My mind started to get into a battle of whether or not I should keep the standard high or back off.     So after the reflection I decided that I needed to work on my endurance so that I could have steady energy throughout the day.    Maybe on your challenge day things went bad right from the start.  If that were the case, then maybe the way you begin your day would be called into question.

Challenging yourself allows you to realize where your points of strength and weakness are.   If you cannot push yourself on a challenge day,  it means that when you have pushed yourself in the past that something has happened like injury or burn out.   It is just great to get the feedback within yourself so that you can adjust and change.   For instance, you might ask yourself how you can push yourself further without being burned out or injured.

Since the world as a whole is moving away from autocratic tendencies,  the fear of not being able to think for oneself and take initiative is gradually lifting.    However, much of humankind still faces this kind of fear so it is natural, especially when you come from an autocratic family,  to be afraid to  both challenge yourself in ways that are positive for your true self and to reflect on your experience.    Both processes are essential to transformation.

If you are helping or companioning someone in the reflective process,  then it can be beneficial to have them see where they were successful and also what was difficult.   How were you successful?  What was difficult for you?     These two questions are magical.    The general rule is that the more difficult something is for you, the more help you need in overcoming it.   If it evoked a great deal of fear or jealousy or hurt,  then it just means it is time to get some help.    Fear is good feedback, but sometimes you need assistance to overcome it.    By going for help it allows you to stay in the process of change rather than giving up after a difficult experience.

Have some reflection time.

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