Day 16: Returning to the Vision of Your Life with the New Virtue

The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom…. Baha’u’llah

Last night I had a very interesting dream in which I was in the next world (according to the dream).  It wasn’t like I had experienced a death or anything like it, but I walked into a grassy park like area.  Inside the park were some friends from out of the past.   Mostly everyone was playing various games.   I thought to myself I wonder if this is what the next life really is about because it was so enjoyable.

When I woke up and started processing the dream,  I realized that if I did the change process correctly, the dream was telling me what my life could be like.  I have all my friends around and it would be playful and joyful.   I had chosen playfulness as the virtue for my transformation process so my dream was saying that when I have the process in place it will be like going to a brand new life.   I began to ask myself the questions that would allow to get into that life right away.   It was a great lure.

The main question, which is the question  I usually start with, is to ask what it is that is keeping me back from being fully in that playful state right now?   What I found was that in my life I was trying to get support to do various projects in my employment from people who do not know how to give support.  The way I was doing that was to work really hard for them as if I was feeding them so that they would turn around and support what I was doing.   It is a strategy that leaves me not only unsupported, but also very burnt out from trying harder and harder.  Eventually the pattern puts me off into a corner where I just kind of give up on things, a type of depressed feeling.   Physically I found myself eating the wrong foods like dairy products that would make my guts all knotted up because I was just feeding their projects and not my own. 

To turn it around I first had to let go of trying to do projects that needed support that they were not going to give.   That was a big step because I was really wedded to those projects.   But according to the dream I am about to be reincarnated into a new life that is a lot more playful and where I am much closer to others.   I decided to just let go of those projects and go for those where the support was coming from me. What I was trying to do before was like having some kind of chord that connected my stomach to theirs where they got all of my energy and resources and I was left with nothing, fully depleted.   So in my mind I took out the chord and reattached it to me.    The first thing that happened physically was that I started to want to eat better food again like fresh fruits.   Before my digestion was too tensed up.     Then today, despite not having made a long run of  more than 10 k for over two months  I ran 18 k and felt relaxed and comfortable all the way.   This was after having run 10 k the day before and also having a tennis lesson for an hour which included lots of runs.  

To get the vision of me in my new reincarnated life with more playfulness and closeness simply means to stop trying so hard to do projects that require support from others who are not going to give it.     The projects that are waiting for me are much more self-supporting and in keeping with the life that my true self really loves and wants to live.   It is a very interesting journey.

Oftentimes in the transforming process, as my son-in-law, Shane, has just written about on,  we don’t keep returning to the vision of our theme or new virtue for the year.  This dream really helped me a lot because I see now that my new life is waiting for me.   All I have to do is to step out of trying to support the wrong things and step into my own play.

What is the vision that is waiting for you?


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