The Horror of Boston

In the 1970s when I first began to run consistently on the roads of the Midwest in America,  the Boston Marathon was the Eden of the running world.   In those days 1000 people in a race was a huge number.    Today the unthinkable happened.   I have been emotional all day often with tears when I turn on the news.   To me bombing a running race is like bombing a hospital.    A running race is where people go to celebrate healthy living.    This act was personal.   It was an attack on me.

I am trying to come up with ways in my mind to prevent this kind of terrorism.   It is as if the perpetrator is trying to stop us from living healthy and meaningful lives.   The only thing I can think of is to do exactly the opposite of what they were trying to do which is to do more running and organize more events and to encourage more people to have a healthy lifestyle that involves aerobic fitness.

It is a very sad day for humanity, for me.



8 Comments on “The Horror of Boston”

  1. Just when I was thinking that maybe we were much closer to peace, this reminds me that the peace process has a long way to go. It is hard for me to go to the dark places in people’s egos where they are capable of doing this, but they obviously exist.

  2. It was truly saddening, maddening, terrifying and sobering. Like you said, it hit at the heart of health; also where community, joy and support intersect. Although I too can no longer run, I used to.. and recall your long runs and training when I stayed with you and Debbie in KL. I send hugs and prayers your way.

  3. Running to me is like one of my closest friends. Sometimes, for instance, when I return to an area like Cobble Hill for a holiday and am running down some old paths I thank the road for all of the good memories and good times it has given me. The attack in Boston was like an attack on my best friend. It is a strange feeling like one I have not experienced. At first when it happened I was so obsessed that all of those law enforcement agencies find the perpetrator, but as you say, the true justice is to just do a great many more acts of service and love. The same time that this happened in Boston 42 people were killed in a bomb blast in Baghdad. The work for creating a peaceful world has only really just begun.

  4. Hiking Cobble Hill Mountain with Zanetta, Brenda (Grenier), and Larry, (and our 7 dogs!)…we stopped and sat at a bench and did prayers. When we started walking again, we all started talking about the quotes from Shoghi Effendi, and realized the same lesson as you and Verne, above…get out the moral compass and TEACH, celebrate and show as much love and compassion as possible…plant a garden, build community, and get ready to rock ‘n roll!
    Warm, loving Baha’i greetings to you, Debbie and all of your community….Johanna

  5. Verne,
    Please always send whatever I write to whomever you want. Yesterday i was so depressed that I found myself laying on the couch for a long time. This morning I realized that the road to peace may be a lot longer than I had imagined and it needs us to be full engaged in it so that in the face of such disturbing events I don’t get so down. Its the moral compass, as you say, that is missing.

  6. One additional thought Richard, in the prayer book, under Prayers for Women, you will find this line…”Send down upon the, O my Lord, what will cause them to be busied with each others’ concerns. Let then, their violence be confined to their own selves, that the land and they that dwell therein may find peace.” Baha’u’llah.

  7. May I send this comment on to a friend?

    Even though, Richard, I am not a runner, due to arthritis, I used to be; this attack is not just about running, or a healthy life style, it is about people or a person with no courage and an agenda. I am reminded of that quote in the Writings which says in part, “the bats of night shall fly”. People are losing their moral compasses. We are promised all of these days in the Writings, and, we are also promised that Baha’u’llah is at the helm, that God is still our captain, and that we are on the right path. ‘Abdu’l-Baha says Teach, and we must continue to do so.


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