When You Deal With Criticism, Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a very frightening movie, all you have to do is turn off the volume and then the fear goes away.  The movie makers seem to control your state of fear through the way they manipulate sound more than anything else.   Sometimes the scary movies seem a little hilarious when there is no sound to them.

Likewise when we have a lot of fear about approaching a new adventure or doing a new task,  the necessary enthusiasm to look forward to the event dwindles when there is a lot of criticism inside our heads.  It is as if the sound system controls the negative state.   Our minds hear negative voices that tell us that we shouldn’t do something, to be cautious, and to not make any mistakes.    It is like a symphony of negative tones and words that freezes our true selves from getting into positive action.

All we have to do to protect ourselves from developing new aspects of ourselves is to have a cacophony of negativity in our heads.    Then we stop ourselves.  It can be your own voice or someone else’s voice.  It doesn’t matter.  It can be the current you, your mother or father’s voice, or even your voice as a child. Often it is a teacher’s voice.   Someone inside your mind can be very protective and get you to stop almost any kind of new growth.    Most cultures in the world are so good at implanting negative voices inside young people’s heads that creativity and transformation barely get past the slowest snail’s pace.   Actually it usually seems as though we are going backwards.   It is as if the culture is completely aligned against change.

What if it were different?  What if we had positive voices in our minds?

If you watch a group of runners in a marathon,  they will be going along at a certain pace, but when they hit a crowd of people lining the streets yelling positive things to them, they immediately perk up and pick up their pace.   You can often get a child who has practically come to a standstill in a race to suddenly feel more energetic by yelling positive things to them.  It is an interesting phenomenon.   If you have ever played a sport in front of a crowd of cheering people,  it is absolutely electrifying.

We stay the same or regress in our lives when he constantly hear negative voices.   We have a difficult time taking risks.  Fortunately, there are some very simple things we can do to change the negative voices.

When you are thinking of doing a new project or accomplishing a set of new goals, first imagine what it would be like with a mental picture and feeling about what it would be like to achieve the goal.    Next go inside and listen for voices that are critical, negative, and controlling.  Listen to their tones and volume.  Then check your body’s reaction.  Those voices probably make you tense and lessen your ability to get into action.   They can be so effective that they can wipe out the positive mental image you have created in your mind.  Isn’t that interesting?  They are very powerful especially when they come from authority figures.

After you have hear the critical voice and identified who it is and what it sounds like,   then you can also identify the kind of positive voice you need inside.   When you can hear it at least as well or better all the time than the negative voice,  then you will be on your way to change and great new stuff.

To consolidate the voice you can do the following.  First you can hear the negative voice, then turn down the volume so you cannot hear it at all.  Then as it goes to zero volume begin to hear the positive, encouraging, enthusiastic and uplifting voice.   Keep repeating this exercise as many times as you need to until the voice stays in there permanently.

You can test it in the end by holding up the mental image of the vision you are trying to achieve.   When you can hold the image indefinitely and also hear the enthusiasm,  then the voice is in there.    If you only get partial results, it means you probably have some other voices in your head.   You can systematically go through the negative voices and replace them all with positive ones.  Then you will be able to achieve just about anything.

It is amazing how your feelings change toward the person behind the negative voice when you do this work.  You end up with much more compassion.

3 Comments on “When You Deal With Criticism, Listen to the Voices in Your Head”

  1. Such timely advice–both my husband and I are embarking on new and very exciting projects.
    And both of us reported to each other that we had decided not to continue with plans.
    HA! The negative voices almost won!!!
    Many thanks!!

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