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How to Get to Results that are Better than you Imagined.

There I am looking down the barrel of a gun.  I am about to be killed.  I start to beg for my life and try to get away.    The person with the gun laughs at me in my humiliated state and let’s… Read More

My Recurring Dream of the Air Force Academy and Why People Think the Current President is Correct

This is where I spent the first three years of my university education.  It is called the Air Force Academy.  Its purpose is to train young men and women to become officers in the U.S. Air Force.   When I was a young… Read More

When You Deal With Criticism, Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a very frightening movie, all you have to do is turn off the volume and then the fear goes away.  The movie makers seem to control your state of fear through the way they… Read More

Return to Encouragement: The Most Powerful Tool in the Arsenal

When I first started learning about the power of encouragement, I was living in the Prairies in Alberta, Canada.  It became such a powerful tool for me when I had the self discipline to see and acknowledge the positive in others and… Read More

The Critical and Encouraging Voices in Your Head

It would be so great if the voices in our head were encouraging ones like a crowd in a stadium cheering for you or a friend reminding you of all of your positive virtues.    The reality for almost everyone, however, is that… Read More

Achieving the Impossible: Create an Encouraging Voice Inside of You

When you were getting rid of the tyrant inside of you based on the exercise in the previous post, you probably noticed how loud and critical the tyrant sounds.   A tyrannical voice is controlled by volume and so is criticism. What I… Read More